December is well underway, PurseForum Roundup readers, and we know many of you have been dealing with winter weather, holiday planning and gift shopping. We hope you are also enjoying times with friends and family this season. This week, on our customary ramble through the PurseForum, we found some fun conversations, random acts of kindness and lots more to share. (more…)

A very Happy December to you, PurseForum Roundup readers! We hope you those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. Since last Friday was devoted to shopping, we thought we would spend this Friday on reveals. (more…)

It’s Friday, and that means it is time for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup, our weekly trip to bring you the best conversations, reveals and surprises from our own forum. This week, we look at some shoes, jewelry, pets and more. (more…)

Happy Anniversary to us! Today marks the first anniversary of the PurseForum Roundup! It’s been a terrific year, and we’ve enjoyed bringing you the conversations and goings-on of our favorite fashion forum every week. This week, we celebrate our special day with a visit to some of our favorite spots. We know some of our regular Roundup readers may be able to guess where we are headed, so come on along! (more…)

Happy Friday! It’s time for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup, and this week we have plenty of wonderful bags and conversations in store. We stop by Chanel and Céline, found some stunning shoes and much more. (more…)

It’s Friday, and that means another Fall edition of the PurseForum Roundup. If you are anything like us, you are getting busier as the days are getting shorter, but we always make time for fashion and a visit to the PurseForum. This week, we found an elegantly simple solution to a pesky little problem, helped some folks make decisions and fell hard for some purple bags in Balenciaga. We can’t wait to share, so come on in! (more…)

Happy Friday-before-Halloween, PurseForum Roundup fans! This is our last Roundup of October, and despite our usual disbelief in the swiftness of time’s passage, we are thrilled to bring you another selection of PurseForum conversations, along with fantastic photographs! (more…)

Happy Friday, PurseForum Roundup readers! We are so glad you are joining us for another tour of our sister site’s latest and greatest. The PurseForum is full of delightful diversions, and this past week was no exception. We stopped in and caught some reveals and listened in on some very interesting conversations. Come on in and see what we found!

Goyard Trunk Full View

Everyone has their own “portal” to the PurseForum. Some of us subscribe to certain threads and check those first, some search new posts and some (include us in this group) just grab the Forums pulldown on the menu bar and jump in to one of our favorite subforums. This week, Goyard caught our eye. It has been quite some time since we visited this relatively quiet subforum, and as it turns out, it certainly has not been quiet this Fall! Firmly rooted in fine luggage and travel goods, Goyard has stayed true to its origins and izzue520 reminded us of that happy fact with her reveal of this magnificent trunk. You will love the beautifully detailed photographs izzue520 included – this reveal is a real treat!

Other reveals in Goyard include nance1002′s 233 bag and matching wallet in a very pretty rose shade. We also found KRZ’s adorable coin purse in this thread, and another splendidly photographed reveal by yrtxcyrtxc. Small leather goods are a perfect way to jump into this brand!

Tory Burch 797 Satchel

After a couple of sightings of Tory Burch flats in the “wild” this week, we realized we have not visited that subforum in quite some time, and wow, what a busy place! We re-acquainted ourselves with the Action Thread, where we found a spectacular blue clutch from summer that Roundup readers know made us swoon.

Lots of reveals popped up on the first page, and of course we absolutely loved the coral-red color of this 797 Satchel that birthday girl Tuuli35 shared with her fellow Tory Burch fans. What a great first TB, and a belated very Happy Birthday to you Tuuli35! And please welcome brand new PurseForum member Pursenalfaves, who made a lovely grand entrance with her handbag, including a peek at the contents, which you know we love so well! There are also plenty of conversations about the iconic Tory Burch
Reva flats, including sizing and break-in information. We will be dropping in Tory Burch more often and hope to see you there!

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Rings

Over in Yves Saint Laurent, the Arty Ring Thread is always front and center. Fans of this piece absolutely love their Artys, and we love to see them. We are always amazed at how our members rock this statement piece with such style and flair. Recently, BrazilianBabe posted her Arty collection (including a special non-Arty with a fabulous modeling shot), and LouisLily gave us a good look at her new purple and gold version. The Arty is being discontinued, but we know this thread will stay busy as members help one another snap up the perfect hard-to-find additions to their collections.

