Here’s actress Julianne Moore, strolling around in NYC’s West Village (her home turf), carrying a black and white leather Reed Krakoff Track Tote that truly pops with her black and white polka-dotted shirt (and her general “low-key weekend New Yorker” vibe). You can score Julianne’s exact top-handled tote for $1,390 at Net-A-Porter. This brand is particularly adept at creating functional, oversized handbags; case in point: this giant Reed Krakoff Kit XL Clutch we saw Kerry Washington carrying last year.

Reed Krakoff was, of course, the former Executive Creative Director of Coach until he announced that he was parting ways with the company last spring to focus on his own namesake label, which he subsequently bought from Coach the following August. (You can get all the details on his split from Coach and the re-acquisition of his brand here and here.)

Reese Witherspoon was recently spotted shopping at the uber-popular Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles (a great spot for celeb-spotting) with her hubs Jim Toth and son Tennessee (a true little Southern dumpling). On her arm is a sleek, black calfskin Reed Krakoff Atlantique Bionic Mini Tote. Like a lot of the brand’s designs, the Atlantique Mini has a sharp, slightly futuristic edge. While the silhouette of the bag isn’t completely original, I do love the textured front pocket and the suede-accented flared gussets. You can pick up Reese’s exact bag for $1,590 at Neiman Marcus

Reese has an impeccable bag stash – she loves to mix up her classic Hermes Birkins with edgier fare from designers like Reed Krakoff, 3.1 Phillip Lim, or Proenza Schouler. You can view her collection in its full glory in “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon”. It is unarguably one of the best editions of “TMBO…” we’ve featured on the blog to date.

Here’s Heidi Klum, looking pleased as punch to spot a pap haunting the perimeters of a children’s soccer game. That’s her boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kristen in the blue tee and sunglasses. Heidi is carrying an uber-covetable Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote. Heidi’s Boxer seems to have a snakeskin flap – we couldn’t find one quite so exotic online, but you can grab a similarly grey version for $1,290 at Saks.

Heidi’s designer bag collection is quite extensive, of course, but strangely her edition of “The Many Bags of…” is one of the most uniformly loathed in PB history. Her taste in bags is indeed a tad eclectic, but her most recent bag choices have all been pretty solid – we haven’t seen her carrying anything even remotely questionable in the last several months. (And we’re watching. We’re always watching.)

When Coach announced that Reed Krakoff would be leaving the brand in order to to focus on his own brand by mid-2014, the company also mentioned something interesting – that they were looking to sell the Krakoff brand, perhaps to the man himself, perhaps to investors. In essence, Krakoff wouldn’t just be leaving Coach, the brand, but he’d also be leaving Coach, the company, entirely. Earlier this week, Women’s Wear Daily reported that the first element of that separation is complete.

Reed Krakoff, with the backing of a currently anonymous group of investors, has bought his label from Coach, Inc. There’s no word on the value of the transaction or if or how the sale of the brand will affect Krakoff’s potential departure date at Coach, which still remains vague, or when new creative director Stuart Vevers, late of Loewe, will start his new job. For a company as large and corporate as Coach, it strikes me as odd that the transition hasn’t been dealt with more swiftly. The entanglement of Krakoff’s brand certainly complicated things, so hopefully we can get this show on the road soon and see how Vevers affects the brand’s aesthetic.

It’ll be just as interesting, of course, to see how the separation from Coach affects Krakoff’s brand. One of the most immediate ways could be a change in manufacturing – despite their elevated price points, Krakoff’s bags are made in China, just like Coach’s. Similarly priced bags almost always boast a European manufacturing end point these days, even if many of the components passed through China at some point, and high-end customers expect the warm fuzzies of knowing that their bag was birthed on Italian soil. Now that Krakoff doesn’t have the Coach supply chain at his disposal, it would make sense to shift toward a manufacturing process that customers will perceive as more high-quality and luxurious.

In the past several seasons, Coach’s leather goods offerings have become a force to be reckoned with. Sure, the brand has long been popular for its reasonably priced handbags and logo-covered accessories, but as of late, its leather game has been so on-point that I can’t even begin to enumerate the times I’ve heard people say, “I’m usually not a Coach fan, but I would kill to have this bag.” Now it looks like both of the men who brought about that upward trajectory are leaving the company. Yesterday, Women’s Wear Daily reported that Reed Krakoff would be leaving his post as president and chief creative officer of Coach in mid-2014; chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort had previously announced his early-2014 departure. So what’s ahead for Krakoff, and can Coach maintain its current momentum without the executives credited with creating it? (more…)

If you’ve been a longtime reader of PurseBlog, you know that the team loves the Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag. I’ve found it intriguing from the moment I first laid eyes on it, and I still do. On top of that, I love hearing about collaborations, no matter how big or small, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, Reed Krakoff created two Valentine’s Day ready colorways exclusively for

Reed has hit so big with this bag that I thoroughly enjoy seeing every rendition he puts out there, and this collaboration with is no different. I’m digging them both, but I find myself more attracted to the delicate pale pink hues versus the bright pink tones. If you love the Boxer Bag and need to drop a hint to your significant other, now is your chance. I’d like to put Vlad on notice, this is your hint… HINT.

