Yves Saint Laurent Easy Suede Bag Yves Saint Laurent has perfected the art of suede printing bags. The duffel shape is a bit hit for fall and the simple shape of the Yves Saint Laurent Easy Suede Bag looks amazing with rich, lizard-print suede. The burgundy is a stunner and the mustard truly doesn’t look bad on the website, though I wonder what it looks like in person. If you have not felt a YSL sueded bag in person, you must! I assure you it is divine. Dimensions are 16¾”W X 12½”H X 6½”D.

Buy through Saks for $995.

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  • chirpy_gal

    practical …

  • Rebecca

    So Rich/Classy/well styled . Very good color too.

  • Yuneri

    bought this from Saks and I tell ya, it looks better in person! The red color is much darker than in the picture, almost bordeaux. Very rich texture and its versatile with any outfit.

  • Libby G

    I bought the large size in grey from a YSL boutique and seem to have a bit of a problem with the suede becoming discolored or getting rubbed off. Anyone else having this issue? Love tha bag, don’t want to take it back!

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