jill stuart dress

Last week we missed Web SheBang due to my vacation, so this week it will come a day early!

There is still time for a white summer dress. Try the Jill Stuart Morning Mist Sherry Dress in yummy vanilla. {Via Net a Porter for $348}

Finish off an outfit with a subtle blue leopard print pair of Christian Louboutin pumps {Via Net a Porter for $540}

Nab Cameron Diaz’ Orion Dara Floral Print Dress {via Fab Sugar}

Nicole Richie pregnant? Yikes. {Via Celebrity Rumors}

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  • emma313

    hi all, I just entered the lucky draw myself (although truth be told I dont think I’d buy one of the bags myself).

    This lovely Italian leather supplier caught my eye not long ago, theyve got a really nice range of ladies bags out, MaxwellScott
    I might buy my husband something from there if he ever cleans that damn garrage out!

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