Reed Krakoff Burnised Bridle/Acid Pink Boxer Bag
$1,190 via

Reed Krakoff Apache/Shell Boxer Bag
$1,190 via

Here’s the lovely Kerry Washington, star of ABC’s Scandal and films like Django Unchained, carrying a striking ecru Reed Krakoff Kit XL Clutch as she strolls around NYC. Kerry looks so polished in this pic – note how that oversized clutch really ups the ante of a business-casual day look. (Throw a tote on her instead, and that woven multi-color dress would look almost beachy.) This exact clutch is no longer available (single tear), but you can shop an extensive selection of Reed Krakoff clothing, bags, and shoes at Net-A-Porter.

Browsing through Reed Krakoff’s unique and brightly colored top-handles and totes, I’m disappointed that we don’t see them on celebs more often. Must it always be Chanel or Hermes? (The answer is apparently yes, at least 25-30% of the time.) We’ve gone out of our way to feature a more diverse selection of celebs AND designer bags in the past two weeks, but you tell us PB readers – which designers do you think are still sorely overlooked (and severely undershopped) by the celebrity community?

With the runaway success of the Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique, it was only a matter of time until the Boxer got the same miniaturized, hands-free treatment. Thus, we present the Reed Krakoff Micro Boxer for all of your warm-weather crossbody needs. Think of it as the fun-size alternative to your everyday office bag, compliments of Reed Krakoff.

Other than being proportionally smaller, the bag also has one other detail change you might notice if you’re a fan of the full-size Boxer: the belt on the front is fastened like a traditional belt instead of “tied” in the signature loop. Looking at the smaller version, it makes sense that there just wasn’t enough room for such a big visual element, particularly when it seems as though Krakoff chose to stick with the same size luggage tag as is on the original. Those two things would compete with each other distractingly in such a petite design, and I like the glimmer of silver that the belt buckle gives to the front of this adaptation. It’s clear that Krakoff thought intelligently about the design concerns of shrinking the brand’s most famous bag.

And, of course, we have to mention the color. How could we not? This rich, bright shade of blue is so spring-appropriate that I can feel my resentment for cold weather growing even as I type. Why can’t it just be April already? Is that really so much to ask when the perfect bag for the season is sitting right in front of us? Buy through Nordstrom for $790.

In the short life of the Reed Krakoff brand, its namesake has well proved that he knows a thing or two about the kinds of handbags that women want to buy. You would think that we would have guessed that about him going in; after all, Krakoff is the head of none other than American handbag behemoth Coach, a brand that just keeps on growing and improving under his leadership. Heck, he can even get a handbag onto the arm of Anna Wintour, which is a rare feat indeed.

Every season, I look forward to the arrival of Reed’s bags with great anticipation. They tick a lot of very important boxes: functionality, modernity, aesthetic durability. For Resort and Spring 2013, it seems as though Krakoff is making a major bet on blue as the color of the season, judging on the range of azure hues that are currently available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus. My favorite? The brand new Reed Krakoff Track Tote in bright cerulean python. Which one is your favorite?

Reed Krakoff Track Tote, $3990 via Neiman Marcus

Reed Krakoff Colorblock Boxer Tote, $1090 via Neiman Marcus

Reed Krakoff Uniform Tote, $1590 via Neiman Marcus

Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote, $1090 via Neiman Marcus

Last week was quite a doozy, and while many of us who were out of power and inconvenienced by Superstorm Sandy are back in the office today, many are still completely displaced (please donate to the relief efforts).

Among the more luxuriously displaced was Anna Wintour, who left her Greenwich Village townhouse and briefly moved into the Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side to weather the storm. I spent my week in pajamas and extremely comfortable clothes, but Anna Wintour proved she is always a fashionista and took her greatest items with her uptown. She’s not known for carrying bags, in fact we have only seen her a few times with them, but this past week she was snapped with a gorgeous Reed Krakoff Atlantique Bag that has the fashion world talking.

With a custom name tag emblazoned withy her famous initials, Anna carried a Reed Krakoff Alligator Trimmed Atlantique Tote that was first released a little over 9 months ago. This exact version of the bag doesn’t seem to be for sale right now, but when it was available the price was $7,150. Shop Reed Krakoff via Net-A-Porter.

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