Proenza Schouler Spring 2013 (7)

As we mentioned last week, Proenza Schouler tends to put its most directional accessories on the runway instead of the bags and leather goods that actually fly off of store shelves. That’s the case for most designers, but Proenza is particularly notable because there’s such a wide gulf between the runway bags and the rest of the line; you needn’t look further than Proenza Schouler Spring 2013 for proof.

In addition to the new Proenza Schouler Record Bag, the collection’s runway accessories included several very interesting patchwork purses with futuristic pieced hardware. In fact, “patchwork” hardly seems appropriate for a look that was a lot less hippie-dippy and a lot more postmodern than the term usually implies. Will those bags be a retail success? Likely not, but the Record Bags might do well, and you can expect to see notes of all these looks on PS1s and PS11s (and PS13s, if we ever get to see them) to come. Check out the full collection after the jump.

[Images via The Cut]

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  • anorthwind

    This new design looks like it could have sex with itself in some iterations but I am so glad they are finally getting away from the awful school bag with fangs!

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