Before Vlad and I headed to NYC to find an apartment, I told everyone on Twitter that if we found a place I was going to reward myself with a new bag. I had decided it would either be a Balenciaga bag or Proenza Schouler bag. Well, hello! What was I thinking? A move to NYC is very expensive, especially when it comes down to all of the fees. So I left bag-less but with a great apartment, which was obviously the way to go.

To be completely honest, I desperately want both the PS1 and a Balenciaga City. So it was probably better not to over tempt myself. Speaking of tempting, here is the Proenza Schouler PS1 in olive green.

Military green is making a huge statement. The color is always soothing to be, the perfect pairing of green with hues of brown that gives it a very wearable coloring. The PS1 bag itself is already a little rugged chic, so olive green is a match made in heaven with this bag. Buy via Net A Porter for $1,995.

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  • Livia

    Congrats on the apartment!
    But you really should get yourself that Balenciaga bag soon ;)

  • michelle ( another one)

    I say flip a coin.

  • veveee

    I fell in love with this bag the minute I saw it!! :)

  • Jen

    Well, really the big question is if you found an apartment that will fit all of your bags! :-)

    • We found an apartment, but I don’t think it will fit all of my bags! I am seriously bummed about that part, but love the place!!

  • Claire

    I love that color! Swoon!

  • Mary

    Congrats on the apartment! Where is it located?!

    • Fifth Ave south by the Empire State Building!

      • Ari

        Alot of bag snatching in that area.

      • Mary

        Yay! I’m so happy for you guys!

        P.S. You should post pictures as part of a Shutterbags?! I love your photography!

  • Jessica

    I am loving the military trend this year! With all the skinny cargo’s and the nice colors! I wanted this bag before, but now it is at the top of my wishlist in this color!!!!!

  • mochababe73

    If you are going to get the Proenza Schouler, I wouldn’t get it in a trendy color. You don’t want to look dated.
    Personally, I would get the Balenciaga. I am still not a fan of the PS1, and I still don’t understand the lust for it.

  • julie

    I love e PS1! where can i find e medium brown leather??

  • angela

    Wow, Megs I would love to have your problem =)

  • Nicole


  • louch

    I AM OVER THIS BAG. I SO DON’T LIKE IT OR GET IT! (Sorry for shouting!)

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I love the PS1…have it in 2 colors…love the leather…this color is subtle but I’d probably never choose it.

  • fountain

    I tried this PS1 in military green at Barney’s, and it was more than gorgeous. Personally I would get this one rather than Balenciaga city.

  • babe

    …what color and hardware combination of the Balenciaga City is on top of your wishlist right now???

  • meme

    Lovely! I wish the price would come down to something more reasonable.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Megs how could you say “So I left bag-less” ! Something you will never and should never experience!
    Congratulations on the move. Excitement plus I am sure.

  • !!!

    this is frickin’ gorgeous. why do i love green bags so much? honestly, i want a ps1 in medium brown, but this is so tempting. i already have a nice green bag though, oh well, i’ll dream on!


    loveeeeeeeeeee the PS1 esp in that colour!

  • Bagolicious

    I looked at the PS1 several times, over this years, but just wasn’t totally satisfied with what I saw although I love the “satchel” style. Then I got lucky a couple weeks ago, on, when the Carla Mancini (Made in USA) satchel popped up and for $212. (down from well over $500). It looks very similar to the PS1. I took a leap and purchased it and it just arrived about an hour ago and I absolutely love it. The leather is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier.

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