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One of my favorite aspects of PurseBlog is the comments readers leave for us. It doesn’t mean I always agree, but I love to hear what people have to say about handbags, and many of our commenters are quite thought-provoking. One subject that tends to come up on different posts, time and time again, is brands that people say they would never carry for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s about the price, where the bags are made, the people who typically carry the bags – the list goes on.

I try to stay open-minded to the possibility of liking new brands. Sometimes a designer sends me a bag to try and I end up falling in love with it, even though it’s from a little-known brand without the luxury appeal of the other things in my collection. Other times, I find myself sick of a certain brand because too many people are carrying it.

I want to open up this discussion with you to hear what’s on your mind. With so many different designers out there, are there brands you would never carry? If so, which brands and why?

  • tata

    micheal kors. never. I find MK to be so tacky.

    • Fashdash

      sooo tacky! they make me cringe…ughh the thought of those bags make me want to barf as I type this!!

    • Paulmorrissey

      Agreed! They copy everyone, there’s simply no real originality.

    • rigidmink

      MK tacky? I find their designs to be sleek and classic. Do you all not want to carry MK because you actually don’t like the designs, or because it’s mainstream and a lower price range?

      • louch

        Sorry but agree with the first three. I have TRIED several times to like them. I don’t really care about the copying other designs because everyone copies each other – but the quality compared to say MBMJ just isn’t there. And yes, I have a Selma so I know what I’m talking about.

      • jc4mnc

        I personally love many of the MK designs. I understand that they are derivative but so are sooooo many other bags in similar price-ranges. My issues is that the quality of MK is not comparable to that of Coach, or KS or MBMJ. I own a MK and I love the colr/design but the leather isn’t aging as well as my other handbags. I might not buy an MK in the future, until they improve their quality.

      • shueaddict

        You hit the nail in the head … I am shallow enough to admit that I no longer want to be seen carrying MK for those reasons as well (I bought an older version of Selma quite a few years back – in cool neon. Last summer, when the brand achieved nausea inducing ubiquity, l gave it to my assistant)

      • Kristin

        I admire you for being honest! :)

      • Quintan Johnson

        I agree with rigimink, MK bags are sleek and classic. I love the colors and the syles.

      • Yan

        I love the jet set tote and selma!

      • Daniel Wong

        of course its tacky, they copy the design of other bags out there, so if its sleek and classic, the credit is due to other brands like Celine and Valentino. And it doesn’t help that it’s overly pedestrian. Nothing to do with pricing. I like cheap and unknown brands.

      • Rashida

        The one thing that I don’t care for about Michael Kors is that the style is not original. If Michael Kors made designs that were more original, I would go for it.

      • greenjustgreen

        Once I’ve seen several dirty overweoght sweatpants wearing ghetto women with a MK handbag that was enough for me! I would never be seen with this tacky brand. Same for Coach!

      • Jourdan Sherman

        yikes…..”overweight sweatpants wearing ghetto women.” You’re implying being a size 8 and ethnic equates to tacky?? Not cool….

      • Effy

        That was just an awful comment

      • Kate

        LOW PRICE RANGE? Sorry for the caplocks. But, MK is definitely a bonafide luxary brand today. They’re way expensive.

    • Jessica

      …if you’re going to come for someone, you might want to make sure you’re free of spelling errors.

    • M Kel

      I really don’t like the designs. I think they’re plain, and the obvious branding is a put-off.

      • Esi

        I think u mean the cheaper Michael by Michael Kors bags cos the more expensive Michael Kors bags have very discreet branding and the designs are more original

    • fauxfatale

      I always thought I would never but I LOVE my two-tone Selma and I get tons of compliments on it (more than I get with my Mansur Gavriel or my Alexander Wang, way more fashion-y bags)

    • Birdie

      Oh my gosh, I totally agree! I can’t stand the look, especially that big, fake looking gold MK hanging from many of them. Sorry, to each his own I guess.

  • kindled

    I can’t think of a brand that I would never carry, although there are plenty of brands whose stuff I generally don’t like (MK comes to mind, but only because I can see a photo on the popular articles sidebar). What I can say is that I would never carry any monogram piece (LV, Gucci, Coach, etc.) nor would I buy designer coated canvas or nylon, both of which I think are ridiculously overpriced given the materials.

    • tex

      They are all overpriced no matter what material they use.

    • Patsy

      I second that! I first thought of LV but only because of their monogram crap but then I remember their SC line and Epi. Same with Gucci also.

  • kiki

    Michael kors. I find all their products look too tacky and blingy for me.

    Dooney and Burke… looks very old imo

  • V

    Stella McCartney….. at least until she drops her prices. I will NOT as a matter of self-dignity and simply logic, pay genuine leather prices (or more!) for non-leather.

    • Fashdash

      Agree! When she switches to real leather (which I doubt) then I will reconsider as well!

      • Natalie

        She won’t switch to real leather, the whole point of her line is luxury handbags that vegans/vegetarians can buy as well. While I see why most people wouldn’t want to buy such a expensive bag without leather, it’s truly a godsend for us vegetarians :)

    • laura

      Totally Agree! Never Stella McCartney.

    • QueenH

      I totally agree with you. I will not pay that much for non-leather!

