How best to wrap up February? This is our last PurseForum Roundup of the month, and we wanted to go out in style. We paid a visit to Fendi, dropped into the Wardrobe to see what is new and found some truly incredible purchases in Chanel. Come on along, spring has sprung on the PurseForum! (more…)

Another Friday has arrived, and of course that means another PurseForum Roundup. We found a different kind of bling this week in the Jewelry Box, and also dropped into Kate Spade and Coach. We have some lovely bags to share from Louis Vuitton, too. Come on in and enjoy the week’s conversations and reveals with us! (more…)

It’s Friday, PurseForum Roundup readers, and once again we are looking at some serious weather for lots of you. This week, we want to keep it light and sunny, so we searched out some pretty bags, of course, and so much more. We also have a special Valentine’s Day treat from our Coach members, so join us! (more…)

Well, that was fast! Another Friday is upon us, and on top of that, it’s already February. We know many of you are still grappling with fierce winter weather, and we hope you are all safe and coping with this season’s challenges. We have some nice handbags and more to take your mind off the weeks travails in this week’s edition of the PurseForum Roundup, so let’s get to it! (more…)

It’s Fabulous Friday, everyone! Many of us have had weather challenges this week, and we hope you all wrapped things up safely and can enjoy a weekend at home, perhaps visiting the PurseForum! To help you find your way, we have selected some gems from this week’s conversations to get you started with the PurseForum Roundup. Thanks for joining us! (more…)

Happiest of Fridays, purse lovers! We hope you had a great week, and are ready to see what we have lined up in this week’s PurseForum Roundup. Of course we found some bags to share, and we have lots more in store for you, so come on in! (more…)

Welcome to the middle of January, PurseForum Roundup readers! A nasty flu kept us offline last week, but we’re gong to make up for lost time this week. Of course we visited the Kitchen, because it’s food season, and some incredible bags popped up this week; we can’t wait to share them with you! (more…)

Happy New Year! It’s 2014, and we welcome all of you to our first PurseForum Roundup of the New Year. The holidays have drawn to a close, and we spent the afternoon looking in on our PurseForum members to see what they have been up to this week. We found some resolutions, and of course some reveals, too! (more…)

It’s here. Our last PurseForum Roundup of 2013! We want to thank all of you for visiting us each week, and for your lovely comments and notes. This week, we found some amazing Christmas gift reveals all across the PurseForum, so without delay, here we go with a picture-heavy Roundup for your holiday pleasure! (more…)

Happy Friday! For those who celebrate Christmas, it is (unbelievably) just a few short days away! We hope you have enjoyed our many holiday shopping posts on PurseBlog this week. Over in the PurseForum, our members are shopping away and sharing reveals at fast clip. We took some time out from our own shopping to pay a visit to the Jewelry Box, took in some secondhand bargains, and enjoyed some beautiful Christmas trees.


We paid a visit to the Secondhand Bargains thread to see how our savviest shoppers are doing this holiday season. Authenticplease did quite well this week and picked up a lovely violin for her daughter! This thread is one of our favorites – as Roundup Readers know – because where else can you find amazing bargains like this piece from Zac Posen, a vintage Fiestaware sugarbowl with a happy surprise, gorgeous Chloe boots and so much more! Be sure to check out the Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx and Marshall’s threads for more great bargains, too.

Dog Bone Necklace

In the Jewelry Box, we are looking forward to seeing more contributions in the Symbolic Jewelry thread, whether the evil eye, Celtic cross, or these charming bangles from Trinidad that slowlikehoney shared with us. We also found a lovely and touching thread from darkangel07760, who found a perfect way to honor two very special friends. Oh, and be sure to visit the Insane Wish List thread for some seriously amazing bling. December has been a busy month on the love front, so we took a moment to see the new engagement rings in the Engagement Rings Thread, which was a truly delightful stop on our romp through the PurseForum. Jewelry lovers will find plenty to see in the Jewelry Box, from reveals to informative reference threads!

Proenza Schouler PS1

Lots of reveals made the first page of Proenza Schouler this week, including this spectacular PS1 in Peacock from CourtneyMc22. Vincent ko purchased his very first Proenza Schouler bag this week, and this pony hair classic looks to be a perfect fit! We found plenty of stylish gentlemen sporting their PS bags in the Boys Thread, so if you are a looking for the perfect man bag for yourself or for a man in your life, drop in here. We also found an absolutely fabulous triple reveal from k5ml3k, who jumped into the brand in fine style with three colorful PS1s. By the way, if you haven’t discovered the newest PS1, be sure to stop by this thread dedicated to this new, fun little bag.

Louis Vuitton Anthea Hobo

We certainly found lots to see this week in Louis Vuitton, one of our busiest subforums. MDNA celebrated her birthday with this luscious bag, and cyndyinphylly’s cheerful birthday key case arrived just in time for her special day, too! Have you seen the new Spirit Nano bracelet? FacundaRhose sure has, and shared hers with us here. We love this accessory! This shimmering Rossmore Noir wallet from MrSchmidtsWife is the perfect holiday accessory, as is MommieLovesLV’s new bag.

There are plenty of reveals in the December purchases thread, which is brimming with bags and accessories. Right at press time, we found a stunning addition to klatt’s collection. Be sure to make Louis Vuitton your fashion destination this weekend!

Christmas Tree

We ended our Roundup with another visit to the PurseForum Christmas Tree thread. We were especially enchanted with jinsun’s homemade tree. We love this thread – a peek into the living rooms of our members is always fun, particularly during the special occasions of life. In The Kitchen, we are learning about some of the Christmas dinners our members are planning, and hope to see more menus in the coming days, and we may add one of our own, namely this Cranberry Christmas Cake recipe, too!

We wish all of our members a joyous holiday season ahead, and a very Merry Christmas to all who will be opening presents under their trees next week.

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