Right now there are a few things I know for certain: 1) Vlad and I just spent a week in the middle of nowhere Ohio for a family reunion with zero internet access. It was both delightful and frightful, 2) I am still obsessed with the Proenza Schouler PS1, and 3) Amanda is going to be really mad to see this post with an Ohio State logo.

You see, Amanda and I are always going back and forth about college football teams. She is an alumnus of THE University of Georgia while Vlad and I are alumni of THE Ohio State University. And we all love college football. A lot. Which brings me to this post. Right when I saw Net-A-Porter stock scarlet and grey colors of Proenza Schouler bags I jumped for joy. Why thank you NAP for not only knowing my college colors but also putting them on your site together on the same day! I appreciate it greatly.

I can’t even say much else about these Proenza Schouler PS1 bags other than I love them. The medium sized raspberry leather version is really a deep and sultry red, doesn’t look nearly as bright or light as a raspberry (I’d label it more of a wine color). The light grey large suede satchel is a nice light neutral. The bag itself truly does not even need much more dissecting from me. I have covered it and talked about it countless times. Buy Proenza Schouler bags via Net A Porter.

I must end this post with Go Bucks! What are your Alma mater colors?

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  • UGA gets a ‘the’ too! DON’T WORRY, I FIXED IT.

  • Valentina

    Gosh, in Scarlet is so f23$% gorgeous.

  • elfgirl

    I put the raspberry on my NAP wish list the day it showed up on the site (and promptly sold out). I love it, even though it’s more of a Bama red than a UGA red. Maybe I can get my Bama fan in-laws to get me one for my birthday?

    • Yeah, it’s not UGA red at all. Definitely more of a Bama color, although it does fit with Ohio State’s colors too. UGA is a true red, which is hard to find in a leather bag (trust me, I’ve done plenty of looking). Not that I would turn down this scarlet, because I definitely wouldn’t.

      • elfgirl

        My solution to the “red problem” when it came to my car was to just buy one in all black (with a “blackout” black and silver license plate frame, natch). And, yeah, not going to say no to this bag. I just have to keep my MIL from trying to borrow it for football season. ;)

      • I solved that problem by getting silver, and I have a red and black license plate on the front and a red alumni sticker on my back window. Also, during the season, I have red and black car flags. I think that silver and black both provide a nice backdrop for Georgia paraphernalia. During football season, it always surprises me how many people bring trucks for tailgating that are the PERFECT shade of Georgia red.

  • Kimberley

    Grey suede is beautiful. PS can do no wrong!

  • lina


  • J

    A PS1 in any colour would be gorgeous!

    Haha, on a nerdier note, Megs, I think you’ve got the alumnus and alumni, singular and plural mixed around!

    You guys do a great job on PurseBlog! :)

    • I TOTALLY did. Fixed it! That makes sense, but when I was writing it I just went with ‘s’ being plural. I’m a bit off of my game! Thanks :)

  • Cate

    Well, it’s a toss-up for me with my school colors: do I go with blue and white (undergrad) or green and white (grad)? Maybe I’ll ditch both and go with that red one, because it is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kells

    So gorgeous! My Alma mater’s colors are Black and Old Gold…which Megs should be familiar with…Boiler Up! The PS1 has been done in black, obvi, but I think I would fall out of my chair if they did an Old Gold color.

  • ela

    scarlet is sexy. i so love the bag. and it’s sold out at net a porter. woe

  • Jen

    Oh lord, what is up with you Buckeyes? My husband is from Columbus, and the number of red cars, red jackets, red everything is just frightening. Although I do have to admit that I like those little peanut butter chocolate buckeye candies. Yummy. I swear, Megs, if you buy the PS1 in scarlet and stitch the OSU logo on the front, I’m going to have to stop visiting this blog. ;)

    • Ohio State fans are kinda nuts, right?!!!

  • Loquita

    Red is my favorite color for bags, so naturally I think that PS1 is SICK!!! Love it!!!

    That said, I have to say ****GO BLUE****!!!!!

    (I have to stand up for my fellow Michigan alums around here).

    Too bad I don’t like blue bags. Or yellow ones. Sigh…

  • mycoach

    A week later is my girl friend’s brithday, i want to buy a coach bag for her.Here i have two choice and have no idea which one to choose.
    Can you give me some suggestions.
    Thank you and have a nice day.


  • sophia

    good bag

  • PhotoGirl

    Oh, dear. Everybody knows those bags should be maize and blue.


    • Loquita

      You are a wise woman indeed.

  • runner22

    This is such a beautiful bag! If only it was in my price range. ;)

    Black and gold baby! Go Hawks!

  • Chase313

    Loving the bag..I think I would look better in GREEN and WHITE..Go Michigan!!


    • Sam

      Those are Michigan State colors…I think you mean maize and blue!

  • angi

    i love it so much,,,

  • PunkinElf

    Late to the party, but I do love the raspberry! Probably just a dream now

  • Whitney

    I don’t trust girls who are into college football. I actually don’t trust girls who are into football. Grosse. However the PS1 is a great casual bag.

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