    • Krass

      I love the ‘Self-Dignity’ you put in there, as if your the most in demand person of the year. I did some research on Stella McCartney, truly inspiring to see a designer that cares about the overuse of animal products, and use an alternative. That’s a very gutsy thing to do. Not that you have to care, but it’s something you so rarely see in the high-fashion industry. That in itself deserves a higher price in my opinion, and makes me feel better about carrying a lower grade textile bag. Off to buy a new Stella McCartney bag! :-)

      • AddisonDewitt

        please, if her name were Stella Smith no one would be the least interested in her crap, cough, line

    • Justin

      That’s true but considering the production costs of faux leather and actual leather, they’re pretty similar. It’s much more costly to produce PVC leather over the cost of leather tanneries! Especially if you consider that most big name brands but in bulk! :) but yeah I do know what you mean, it’s the satisfaction of buying something in ‘real’ leather. Ah the moment you open the bag and that smell of leather ??

  • Anna

    Classic Chanel 2.54 and 2.55 are too stuffy for me. I’m talking the black/cream/beige/red leather versions. They belong on Queen E, and I am no Queen E. But I do love it when Karl gets creative with these bags, in terms of texture, color, decoration….

  • JJp

    MK, they are pure rip offs of other brands, and quite frankly I find his RTW quite boring and lackluster. So I guess I find him talentless.

  • Georgie

    Just to echo everyone saying Michael Kors! Wouldn’t carry Cavalli either.

  • Man Bagger

    Never. Carry. A cambridge satchel!!!

    • dredre47

      Agreed! Floppy, the flap is too short for the height of the bag, and who wants to mess around with buckles???

  • Nan

    I agree never Michael Kors or Stella McCartney for all the reasons listed below. I would never buy a Louis Vuitton. I live in LA and it seems every other gal is carrying LV. And, I imagine a lot of them are fakes because of who is carrying them. Plus they don’t want the average gal who only wants to spend $1000 for a bag. My favorite is Gucci. They have many well made leather bags in the $1000 price range.

    • kim

      Don’t judge a book by its cover you don’t know what those people that are carrying the LV have most people with money don’t show it.

  • renyoj

    As long as Karl Lagerfeld is at the helm of Chanel, I’m not buying a Chanel bag. People say stupid things once in a while, but he just keeps insulting people I love, like Adele. There’s always so many lovely bags elsewhere anyway.

    • LnotV

      Agree with you Renyoj. Same reason I don’t buy any stuff from Chanel and plus thier hedious price!! Stupidly expensive and not well made either.
      In addition, I used to like LV but not anymore. Again price!! And everyone is carrying the same bag!
      I just can’t stand to see them.

      • Sandy

        I agree that you should not buy Chanel……more for all of us!

  • Regina George


    • Atipipipi

      Pls why fendi? Just shocking because I seem to love fendi bags.

  • Fashdash

    Michael Kors!!! Beyond Tacky!! UGH just the thought makes me cringe;/

  • Jesica

    I have to agree with the others about MK. The bags are just soooo derivative of other designers I couldn’t in good conscience ever carry one myself. It’s one thing for designers to be inspired by each other once in a while but I feel like almost his entire line is just made of blatant ripoffs.

  • BlairBear

    MCM because I’m not big on logos and the bags are ugly and Stella McCartney because her bags look cheap and plastic should not be priced as if it were top quality leather

    • tata

      yes! MCM… ugliest bags ever!

      • kateholli

        MCM is a big no go. But LV monogram just the same…

  • Guest

    Marc Jacobs. I absolutely can’t find any appeal in his bags.

  • Victoria

    I agree, in general the MK bags are nothing special and everyone has them. The logo on his bags doesn’t really mean anything or have any strong history behind it (unlike LV). I also think Kate Spade has come up with some extraordinarily tacky handbag designs in recent years that just don’t suit me at all. To each their own, I suppose.

  • Guest

    Louis Vuitton. Coated canvas at leather prices and everybody has got one, inclusive of the super boring Speedy.

    • B

      I avoid the canvas and choose their higher quality leather bags.

      • kevinkim

        i do as well, i notice with time passing the quality of LV leather has declined.

        I have a mens todao infini bag, and the glazing is already peeling even though its been less than 2 months,
        mind you that this is a 3k bag.

      • B

        That’s horrible. I haven’t had that happen with my bags but bags that expensive should be of higher quality. Did you take it to the store.

    • eg

      SERIOUSLY!!! Ugh. The coated canvas bags make me cringe. What a waste of money.

    • snob

      Not to mention that 99% of those coated canvas bags are fake. Don’t be fooled people, most people can’t even afford those.

  • Yuck

    Michael Kors. Kate Spade. Rebecca Minkoff.

  • Flaw

    Gucci, is not like I can afford to buy any designer bag I choose, but I haven´t ever seen one from them that I would spend my money on. I guess it´s just not my style

  • laura

    Stella McCartney (too pricey), Versace (too flashy and tacky looking), Dooney & Bourke (cheap looking), Mulberry (too boring).

  • sorry American designers…

    tory burch, reed krakoff, kate spade, Michael kors, Rebecca minkoff, marc Jacobs …..basically any American designer…lol go America!
    the land that bashes China and Korea for making knockoffs while 99.9% of American designers do nothing but copy European designs… not to mention the audacity of American designers who stick hefty price tags on such “inspired” designs… at least Chinese/Korean knockoffs are priced at a bag that matches their ‘worth’.
    end rant.

