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Since Reed Krakoff launched bags, I have been trying to decide if I want to add one to my collection. I have fallen in love with a few versions of his now-popular Boxer Tote, but never felt the urge to buy one for the price. Thanks to a good summer sale, though, quite a few of Reed’s bags are marked down substantially.

From a couple versions of the Boxer tote to the laid-back Gym Bag to the stylish Atlantique, I am getting an itch to click to buy. The markdowns are vast enough to bring the price points down quite a bit, moving leather Boxer totes under the $1,000 mark. I’m feeling the urge and with a great deal, it might be worth it. Help me decide which Reed Krakoff bag I should go with. Shop Reed Krakoff sale now.

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  • angelessya

    the blue tote is gorgeous… I’m in love!

  • I have the gym tote in the exact color & let me just tell you. I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s easy, great for everyday & beautiful quality. Leather is so soft & gourg.

  • angexz298

    omg i want every single one of these !! does anyone know when this sale will go on until?

  • Jenny in Jacquard

    Torn between the Mini Atlantique (the color is phenomenal!) and the Boxer I (classic structure and color). Either way, RK can do no wrong!

    xx Jenny

  • dekadaye

    i’ve tried to shop on reedkrakoff.com but find it impossible. either the item is sold out or their shopping cart doesnt work

  • nnenna1881

    i actually have a picture of the gym bag, in that shade as my wall paper, why? so i don’t forget to buy it.

  • nnenna1881

    that and an amazing wedge in tan and neon…swoon…they had the matching bag up too

  • Maggy

    Is the sale finished now?

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