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  • reneeo

    I’m a flamenco dancer this year and just happened to have a little Prada bag that was a perfect match for my dress. It was from runway–the little drawstring in black and red brocade.

  • jbbee

    My latest score is a medium PS1. Perfect size for all occasions! I love that it fits an iPad and A4 paper!

  • jbbee

    Oh, and i was a biz woman covered in blood.

  • gacats

    Keeping it simple, dressed all in black with a giant metal spider necklace.
    The bag is a black Chanel shopper tote.

  • Maria

    I will be a mom and carrying an old handbag.

  • Candice

    I’m a black swan ballerina this year, and i’m carrying a black sparkly bcbg clutch!

  • susan

    I have been carrying my Gerard Darel 24 in tangerine for the last 2 weeks. I love matching my colors to the season.

  • Brandy

    Poison Ivy! But I didn’t have a designer bag to match, so I made a purse out of leaves. It was definitely an interesting look!

  • Laura

    Indian! and I’m carrying chloe paraty bag!

  • Stylista

    Happy Halloween everyone! I’m not dressing up, but I would go as Coco Chanel. And as for my bag (if I were to go trick-or-treating) would be a pillowcase! ;)

  • Lorie

    I’m not dressing up this year, but last year, I was the Travelocity Roaming Gnome (which was quite a joke because I’m very tall). Today, I’m wearing my Coach Lynn Hobo in black leather.

  • Lorie

    Happy Halloween!

  • Bir

    Morrocan princess and I’m bringing a very over the top Louis vuitton theda bag fits my actual morrocan dress perfectly!

  • Amy

    I dressed up as Flo from the Progressive commercials, … i didn’t have a bag to carry, it was in my locker at work lol

  • Graefka

    No costume for me, but I was out running errands with my black Mulberry Alexa yesterday.

  • boredgirl

    i was little red riding hood, and i had a small basket with me covered in a white lace handkerchief

  • jamie stocker

    dont really do bags so a carrier bag ipad

  • jamie stocker

    dont really do bags so a carrier bag (ipad)

  • helen

    Halloween was fun this year. (ipad)

  • Jen

    I love that Frankenstein pumpkin! (ipad)

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