    • Sandy

      I find myself feeling that must defend American designers…most of all Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs has over the years produced some very original bags…yes, it has been a while but if you love bags you must have seen a Stam bag. Not to mention he was at the helm of LV when it made a gazillion dollars…so some of you must have purchased some of those, right? Michael Kors has an affordable line and a luxury line. The luxury line has a very recent and popular bag, the Miranda. Think about how successful Coach has been thanks to Reed Krakoff. I think that many of the mid range designers feel inspired to provide the masses with bags that are popular but steep in price…so they produce bags very similar. Don’t get me wrong…my closet is full of Chanel and Givenchy… I just have to give credit where credit is due.

      • Christine Latona

        Agreed! And most fashion-ignorant have no idea of Mr. Kors’ pedigree. He was CD at Celine – arguably during the period when most beautiful pieces ever created. That was when Celine was special. Strange how the French houses had to take on the American designers on order to become household names. Marc Jacobs is a genius! And he deserves way better than LV

      • CLLe

        Thank you! People has to stop being fashion-ignorant. I may not have any of Marc Jacobs line but I have mad respect for him! Same as how Tom Ford rescued Gucci. I think its better to do your research before saying anything.

      • kaththee

        Some people only know names and others know design.

    • renyoj

      Reed Krakoff has excellent leather and interesting designs. The boxer bag is an iconic design. His price point is excellent for the quality of the leather.

      Marc Jacobs also has decent leather, even in his Marc by Marc Jacobs line.

  • Jennifer


    • D

      And she has the nerve to charge $400

    • cee

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! i posted this comment to RM’s instagram. LOL

  • Lori

    Mark Jacobs. I think he just literally throws bags at the wall to see which one sticks. For such a great designer, his bags are horrible. Also MK. And any bag with a big logo. I previously would not have carried Coach, but now that they have toned down their logo, I think the bags are much better looking.

    • Anonymous

      Marc*…… maybe spell it correctly, before bashing?

      • tata

        who are these people going around correcting everyone’s spelling and grammer? who cares?!? simply pathetic….

      • Veronica

        Yeah but people do look foolish spelling “berkin” as above

      • Becky

        No one looks foolish because of a typo or because they can’t spell something. But people who feel the intense need to focus on spelling look STUPID. This forum is not a spelling contest.

      • AddisonDewitt

        because they are immature and petty

      • Anon

        As you are, commenting about the comment.

      • AddisonDewitt

        so you are supposed to get away with your high school bullshit unopposed ? F you in your juvenile petty as s

      • Anon

        Because they can. Simply pathetic, as to how you have the time to write that ignorant comment. How about who cares?

  • Petra B.

    Stella McCartney (over thousand bucks for PVC? Not on my watch), Alexander Wang (I like the bags at Balenciaga, but the aesthetic of his namesake brand is just NOT my style) and Botkier (Not a fan of a single bag shape).

  • supsupshah

    marc jacobs…the high end line is pricy, but all the bags, even classics like the ‘stam’ end up at nordstrom rack…also none of his bags generate any buzz

  • Rosa Lily

    Versace, just gaudy.

  • Sandy

    I have a difficult time talking smack on any of the designers but… I would not purchase a Stella McCartney. I agree there is a market for what she is doing but I feel she is taking advantage charging leather prices for PVC.

  • FashionableLena

    Saint Laurent, Celine, Philip Lim, and Stella McCartney. Saint Laurent is boring. The Celine and Philip Lim bags are too big not to have a shoulder strap. I refuse to spend $1800+ on a fake leather bag.
    Surprised at all of the Michael Kors bags. I’ve have bags from him that are years old and still look new. Besides, everyone is copying everyone else. There’s no new shapes or silhouettes being presented to get me to spend my money.

    • T

      Celine has the small nano one though, with the strap, and also the trapeze has one too. But the other ones don’t. Celine’s seasonal bags with the horrendous absurd shapes are impractical. I do wonder what would happen to celine when the luggage and trapeze comes out of trend…

  • onewithbooks

    I have a long list but here is a few off the top of my head: Michael Kors – its the logo and I dont care for him personally. Rebecca Minkoff – not a fan of her designs. LV Speedy – this purse is wrong on so many levels. Stella McCartney – way too overpriced.

    Any purse that is too loud in shouting its logo. Any purse that doesn’t have an outside pocket for my keys. To spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a purse and then I still can’t find my keys? Its stupid. Any purse that has a useless outside pocket that won’t properly hold anything larger than a credit card without looking bulgy. Plus any purse that doesn’t have good inner organization.

    • Analytical_nerd

      I am so with you!… Except of course my favorite bag is MK from 3 years ago with pockets galore… four large outside pockets and four inside! It does not look like any other designer (fortunately!), and has no logos. And the straps go over the shoulder. It’s a dream bag, but MK nonetheless.

  • baggirl15

    versace.. looks cheap

  • lola

    MK dont see it ever!

  • Jo

    totally NO to Burberry London, its too major on the street and its so recognisable. you’ll be even more upset when you find a “made in china” label somewhere inside the bag.

  • dredre47

    Zac Posen. Everything he makes, from clothes to bags, is disgusting. Look up “tacky” and “trying to hard” in the dictionary, and you’ll see Mr. Posen. The shapes of his bags miraculously manage to give me both senior citizen (nothing wrong with senior citizens, but I’m late 20s) and primary school (again, nothing wrong with children, but I haven’t been one for a while). Throw in a bit of desperate starlet working at a gentleman’s club and you’ve got Zac Posen bags. Can you tell I really don’t like Zac Posen?

    • fashionlover

      finally a real post! oh god zac posen or should i say POSER. he truly is awful thinks he’s like a fashion god like no honey take a seat.

    • Patsy

      LMAO on the children part!

