As you might imagine, we spend a lot of time in the PurseBlog offices talking about bags. Bags we’re plotting to buy, bags we can only buy in our imaginations, bags we think are a waste of money – it all comes up eventually. Last week, Bea posed an interesting question to me: if I had $1,500 and could buy any handbag I wanted, what would I buy? Which, in turn, lead me to a question of my own: where have all the great $1,500 bags gone? (more…)

I’ve been busy these past few months with a variety of things, some great and some not (my grandmother passed away in January), but I’m back now! One of my trips to be with my family in Ohio ended up being much longer than anticipated, and I only had one bag with me, my black Hermes Birkin. I love that bag, but after carrying it for so long, I got to thinking about it, and the state of handbags in general. I spend a lot of time, actually everyday, thinking about handbags. (It is my business, after all.) One question that popped into my mind was questioning the last bag I bought that I truly love, the kind of love that makes you so incredibly pleased with your purchase.

Many of you know that I own my fair share of bags, and part of the upside of owning so many bags is knowing when I have a really great piece on my hands. All bags share the same purpose, to carry your things, but some bags do it better than others. Truth is, the last bag I got that I truly love is my Coach Borough Bag. The bag deserves the hype, it’s ultra functional and looks great as well. I tend to be someone who carries a lot of things, and having a bag with high functionality and ample pocket space works beautifully for me. Shop the Coach Borough here.

I’m on the hunt for a new bag, and I want it to be one that is both chic and functional. I want a bag for which I feel no buyer’s remorse. So now I’m asking you, what is the last bag you bought that you truly love?

When Megs and I sat down a couple of weeks ago to discuss what we’d be covering for the end of the year, we knew we wanted to do a post about the most important bags of 2013. (And we did do that!) What became obvious as soon as we began assembling the list of bags, though, was that we’re in a bit of an It Bag power vacuum at the moment. (more…)

For some reason, people really like Pinterest. I’m not really sure why that is (that’s right, there’s a non-believer in your midst!), but I have friends who could wile away entire Sunday afternoons pinning decor ideas, recipes and, perhaps most importantly, crafts. If you’re one of those people, the Kotur Make Your Own Minaudiere Satin Clutch might be for you.

Kotur is known for its gorgeous, inventive, not-outrageously priced clutches and evening bags, and with this kit, you get a basic black satin of one of the brand’s most popular shapes, plus two colors of rhinestones and some glitter pens to embellish it as you see fit. Kotur isn’t the first designer brand to take this route – Fendi’s done several DIY Baguette bags – but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

Also worth noting, though, is that, because of the relatively common shape of the clutch base, this kind of project could likely be undertaken just as successfully and for far less money. With the Fendi version, you were getting the chance to make a one-of-a-kind version of an iconic handbag. Kotur, while a great brand, is a couple orders of magnitude shy of that. If you’re looking to do it on the cheap, well, I’m sure Pinterest can help with that. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $595.

We’re in the last phase of the biggest shopping weekend (long weekend? week?) of the year, and despite the fact that designer sales have traditionally taken place in December, the past few years have seen the sale season creep forward to coincide with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping orgy in which the rest of the consumer market partakes. Odds are, you bought something in the past few days, and we want to know what it is and which sales have been your favorites. (more…)

This Chanel backpack looks like it belongs to an art student, but it probably won’t fit into most aspiring painters’ budgets.

This past weekend I went to my friend’s baby shower, which is the first of many to come in the next few months. I’ve hit that stage in life where many of my friends are pregnant, so I find myself checking out baby bags and accessories often. In 2005, I wrote about the Gucci Baby Carrier, and that post still gets tons of comments to this day.

I want to revisit the idea of a designer baby carrier, and I want to know where you stand. Many moms and dads use baby carriers for their kids regularly, but I’ve never had a real-life sighting of a designer baby carrier in action. I’ve seen plenty of moms with everything from designer duds to designer diaper bags, but the designer baby carrier remains elusive.

The point of the carrier is the same as all others: to transport the baby on your person. There are a few options from Gucci, but I am sharing the classic GG print along with a zoo patch, because I think it’s cute. This carrier is meant for a baby between 7 and 20 lbs, which won’t last that long. What do you think: would you carry your baby in a designer baby carrier? Shop this one via Gucci for $850.

