chloe audra patent satchel

Are you ga-ga for green or is this green handbag gross? The Chloe Audra Patent Satchel is designed with shocking green patent leather and is finished off with silvertone hardware. Contrasting trim adds a dimension to the bag, as does the front pocket with turn-lock closure. There are double top shoulder straps with an 8″ drop. On the inside, like many Chloe bags, there is canvas lining and a zip pocket. Dimensions are 15½”W X 10″H X 7″D. Available at Saks for $1755.

What do you think; Fab or Drab?

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  • Yarrow

    I love it! The color is so vibrant. Definatly Fab.

  • Gigi

    LOVE the bag and the color but the contrast trim ruins it for me.

  • Meredith

    The patent leather on this bag feels VERY good ( I work in a handbag department at a department store ) and the key on the front is very cool. Everything else about this is just off though. The grommets should be taken off. But I must say, this bag looks the best in this green color or the mustard color. If it was toned down just a bit, then it would be even hotter.

  • lisa

    ugh i say drab. every since chloe hired that new designer who came from marni ( i forget his name) everything chloe looks like marni- and that is not a good thing. very drab. bring back phoebe philo or stella!

  • C

    I love it, even if it does remind me of chlorophyll S&M.

  • luce

    drab….i really do not like this.

  • Sarah

    Love it, cutest bag from Chloe in awhile :)

  • trish

    wow…patent is STILL in? hehe

    LOVE the color tho. beautiful bag :mrgreen:

  • devlo

    drab. the color might have saved this patent bag if it wasn’t for its awful shape.

  • maomee

    drab. The brown/tan ‘stone’ accents just don’t look good w/ this color green. Also, this color green just makes the patent look plastic-y.

    I’d pass on it.

  • gayathri

    Its gorgeous, especially the choice of color.

  • Angelblake

    love it!

  • Roxana

    I would say ‘no’ to this one..

  • Alexia

    Drab! no i absolutely can’t imagine myself carrying it. Check out Net-a-Porter for the absolutely divine Chloe Audra Tote in black patent.. that is one Fab bag hehe

  • fashion in the making

    HELL TO THE NO :mrgreen:

  • wgs

    this is a big fat DRAB. i almost thought this was a cheap target bag when i first saw it at nordstrom! chloe could do way better.

  • Love the color and the patent leather. The trim and whatnot, meh.

  • Sarah

    Fab color! It would definitely be a statement for fall’s drab color selections…..Not loving the shape though, it’s kinda awkward, loving the gold tone pyramid studs, a great little touch.

  • kendra

    ugly bag…i don’t like the color,either

  • Anna Nymous

    Not the ugliest bag I’ve seen, but anybody that would pay $2000 for this atrocity deserves to have their money taken away.

  • Critic

    Its so… green. Not many outfits could go with this, seeing as its so disturbingly bright. Also, the shape is a turn off. Why does this bag look like it was made of cheap plastic?

    Absolute drab, not even worth the materials to make it.

  • Sara

    OMG!!! love this bag. my new fav color is green and i have started loving bags so i am CRAAAZY about this one. its too bad it costs so much :mad:

  • faye

    I just bought it! love it! it is so soft and light! it is definitely better looking than the black one when you put it on!

  • Pamela

    I just bought this bag and I LOVE IT !!!! It’s not for everyone, but it is a BEAUTIFUL bag. :smile:

  • lipvixen

    Drab. Looks like a cheap plastic toy

  • sssandyo

    Fab for fall

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