  • T

    Burberry. I think the print on their handbags has its course. I would much rather have a watch, scarf or coat from them.

  • blame the wearer, not the bag

    lots of people here are hating on bags/designers for being “tacky”. the “tacky/cheap/gaudy” problem usually has very little to do with the bag, and EVERYTHING to do with who is carrying them.
    case in point: hermes berkin – on its own? classy + elegant bag. when carried by any member of the kardashians or real housewives? just flat out tacky/vulgar/gaudy…

    • Patsy

      In the word of my gay friend (stylist and personal shopper here in LA, so he kinda knows what he’s talking about), ‘I don’t want Celine luggage or Hermes Birkin anymore because all the “basic bitches” carry them’. At first I thought what a snark comment but if you really (objectively) think about it, it’s the person who carries the bag.

      • renyoj

        Exactly, If everyone has one, why would I want one. I vastly prefer my Hermes Massai to a Birkin or Kelly.

    • N

      You could’ve at least spelt birkin correctly?

    • B

      I see your point. When I see LILO with one I’m like ugh. Or the best up ones the Olsen sisters carry. Those poor bags.

  • marina harbor

    MK because I cant believe that him being the designer he is.. can copy so many other designer bags. Really? unbelievable!
    Rebecca Minkoff.. hate her bags
    Kate Spade.. awful design and quality
    Versace.. so tacky!
    MCM.. can’t stand the logo or brand
    Gucci, please take that huge G logo of every single bag!
    Tory Burch…boring!

  • Bayonetta

    I find this discussion thread to be quite interesting and insightful.
    Stella MC is quite ridiculous for a faux leather bag, however why does everyone despise faux leather so much? It is a consumer mentality that has been instilled in us that faux leather is cheap and bad quality; however if you pay close attention, many luxury companies are starting to use faux leather AND the quality of some faux leather(the better more expensive kind) is actually VERY similar to leather..look and feel. What if the the faux leather was used in combination with real leather? Would your perception of the bag then change? Just curious….

    • Patsy

      She prices her bags as if it’s real leather. Leather gets better in age. Faux leather might feel and look like leather but it doesn’t have the durability and the characteristics that comes with age that leather has. HOWEVER, if her bags are half the price then it’s all good.

      • Guest

        I agree with the prices of non-leather. However, I have a Stella McCartney Falabella Crossbody bag, and it is one of my all-time favorites. Indestructible, user-friendly, impeccably made,comfortable, stylish and so on. That said, I think the smooth faux leather bags are pretty ugly. And expensive.

      • Lala

        I totally agree with you! But I buy them when they are on sale! I bought three at once before but were all half off! :)

  • Puro

    Versace. Just can’t wrap my head around their design aesthetics.

  • favepurse

    i would of said coach for the longest time but they have stepped it up! now i catn stand anything monogrammed screams tacky and your trying to look like you have money. EXCEPT GOYARD! only monogram i will wear proud. like those asians with their gucci everything and louis can anyone say PUKE! agree about MK his handbags are not cute.

    • N

      Your reference to “Asians” is pretty stereotypical. I mean, haven’t you seen Americans carrying the monogrammed “tacky” speedy much more?

      • Tralala

        Agreed. “Those Asians..” Tsk tsk! Not good.

    • Guest

      Racist, much?

    • tata

      i agree on goyard!!!

    • Patsy

      I get what you mean with those “Asians”. A lot of them wear monograms here in LA. But also Asians, esp the Chinese are the biggest luxury buyer in the world. Most if not all the stores in Rodeo Drive has a Mandarin speaking SA. It’s not really puke when they’re the one keeping the luxury business going, is it?

      And also, it’s ‘I would have’ and ‘you’re’.

      Try to use punctuations and capitalization specially when you’re looking down on other group of people. It’s hard to take it seriously.

      • N

        I agree with patsy. The majority of the high end fashion industry Depends on these Chinese consumers. Even though they may not dress the part, you don’t know the large sum of money in their pockets…

      • Jane

        Wow, are purse lovers all elementary school teachers? It’s really hard to take YOUR opinions seriously when you’re so blatantly pedantic and patronising.

    • Sophie Proust

      “Those Asians”? That’s racist. PUKE.

      • Cynthia Angeles

        Oh, it’s not racist to say “those asians”! lol I’m asian and I say it all the time!!!! Seriously. ??

    • tex

      “Trying to look like you have money,” well, obviously they had the money to buy the purse. They didn’t steal it, did they?

    • bagaholic

      Oh hello racist! Well for your information, the biggest consumer of luxury brands are Asians! Why? Because of their love for quality and because they have the money to spend for it!

  • shueaddict

    Michael Kors (chiefly for making the most blatant copies of Valentino)
    Furla – been there done that in my younger years!
    Versace (association with tacky, although I do like some bags) ,
    LV (I like the SC and simply love the Capucine – but when I get to 5k tags I’d rather have a fab Chanel Caviar or increase my budget straight to the Orange mecca of bags)
    …. and anything monogram

  • alice

    Proenza Scouler (boring!!!), Rebekka Minkoff (copies), Stella McCartney (I cannot pay 2000 $ for plastic!!!)

  • Maya

    Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Guess…TACKY!

  • CAA Director

    The minute I see a Kim K. carrying something, I feel it becomes tacky and so I wouldn’t carry that bag…. As much I would like to “rock the bag”, tacky is tacky… she makes the Birkin look like just a expensive bag that ANYONE can get with money and no longer something that even with money is hard to get….