YSL fans will also love mrs.yla’s collection thread, which includes bags and rings, as well as the Deals and Steals thread, which is a must if you are thinking about a purchase. We have another belated birthday shout out to MissTina520, who shared her new patent clutch – what a terrific birthday present!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Tote

We found another birthday reveal in Michael Kors this week, and we need to wish Sharmeen a very Happy 21st and congratulate her on this beautiful bag, too! In the Which MK are You Carrying Today thread, our members answer that question daily and in fine style. This lovely navy Selma (pictured above) looks pretty as a picture in the passenger seat of NurseAnn’s car. And, while we very well understand switching purses, we were a little sad to think of llson’s beauty going back in the sleeper, but we are sure another splendid bag will be in rotation soon. Don’t miss this hot (pink) modeling shot from BoarBB, too!

The Michael Kors subforum is full of threads dedicated to various styles, sometimes called “club” threads. Every subforum has clubhouse or club threads, and Michael Kors includes threads on the Selmathe Hamilton the Cynthia, and of course, watches. Have fun discovering Michael Kors!

Papier Mache Box

We thought it would be fun to do a little whirlwind roundup-within-the-Roundup of some fun threads scattered throughout the forum, so here goes. In Home and Garden, we found some very cool submissions in the Things Things You Love Around Your Home thread, and we just love roundandround’s treasured papier mache box from Russia. In our members-only Relationships and Family subforum, there is a fascinating ongoing conversation on feeling out of sync, with plenty of food for thought. The Philip Lim for Target thread continues to be red hot, and Nail Care’s Secret Goblin thread is a hoot – check out the socks in this group shot from unluckystars! We couldn’t decide which thread was busiest in Television and Cinema, so drop in and find your show. We’re sure there is a conversation underway, and some of them are hilarious.

Thank you for joining us for this edition of the PurseForum Roundup. It is always challenging to narrow it down to just a few threads and conversations, because our Forum is so diverse and active. We visited many threads and saw some gorgeous reveals all over the Forum, and hope you do the same – when you are done reading, that is! Have a great week!

So, is everyone absolutely exhausted from the National Handbag Day festivities? We celebrated this auspicious day by scouring the PurseForum for wonderful handbags, of course, but really, everyday is Handbag Day for us! This week, our stops in the PurseForum Roundup include Dior, Valentino, Gucci and more. So finish putting away those National Handbag Day decorations and come on in and join us!

Gucci Houndstooth Bag

In Gucci this week, we spotted two of our favorite words right on page one: “Instant Reveal”. D.Grl12 got right down to business and showed off her gorgeous birthday gift, the retro Seventies Web Boston, a bag that pulls at our vintage heart strings. Missarewa also added to her collection this week, and we could definitely feel the love as she revealed this classic bag. Before a reveal often comes a decision, and LVBarbieDoll is looking for opinions on a purchase, if anyone would like to weigh in. As usual, we pick both options (but if absolutely pressed, we choose orange). How about you?

PurseBlog readers know we have a special place in our hearts for the Gucci Bamboo Top Handle (BTH) bags, and our Gucci PurseForum family feels the same way. The thread dedicated to this line is always front and center, and this week we have a reveal and are anxiously awaiting a new BTH shopper for BagLovinMom.

Gucci Collection

In the Show Your Collection thread, we caught up with Dorf, our gentleman connoisseur we introduced to you last month, who treated us to a family photo of his collection, and it is fabulous. Collection threads are a staple of the designer subforums, so if you have a favorite designer, be sure to check out what our members have curated in their closets – you won’t be sorry!

