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  • jenny

    Love the one in the middle, très chic!

  • Desiree

    The red one=Love!

  • Toyanna Mayo


  • Lilly

    Has to be the red and only the red one. I love it!

  • Courtney McAlexander

    Love #1 & 3!

    • I’m with 1 and 3 too, but with so many people saying the red one… maybe I need to consider some color!

      • Courtney McAlexander

        Color is always a plus! Especially if the bag is in a neutral color.

  • ReneeO



    I like # 3

  • bgb

    go with 1, let the bag stand out.

  • Abbi

    Personally i think number #3 because you’ll get more use out of it and black is the most versatile colour. However the lines and the cut of number #1 are incredible and the colour is amazing. I think you’d need to try on number #1 just to see if the cut suits you and if you like the look.

  • lisa

    Red for sure.

  • Cami

    Red, for sure.

  • Jenny

    Hands down the Red! That coat is gorgeous!!

  • Jesse

    Megs when will this amazing purse of yours be available for purchase??? PS – red for sure.

  • ladyash

    I love the red one and think it would be perfect for fashion week! Unfortunately I’m stuck in mid terms this week otherwise I would have been able to come out to see the show too! I only have Friday to take in Fashion Week :( I miss going! Two years now that I haven’t been in a show or seen a show because of mid term exams being the same week!

  • LC

    the middle coat! cacooon!

  • est

    The red coat to contrast the dark bag. I wish I got a ticket for the show! Have fun in my city and congrats!

  • Marina Harbor

    RED, not only for the color but I really like the shape of the coat I think it’s really flattering. It would look amazing with skinny leather pants!
    Can’t wait to see the bag!!!!!

  • Nico

    I love the red coat! It’s a great pop of colour and the structure is fabulous!

  • Ingrid Kim

    From a style perspective #1, but since it IS pretty chilly here right now, I’d say number 3 if you’re going to be walking around! But my definite fave is #1!

  • bananadelrey

    I think the red #1 wool coat, I think it would look nice with such a structured bag.

  • Sandra

    I like #1 and #3…but I would wear the red. Yes, you want the bag to be the main event but if you stand out a little, well, nothing wrong with that either.

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    The red coat… definitely! Not only is it a terrific pop of color, but the asymmetrical style is stunning. If it’s cold, tuck a (small) scarf into the collar opening.

  • Aly

    I love #1 & #2, but I would say #1 because it looks more like a jacket, and not so much like you’re wearing your coat around indoors when you’ll be presenting your bag. But they’re all gorgeous, whichever you choose.

  • Choose the red one, it’s not predictable, the color will pop among the Canadian cold weather and you will stand out for sure. 1 & 3 are perfectly nice as well, but you’re no shrinking violet Meggs!

  • Carmen

    The orange-red coat! The bag will really pop out against the bright hue.

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