    • tex

      If you got money, then anything can be bought. This is retail, not ethics. How many MBA programs require ethics as a required course? Very few. It doesn’t just apply to merchandises, it applies to people as well. There are so many people who can be bribed to do things for you. All those people who lives in countries that have bribed government officials knows what I am taking about. For all of those who have not had this problem, you have been very sheltered. Lucky you.

  • Titfortat

    Hmm. I wouldn’t mind MK if it wasn’t on every woman’s arm. I will never wear Kate Spade (boring), Dolce & Gabbana (never my taste) and Gucci. I’ll admit I only see tacky people carry Gucci and that’s the reason why I won’t touch it. Sue me.

  • Titfortat

    And Burberry! They’re practically all made in China and no innovative design beyond the check. And I hate the check anyway, ubiquitous and just screams logo.

  • B

    I will never carry coach again. I got three different defective limited edition bags from their store not to mention wedges that broke after wearing once. They have poor quality control. Michael Kors does too so examine your products well especially by the words. I have seen crooked letters, uneven spacing, and even white spots. As far as never buying, balenciaga because the bags look cheap even though the price tag doesn’t reflect that.

    • AddisonDewitt

      that’s because all their stuff is made in China now

  • Lox

    I would never buy an American designer bag????

    • Guest

      Even when an American is the creative designer behind a European brand? lol. Pretty sure you have.

      • Clementine

        Zing! You’re so right!

  • Nívia

    Michael Kors….Marc Jacobs….Chloé….some of PRADA ….whatever
    But, for me, the wrost of all is Michael Kors

  • Rebecca

    Versace – theres too much going on in their bags!
    Burberry – the print is quite tacky and cheap for a handbag.
    Coach – hate the prominent logo al over, sick of it!

  • EbonyLolita

    I bought ONE monogram LV bag when I graduated H.S. That was in 97. Despite the recent overuse of it it’s still a classic. But I will NEVER buy another. I am against ALL monogram bags now. I don’t care if it’s LV/Gucci or made from the hem of Jesus’ garments.

  • John

    Logo bags, especially the ones from Coach and Michael Kors. I can still live with the LV and Gucci monograms.

  • ashleykiyana

    I will never buy a Coach bag. I never seen a style I actually liked.

  • tata

    you can be a great clothing or shoe designer but simply suck at designing bags.

  • ReneeO

    Louis Vuitton. Nice quality bags but too much hype. They are everywhere. I do like their runway bags without the monogram but those are usually too pricey for me. Tory Burch. Again, too much hype, especially in California. I prefer something handmade and artisan e.g. Henry Beguelin and Wendy Nichol. Love the functionality of the PS1’s. I think because of that they are my favorite right now.

  • Analytical_nerd

    LV canvas, especially, monogram. Brown and orange together are kind of a bad combination. No speedies of any kind. Need a shoulder strap, even better, main handles going over the shoulder. No logos all over. Hermes Birkin – waaay overpriced (and does not go over shoulder). Chanel flap – stuffy. Reed Krakoff, Rebecca Minkoff – boring. Coach used to be awful, but their new collection rocks. MK – not anymore. My favorite bag is actually MK from three years ago, but I have never seen anyone else carry the same bag or even a similar bag, go figure! No Burberry check, obviously.

  • Lori

    This is a great thread. Really interesting!

  • sSs


  • Maya

    I posted brand names I would never carry yesterday but for some reason last night I was thinking of why I wouldn’t carry those brands and somewhat came to the conclusion that (apart from not liking the designs) I didn’t want to be assimilated to people carrying those brands. Every bland styleless chick has either an LV or an MK bag here (Switzerland) and I tend to assimilate those brands with a lack of personality. I would actually prefer a no-particular-brand bag that shows personality!

    • shueaddict

      Well, join me on that waiting list for the Mansur Gavriel … Looks like Prada beat them to it with the double bag

  • yazi

    There should be a distinction between not buying/wearing a bag because it doesn’t suit a person’s taste or style and that it’s not expensive enough to brag about. A lot of comments seem to be about affordable bags that don’t hit the $3000 price tag.

  • Lara

    I try to keep open minded but no to Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford (price-related) and basically most middle range (quality-related) designers. Never was a fan of MJ bags and will not carry Celine ever again (serious quality issues). I don’t hate any of it, though, just my preferences. Having said that, I really don’t care who carries what, it is always a question of how you carry it IMO.

  • Rene

    I don’t like bags that the masses have. So any LV with monogram I would never carry and I’m getting to feel the same way about the Chanel bags b/c I see them everywhere in Los Angeles. I love unusual bags that are unique and statement pieces. I’m loving limited edition bags by Jimmy Choo and Saint Laurent. I also agree with everyone’s comments about Stella McCartney’s bags. I also find it hard to justify the price when the bags are not real leather.

  • Jenna Emmons

    Judith Leiber! Who on Earth spends $6000 on a clutch shaped like asparagus?

    • Elle


    • Alex575

      Hahaha! The only one that I would’ve remotely bought (if I had money to burn) was the Judith Leiber clutch shaped like a carousel. Only because it was so strange and odd looking.

  • Alison M

    Don’t really care WHAT label is on it – if I don’t like the style or colour, I won’t buy it – simples!

    Not a fan of LV as difficult to tell what’s fake vs real (especially the logo bags) so most folk assume its fake anyway so why pay mega bucks for that!

