It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bottega Veneta, and in fact, Vlad is as well. From bags, to clothing, to shoes, to accessories, it might be the brand Vlad and I own and wear the most. I was browsing the Bottega Veneta website recently and came across the Early Fall 2013 gallery (which is beyond stunning by the way) and happened upon a belted bag. I cannot bring myself call it a fanny pack because that name is so derogatory and not at all what this bag is, but it got me thinking: would you wear this bag?

Belted bags received a horrible rep after the complete and utter unfashionable misuse of them in the 90s, but there are plenty of designers that have revamped this look and made it beautiful. I think Bottega Veneta has accomplished that feat, and I’d love to wear the entire look shown, but this is where I turn to you to see what you think.

PurseBlog Asks: Would you wear the Bottega Veneta Belt Bag?

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  • I wouldn’t, cause it’s really tricky to style this bag. I mean, this look’s great but I don’t think it would work IRL.

  • Weaslgrl

    I think the bag itself is beautiful. If BV were really clever, they’d design it so that it could be worn either belted or as a cross-body bag. Tomas, if you’re reading this, I won’t charge you for the idea :-)

  • Monpetitsecret

    I love the look and would wear it. I agree with te option of being able to wear it as a crossbody as well. How much is it? It’s a good casual/vacation bag.

  • FashionableLena

    I wouldn’t wear it because the bag is too big. Maybe it should have been a little slimmer and flat. This would have been much better as a crossbody.

  • Nívia

    No. Absolutely not.
    But , I bet, its the prime article for many women. I’ve seen a few around…haha

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