Remember how last week, I posted pictures of the Reed Krakoff Atlantique and whined about how badly I wanted one to carry for Fashion Week? Well, never mind that post. Disregard it! Pretend it didn’t happen! I still want one of the bags, of course, but my object of desire has changed a bit. Right now, the Reed Krakoff Extra Large Solar Print Atlantique is on my mind first and foremost. I really should have waited a few days to write that last post, but I didn’t think anything would top the cobalt python. First, though, I have a caveat.

I really, really wish this bag were printed leather, or at least some kind of non-canvas textile over leather. That’s why I didn’t mind shelling out big bucks for my Proenza Schouler Blanket Print PS1, even though the exterior is mostly a woven fabric; not only is the fabric itself intricately woven and special, but it’s layered over the same leather that every PS1 uses, giving you some definite value for your handbag dollar. That’s the way that printed bags should be done at this price point, unless the print is rendered directly on the leather itself, which was what I first thought we were dealing with in this design.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Reed Krakoff didn’t take that route with the construction of this Atlantique – it appears to be simply canvas with leather trim. That doesn’t mean that I can’t lust after it in my head, though. After all, lusting is free, and it’s hard not to do it with such a gorgeous, vivid print. This bag will be on my mind come Fashion Week, but it’ll be a bag that gives you more for your money that actually got my dollars. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2495.

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  • Laurakasbaum

    I agree, that is a lot of money for a bag that isn’t leather. Still a gorgeous collection of colors, though.

  • gpc

    It really is quite special, and this is coming from someone who isn’t that daring from a fashion standpoint.  That said, the price is just over the top.

  • Camilla

    stunning. This bag is really a NEW bag, a new idea. I love it!

  • Marie Martell

    a bit too busy and expensive for me.

  • Sandra Rowley

    For about half the price maybe, as it is very interesting.  I just cannot see spending that kind of money on a bag that is not leather and not a classic.

  • Musette

    maybe it’s just the weather here but that bag is giving me a headache.