    Much prefer local artisan bags made by the shop owners granny to designer bags. Bought a gorgeous bag in Croatia last year, hand stitched and lovingly wrapped with a little leather flower. Cost me £60. This year I’m going back to get a few more as quality so much better than most of my other bags..and I have a few ;)

  • Aim

    Micheal Kors

  • Mandy

    There is such a long list but here goes: Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Coach, LV coated canvas (any canvas bags really) and the always tacky Versace……

  • Fashionista

    Rebecca Minkoff’s “Affair” bag. Just plain embarrassing.

  • Nicole Smith

    MK seems to be the big one, and I agree. I tried to like them, but they’re too mainstream and nothing spectacular. Even Coach. I used to love Coach, but it seems like everyone has one or more. It’s kind of lost its appeal, though they do have quality products IMO.

  • Nacey

    I don’t have much money but even if I did I would NEVER own a Birkin! They are so plain! How could they charge so much money for something that’s so plain? On another note…. How does everybody own a Louis Vuitton? Yes I know there are a ton of fakes but there are plenty of people with real bags & ok’d how they could afford it. I saw a lady that works at Publix (grocery store) with one!!!! Another bag I would never carry in the low price range is Guess! And after seeing Snooky wearing Coach with a trashy outfit I’m starting to not like that brand as much either.

    • Nacey


    • shueaddict

      A few years back I read that Coach gifted Snooki with a Gucci bag so that she would stop being photographed wearing her monogram Coach.

    • AddisonDewitt

      anyone can buy a LV who has a credit card

    • OhPlease

      So because someone works at Publix, they aren’t allowed to own an expensive bag? SMH

      • Jane

        The point is, if a person of fairly low social status (why would you work at a grocery store unless you are either very young or need to- I worked at one so I would know) desires and buys LV monogram then it’s likely to no longer be a high status item. Pretending otherwise is pretty delusional. What it costs is immaterial. The point isn’t that it’s too cheap, the point is that it’s too common (in the literal and snob senses of the word). Some people might make LV look good in the context of a nice outfit and great style and grooming, but the point is, a LV bag is not going to elevate your look. In the absence of other class/style markers, it’s going to make you look like you are fairly unimaginative and looking for status by using a readily recognised status symbol. Bags don’t exist in a vacuum. They have social meanings, which are impacted by ladies from Polix and their ilk, no matter how hard you roll your eyes.

  • Ralli

    To echo everyone else, Micheal Kors is a no go. Shoddy craftsmanship, nauseating ubiquity, and zero originality mean that I’d rather see my money burst into flames than go toward any of his bags. Same sentiment applies to Rebecca Minkoff (in addition to the above issues she has no elegance or class in her deigns), most of Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and monogrammed anything (especially LV). I would never own a Chanel because it’s overpriced and stuffy. I probably won’t go with Celine again either because I had a terrible shopping and quality experience with my Trapeze (still love that bag though and I’ll keep it forever).

    I like clean simple lines, high quality leather, easy to use design, and a company that stands behind its products. It’s not too much to ask for but it’s getting harder and harder to find.

  • Dee

    Michael Kors, Tory Burch and MCM are my most cringed designers. MK and TB are so mass produced and every wanna be blogger is carrying one. Also no originality. MCM is design overload, yuck!

  • everyoneispretty

    MCM and Dooney&Bourke – don’t like their prints.

    Interesting how many have said they won’t buy bags that are too commonly seen on others. Shouldn’t the Longchamp le Pliage also be on the list? Each time on a flight, i will see at least 2-3 girls with it as carry-ons (including myself!). Just pointing out that theres nothing wrong with getting a bag that is commonly seen on others, like the practical le Pliage. Others may be popular because they are “classics” from each line.

    I personally love the LV canvas bags. They last a long time and since they are coated canvas, no need to baby them.

  • Krass

    Balenciaga – They’re just too mushy!

    • roccos

      Mushy? I ride the subway to and from work every day during its most crowded time . Myself and fellow commuters appreciate a soft body forming slim handbag since its mostly standing room only. A hard boxy type handbag pokes everyone near you, and can be downright dangeous to those sitting. Men with their hard leather boxy briefcases on a shoulder strap are the worst, I love balenciaga hobo (but don’t own one anymore)

  • Nefertiti

    Coach and the anything covered in monogram. I find monogram tacky and cheap. If i’m paying quite a bit of money for a bag I certainly don’t want it to look cheap.

    • guest

      I find it funny everyone disowning Coach and saying its all logo/monogram. They are a LEATHERWARE brand. most of their products are leather.

  • SandiG

    I would never carry a coach. I feel this way because I see them everywhere!!

  • R

    MK by Michael Kors (the bags that usually range below $600), Coach and Guess. Michael Kors itself (the higher-end aspect of the brand, isn’t as bad), but still, so hideous. Along with LV, Gucci bags with the monogramed print all over them. Others: Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch. Some: Proenza Schouler, D&G, Chloé.

    • AddisonDewitt

      oh gee then what the F do you carry..Tignanello

      • Dini Tri Lestari

        Lol ????

  • Kristin

    I’ve actually learned to “never say never.” I thought I hated Michael Kors and then I saw two bags that I loved and am thinking of getting one of them…My mom even joked that she “couldn’t believe I was crossing over to his side,” and I’m a bit surprised, too…but a cute bag is a cute bag. That goes for any designer that I think I don’t like; their work may appeal to me at some point or other stage in my life.