We’ve been following along with the story of Louis Vuitton’s very publicly shifting accessories strategy very closely, and each time we update you on it, you guys have a lot to say. The story and Vuitton’s attitudes toward its customers bring out a lot of opinions, both for and against the brand’s attempts to shift its focus to a more leather-centric, higher-dollar customer, but we’ve never asked you guys straight-up whether or not the shift has affected your own purchasing behavior. Today, we want to find out.

First, we figure that you guys fit into two groups: people who consider themselves current Vuitton customers and those who do not. For those who consider them customers, especially those of you who buy primarily from the canvas lines (monogram or otherwise), do you feel slighted by LV’s attitude toward its entry-level customers? Do you consider yourself an entry-level costumer of the brand? Do you feel less likely to shop with Vuitton because of its attitude, and if you do, where will you be spending your handbag dollars in the future?

If you’re not currently a Louis Vuitton customer but shop from other high-end handbag lines, this shift in Vuitton’s strategy is targeted toward you. Do you find the idea of more discreet, logo-absent Vuitton leather goods interesting? Would you be willing to spend $4,000 or more on a leather bag from the brand if you liked the design and thought the materials merited the price, or do visions of teenagers carrying monogram Neverfulls dance in your head no matter what? Will the upcoming change in creative leadership, rumored to be focused on former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, affect your opinion, or do you feel like your perceptions of Louis Vuitton are already set in stone, for better or for worse?

It’s been a long time in the making, but the bag I designed with Mackage will be hitting the runway in the brand’s Spring 2014 Runway show during Toronto Fashion Week this Wednesday. It’s my first personal design venture, and I love the final result and know you will too. Vlad and I will be in Toronto to see the show and celebrate the unveiling of the Mackage x PurseBlog bag, and to get my look right, I want your help picking the perfect coat from Mackage for the show!

Crisp fall weather has taken over NYC, but it’s downright cold in Toronto with a chance of snow in the forecast in the next few days. I plan to wear skinny jeans and a great pair of boots to the show, along with the Mackage x PurseBlog bag, but I need you to help me decide between these three coats. Which should I wear? Help me out in the comments below and stay tuned to see the bag I designed with Mackage, sneak peek below!


After I posted my Celine reveal, I realized I not only love to share the new bags I buy for myself, but also I love to hear about your purchases. This is one of our favorite parts of the PurseForum, but I want to bring that joy over to PurseBlog. Every month we will have a post where you can share your accessories purchases and we will share ours with you too!

Celine Trapeze Tri Color

Kicking it off, August was filled with a few new bags for me. First off, you all know about my lovely Celine Trapeze Bag, and I pinch myself when I see it and know that it’s mine. But that isn’t my only new addition – it’s been quite a nice month for me.

Chanel Boy Bag

As if the Celine bag wasn’t enough, I also added a Chanel Boy Bag to my collection. I’ve talked about the Boy Bag so many times that it’s likely annoying by now, but I just couldn’t figure out which one I wanted. Actually, I could figure it out, I wanted them all, but I needed to narrow it down to one bag. I finally settled on the Metallic Calfskin version and I’m thrilled with my decision. I own a black flap and I wanted something a little different, and this bag fits the bill. I’ve been carrying my Boy fairly often, but I am still a little worried about dark denim rubbing off on the light metallic body, so I am making an active decision when I take it out. More info via

LK Bennett London

And there is a third new bag. (I told you it was a big bag month for me!) I was lucky to be sent a gift from L.K. Bennett London, the stunning Rosamund Bag. I didn’t know much about this bag, but let me tell you something, it is absolutely stunning. The leather is super soft but not thin, and I’ve had so many people ask me about this bag. I love the shape and I’ve found this bag to be great to fling over my shoulder. I’m also pretty excited about the price – for such a beautifully crafted bag, it’s only $595 via L.K. Bennet London, which is quite fair.

I didn’t purchase any new shoes or jewelry, my two new handbags were plenty. We’d love to hear from you; share your August purchases in this post! You can attach pictures as well if you’d like.

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