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Yesterday and early this morning we brought you some of the world’s most extravagant handbags. Some are drop dead gorgeous while others make you wonder why you would spend one cent on them. The information came from an amazing article written in Forbes magazine and online by Hitha Prabhakar. I had the pleasure of speaking with Hitha and sharing some of my thoughts for the article. Thanks to Hitha and Forbes! Read the full article after seeing the quoted part below!

World’s Most Extravagant Handbags
Hitha Prabhakar

Not to be outdone, Louis Vuitton had fashionistas scrambling recently for the $42,000 Tribute Patchwork handbag introduced on the runway last fall. Dubbed “the most expensive handbag ever” by industry experts and media outlets, the four available this year in U.S. stores sold out, but 20 can be found in Louis Vuitton boutiques throughout Europe and Asia.

“If something is hard to find or impossible to get, it makes it more valuable,”
says Meaghan Mahoney, editor of, an online community devoted to handbags. “In addition to paying the high price, you are also getting something that no one else will have.”
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That’s true for the Tribute. “It may not be most attractive bag,” Mahoney continues. “It’s made of 15 different patterns of Vuitton handbags all sewn together. But only 24 of them exist.” Translation? It’s unsightly, but prized.

Despite media claims that the Tribute is the costliest handbag on the market, we found several much more expensive. Adding to the princely price tags? Diamonds and rare animal skin.

Read the full article after the jump!

Hermes Birkin in Croc Porosus Lisse

In the race for Forbes’ Most Extravagant Handbags, it comes to be no surprise that Hermes takes the cake. The Hermes Birkin in Croc Porosus Lisse is no boring ‘ole standard issue 35cm Birkin, but made on special order only. The limited bag is set with over 10 carats of shiny diamonds, and with a price tag of nearly $150,000 I am quite confident that the number of orders on this beauty are quite limited as well.

Many thanks to Hitha Prabhakar, Megs was very excited to be interviewed by Forbes for the article! Read the full story here.

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Recently there was a great article in Forbes about the World’s Most Extravagant Handbags. Yours truly was interviewed for the article and is quoted in it. I will post the article later, but will be taking you through some the most extravagant handbags according to Forbes today. At the end of the day, I will post the whole article for you to read and enjoy!

Thanks to Hitha Prabhakar for the great interview! :smile:

Listed in great company, we were covered on a story that introduced many to the Fashion Blog Stars. We feel lucky to be considered one of the best, and we hope to keep up our reputation!

Here is the excerpt about our site:

Given the importance of the handbag in the life of contemporary woman, it’s fitting that there are a number of blogs dedicated to paying tribute to this vital accessory.

These two are possibly the best, each wielding an inordinate amount of power when it comes to predicting – and promoting – the ‘it-bag’ of the season. Boasting millions of visitors each month, these are the sites that are attracting a lot of advertising from bag e-tailers, keen to tap into their obsessive users and their seemingless bottomless wallets.

Sometimes gushing (“Miu Miu does it again, tickling us silly with another adorable bag! Ok, the bows might be a little cutesy but if you’re a sophisticated girly girl, this bag was made for you because you know you can pull this off with a sleek and flirty outfit.”) and sometimes downright damning (“;look at these pockets hanging off the bag, do they not remind you of fat bloated cow tongues dangling at the butcher? Or perhaps the designers at Bulga have serious issues with saggy breasts.

We said we liked functional outer pockets on a bag but that doesn’t mean we want half a dozen pockets that are a.) not cute and b.) not useful”) these self-appointed critics can make or break a bag – and possibly the brand behind it.

Read the rest at Daily Mail

I don’t even know where to start. We are both extremely honored, excited and ecstatic to having been chosen on as the featured RSS content feed for Yahoo’s incredible newsfeed aggregator. It took me a little to realize where the vast surge of traffic came from….. just wow.

Thanks to the good folks at Yahoo! and all the people who like what we do and support us by visiting us daily. You guys rock and we promise we will continue to rock your world, too!

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