  • Veronica

    I haven’t seen anyone mention Coach? I absolutely despise their bags but it’s incredible how many people think they’re a gateway to luxury or something in the US (northeast). They’re so fake Gucci looking and cheap

  • crista

    I hate MCM…hate. It’s the logo and the design of the bags. I don’t care for MK or Dooney (dislike the logos and find the designs tacky). On the fence about Coach. I do recognize that if this was 1995, I’d be all over a Dooney or a Coach bag, but my tastes have changed. I don’t judge people who love them, they’re just not for me.

  • Edward Murillo Moreno

    Logo handbags for daily wear.

  • Bridget212323

    I won’t wear any bag covered in logos. ONE logo (and the smaller the better) is fine. So that leaves out Coach, MK, some DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs et al. Also anyone who attaches a thin shoulder strap to a top handle bag and charges more than 1k for it. detachable shoulder straps make any bag look tacky because they hang wrong on the body.

  • Jane Polewchak

    A lot of these I have carried. A lot of people can’t blow $3K on a bag, so a lot of this is attitude isn’t based on race, but class. I have worn Coach for years. Long before there were “it” bags and they held up great. Hate the signature. Tried to wear it but couldn’t. Someone was asking about the ubiquity of LV Speedy mono/DE bags on “lower class” people? Easy. They bought the bags we sold. When the Speedy got near the $1K mark, I sold mine off, plus every other over-priced piece. It isn’t worth it. It was a stretch at $620, but at its current price, you have to be nuts. The quality isn’t even there and people don’t know it. The canvas isn’t as nice as that used in older bags. Wg

  • me

    I dont like any logo covered bags but what I truly dislike is Vera Bradley ja Brahmin.

    • ff

      I get Vera Bradley, but why Brahmin? I don’t see the two in the same category.

  • Aphrodite

    Vera Bradley. They look like something my grandmother would make. And they get dingy looking quickly. Plus I would not be caught dead carrying any bag that can be put in the washing machine!!!

  • Bag love

    This is a really interesting topic, I used to have a list of designers I wasn’t particularly interested in carrying, coach for example but I’ve actually seen some more recent designs I would love like the borough, I think I’d rather go by each bag and how it works for me than say no to a whole designer.

  • Elle

    Sorry, but I think if you have a good sense of style, anything from any price range is lovely. MJ, MK, or a Birkin. It’s how you wear it. I’m the type of woman that isn’t going to look at something superficial as a handbag and call someone or their bag tacky. If I like it, then I like it.

  • Nuts4shoes

    Ready? Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Dooney Bourke, Michael Kors and a step up into never a Ricky bag from RL

  • Onel Valdez

    Yup! MK bags are tacky. Always a copy of another designer’s.
    I like the quality of his shoes tho.

  • Lee

    I’d never carry CH, MK, Marc Jacobs, moschino

  • Judith Karikios

    MCM, Rebecca Knockoff (as I like to call her) Michaeel Kors, LV logo print – tooooo many fakes out there and if your going to have a chain handle bag, it has to be Chanel.

  • Monika

    +1 for any bag with a huge logo on it. Louis Vuitton and Gucci canvas bags, Burberry check bags, some of the Chanel ones with the obsurdly large logos, even the Saint Laurent Cabas bag with the large Y.

    A giant logo or monogram print just screams tacky and gaudy. Like when you see someone in public with an obvious knockoff, it usually has some absurd obnoxious logo on it.

  • Alex575

    Kooba; The quality isn’t there for the price. Coach is another one because of their cheaply made “outlet” bags that they were selling on E-Bay, but didn’t tell anyone that they were actually made with lesser quality materials for the outlet stores.

  • Yan

    Coach! I hate em!

  • k8

    Anything designed by a Kardashian or Jessica Simpson. Not only for bags – i won’t support their shoe, clothing or perfume lines either.

  • Caro

    although I own a tory burch reva clutch that I love from 4 years ago and still wear, I would never buy anything from her again. Im still in college and too many people wear tory, monogrammed lv, mk and rebecca minkoff. Its annoying walking around a mall or downtown and seeing several people with the same bag as you. It makes the bag too accessible and less unique. I will also never wear kate spade, marc jacobs, coach, or mcm.

  • J Sib

    Michael Kors everyone is wearing them do not like his bags.

  • fv

    I have a few Brahmin bags, but the quality has declined as the designs have become derivative. I don’t understand why the company doesn’t design to its market instead of trying to create a niche in the high-end market.

  • OoGuitarChickoO

    I think every opinion is very interesting and some are quite enlightening. Personally, I’ll never say never. Even though there are brands that come to mind, I am a very different person now than I was 10 years ago and have bought things I never thought I would. Not to mention, I have no idea what those designers will unveil in future years. Change is a part of life, and I never want to limit myself.

    I’m really surprised by some of the negative comments and overall disgust some have on the subject. Everyone has a right to their own thoughts and opinions, I really am not judging – just surprised. Obviously these designers have done something to get where they are… after all, we all know their names, like them or not.

    I also find it interesting that non-leather is so frowned upon. I actually prefer non-leather for many reasons. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly depends on what kind of non-leather material is being used. But, I have canvas bags that have held up much better than leather bags that my friends own.

    I think my overall stance is to try to be open-minded. Things that work for some, don’t work for others and that is okay. They may or may not work for me one day. But either way, I am extremely fortunate and blessed to be able to own the things I do without being in debt. It’s okay to have different tastes and financial situations. I just hope everyone can find the things they love :)

  • sophist


  • Beth

    I’ll never carry a LV. After I read that article you did awhile back on LV trying to regain their exclusivity back by raising their prices, it really turned me off. Also, their role in trying to sneakily get shares in Hermes makes me not respect their business operations or their brand as a whole.