Dior Watch

Are you pressed for time? Well, DiorrificLady sure isn’t. National Handbag Day had us feeling particularly drawn to the iconic design houses, and when we stopped into Dior, we found a watch reveal that made time stand still. It took a moment to tear ourselves away from this Grand Bal, but we did, and then stumbled right into another blockbuster reveal from this lucky lady! And DiorrificLady was not the only member with something new to share this week. If you love summer, you will absolutely swoon over Nahreen’s new Lady Dior in a delightful shade that will be a great pop of color in the fall, too. Lucky Materiliasic28 picked up a sweet little vintage piece this week, too.

Dior Crocodile Bag

We have seen lots of wonderful posts in the Dior in Action thread this past month, too, so please stop by and see how our members are styling their bags. Superstar collector kellyng dropped in with a shot of her Samourai that made us weak in the knees. There is a lot to this design house, and if you are just getting familiar with Dior and want to learn more, we have a wonderful reference library to help you find your way around. We hope to see you in Dior soon!

Valentino Rockstuds

This week, Valentino‘s first page was all about first purchases – some we missed the first time around, like nascarfan’s summer splurge on a pair of Rockstuds and a fabulous bag to match. New mom weetzie_bat recently made her first post-baby bag purchase, and it’s a beauty (or it is a beast? Check the thread to see). U580729 picked up a bag and shoe combination in an eye-catching nuanced nude, and mga13 had us mesmerized by the details of her extraordinary snake bracelet evening bag.

Black and White Outfit

We loved this photo of LeeLee1098 in her black and white ensemble in the Action thread – LeeLee is sporting the best accessory of them all, a happy smile!

Diamond Finger Cuff

This week, we found a fun new thread in the Jewelry Box and we’re sure it’s going to be a winner. It’s the Insane Wish List thread, and it is off to a rollicking start. Please drop in and add to the insanity! We also caught up with the Statement Jewelry thread and found ITlovesfashion’s incredible armor ring photographed against a background of equally incredible hydrangeas. (See, we have been hanging out in Home and Garden, too!)

The Jewelry Box is also a place for serious conversations, many of which revolve around diamonds. We have plenty of reference and photo threads, dovetailed with ongoing discussions that really get to the heart of the all-important facets of a diamond purchase. (See what we did there?) Phoebe_0526 got the ball rolling this summer with her GIA Diamond thread, which is a must-read for anyone considering a diamond purchase. Once you have made your purchase, we have a long-lived, active thread with everything you need to know about cleaning your diamonds, too.

Hermes Kelly Bag

The Hermès subforum is the place to go for beautiful bags any time, any day, all day long. One of our favorite threads is the Perfect Match thread, where members showcase combinations of bags and scarves, and sometimes, as in the case of Aurelia24, a super hot pair of shoes as well! By the way, her bag is 63 years old, which is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of this singular brand. Hermès may be out of reach for many of us, to be sure, but being able to share these pieces with our gracious members is always a real treat. The Fall 2013 scarves are making an appearance in this dedicated thread, and The Clubhouse is loaded with photographs of shawls, scarves, and everything else Hermès.

Hermes Trio with Kelly Bag

We don’t want to leave Hermès without a reveal or two, of course, and we found even more vintage to share with you. Katillathehun was thrilled with her vintage classic Kelly, which is now off for refurbishing (though we thought it looked amazing right out of the box). We can’t wait to see more of this splendid bag! Aurelia24′s vintage Mini Kelly is not to be missed – we cannot imagine a more charming pop of color for the fall.

Before you leave Hermès, be sure to check out the Non-Hermès Indulgences thread. There’s always something wonderful to see there, like aerinha’s new shoes!

Well, Roundup fans, with that we end this exciting week on PurseBlog and PurseForum. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us – we certainly appreciate each and every one of you and absolutely love your comments, photographs and conversations. Happy Friday, and remember National Handbag Day will be here again before you know it!

Happy October! Welcome to our first PurseForum Roundup of the month. Fall is in the air (at least in some place, if not necessarily in New York), and pumpkins are showing up here and there, so it must be time for coats, boots and scarves. And, of course, purses. We have been shopping for bargains, eating well and watching some great reveals this week, so come on in and join us! (more…)

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