I would like to express my frustration a little bit about not living in NYC right now. Two words: Sample Sales. Sample Sales give you the opportunity to score such incredible deals it seems not right. One Sample Sale that I would love to attend is Devi Kroell‘s. Not only is she a talented designer, but also an amazing person. Click on the invite for details about the sample sale (up to 90% off!!).

Luckily, Vlad and I are moving to NYC in August, so I will not need to lament any longer.

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  • Barb

    Congratulations! But I have the feeling you may miss Miami come December, January!

    • TOTALLY will. I know it. Then I will complain and want Miami back. There is no perfect place and we all want what we don’t have, right? :)

  • Jane

    Congratulations on the move to NYC it makes sense with being such a popular blog you need to be right in the heart of the fashion world. I love NYC it will always be my real home in my heart, but I know live in MA so any chance I get I love to go back. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well that is big news ! Sounds great. Congrats. When I first started reading PurseBlog I always thought that is where you were !

  • Emily Kate

    Hit the Devi Kroell sale bright and early this morning, and scored an amazing black-gray-white long python bag for $800!!!! The sho

  • Jocelyn

    I’ve never been to a sample sale before! (fb)

  • lily ren

    would u please let me know if you have any Devi kroell sample sale in NYC.
    date, locaton.

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