  • sara.

    The Row. To expensive and they’re not even that nice.

    • sara.

      Too expensive*

  • Pompom

    Wow, so many negative comments about MK. I don’t buy his bags anymore, but he’s a great businessman, more than designer. I still have a 4 year old MK bag, & it’s undestructable, it’s been through everything. While I have to baby Chanel or other luxury bags.
    I wouldn’t buy logo bags, I only have limited edition LV with cheries & roses. I don’t care for Celine totes, that face bothers me. I don’t like Goyard at the moment, but we’ll see later. I’d not buy any expensive bag made in China like some Prada bags.

  • Ryn

    I would never buy a Posen, Goyard, or Minkoff, just not my style… Goyard is so ugly( my opinion) I can’t stand the print. Furthermore, who cares if you have a bag everyone else has?? It’s obviously appealing if everyone wants one. Look at Hermes thats their bread and butter.. and they can hardly call themselves exclusive these days with the karadashians’ owning over 50 themselves! And why all the hate on dooney their Alto collection is fabulous, I have a few of them and people are always asking me where did I get my bag… literally no one has them and they are all great quality and good leather and made in Italy not China, something I hate about Alexander Wang! But I just like simple, clean designs like Hindmarch, Rykiel, and Beckham!!
    Side note: why all the hate on LV and MK? … Both are named after their designers one is just older then the other? Same idea behind it, MK is making a name for himself.. whether you like him or not he will be remembered in fashion history! And it’s funny how people will bash Stella when the Hermes Garden party is mostly canvas.. ie not the all leather one I am refering to.. and people love that bag like it’s going out of style!

  • Rashmi

    I read all the comments. Some were really funny. I hope Mr. Kors and Ms. Minkoff read these comments and really look within their brand and turn around with their original designs that can captivate all the bag lovers’ hearts.

  • Chahoofin

    I agree with tata…I was in line at a coffee shop and this young lady was in front of me…when she would adjust the bag on her shoulder the rhinestone tassels and bling on the bag would actually “hit” people. I said to her “my, that’s some bag, who is the designer” She looked at me like I was from Mars and said “uh, MK as in Michael Kors”. I told her it was perfect for her and she said ‘well it should be it cost $600″ Wow…really? I have seen some really nice looking MK but I’m not sure what his vision is as far as the design of his bags going forward. It’s all good:)

    • Jane

      And that is why I would never carry MK

  • Jazzy

    i would like to know does anyone have any knowledge of the purse designer Al&Phil? I know that they are vintage designers but I am trying to find out what some of the original prices of their purses may have been and I am not having much luck with the googling of information about the designers and the pieces they do have are beautiful but the information on them is very limited!

  • Rose

    Sophie Hulme, copies Hermes and Fendi (the furry hangers!), and expensive. It’s crazy. I used ot like the Chanel bag, the Fendi 2jours… but not anymore. Think it isn’t creative to buy a bag of a small, original, creative brand.

  • Sun Tzu

    For those of you who don’t know, Michael Kors came from LVMH. This is
    the parent company for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. There are a lot of
    designer names under this company. He is still designing bags for
    Celine. So technically he is making more affordable and functional
    versions of LVMH bags. After reading the book: Deluxe: How Luxury Lost
    Its Luster by Dana Thomas my eyes are opened. I will never buy a bag
    for thousands of dollars. That money can be put into an investment
    vehicle with greater return on equity.

  • Nancy

    I would buy Coach over LV anytime.LV bags get really ugly over time. Coach bags are like wine,they get better with age. That’s my opinion.

  • Jerri R

    Michael Kors — Tacky uninspired and totally saturated

    Louboutin or Versace — Screams too loud “look, expensive!”

    Fendi — Furrier. Nough said

    MCM — Vulgar and gaudy

    LV monogram — see MCM

    Coach — never since they veered away from the classic quality leather line and got into the tacky logo wallpapering

    Rebecca Minkoff — Tom Dick and Harry

    Marc by Marc Jacobs — see Rebecca Minkoff

    Birkin — No shoulder strap, no outside pocket, Kardashians, oversaturated among celebrities, and the small matter that I cannot afford it

    Burberry nova check — too desperate

    Dooney and Bourke — Pricey for something not special, I would rather save up for something way nicer

    Prada Nylon or Gucci Monogram Canvas — Not stainproof, once they get dirty, buh bye money

  • llibra_22

    I would have to say I would carry a Vintage LV over a new one due to the quality of leather. I do not like the monogram MK bags I think they’re LV wanna be’s. I love Kate Spade and Tory Burch depending on what you get from them the price point is reasonable…

  • AcadieAnne

    Since people are still commenting on this very old thread, I’ll add my two cents. I won’t carry anything with contrasting monograms (like Gucci or LV canvas), but I do carry select self color monograms (like LV vernis). I won’t carry overpriced coated canvas, but I have some fun, cheap pieces like Coach MFF stars that remind me of Wonder Woman. For $1,000+, Speedies end up looking like road kill with handles. No thanks.
    Speaking of American brands, I have pretty much obsessive equestrian interests, so I love Coach, Dooney and Bourke, and Ralph Lauren pieces with equestrian themes. However, although I have great respect for Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors as designers, their bags are not on my radar, along with Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, etc.
    I prefer the French premier designers to others, so I have no interest in Italian or other premier designers.

  • MamaMia

    Faded Glory. :) I wouldn’t buy Faded Glory bags unless paid.