glam network awards 2008

Thanks to all of you who voted, for the second consecutive year Purse Blog won the Glam Network Awards for Best in Fashion! We were in a field of about 30 other websites in the Glam network, so this really is a great honor. Thank you again to all who voted. We will continue to bring you the latest and the greatest in the handbag world.

nico handbags of lipstick jungle

Nico pairs her signature form fitting jackets with a variety of eye-catching handbags, including the funky Kotur Fane Hitchcock Clutch, Kara Ross Python Bag, Cavalli Leopard Shopper, and her Domenico Vacca Alligator Bag. Her use of eye-catching handbags coincides with her desire to add something to her blasé life.

I was approached to be a guest writer on SeenOn!, covering a piece of the handbags on the ladies of Lipstick Jungle.

online shopping As our website and forum continue to grow (and become one of the most active forums on the web!), we are receiving more recognition in the international press. Lara Mai Landa wrote a piece for Elle Canada titled Online Shopping Guide which covers some of the great online boutiques and our website and forum.

Thank you to Lara for putting the piece together and for all of you, our members and readers, for making our site what it is today!

Recently, Vlad was interviewed by USA Today about our take on the designer handbag rental websites. While the idea seems great, it is something we realize that does not appeal to our readers and our members. The fact of the matter is, handbag aficionados want to own their bags first and have them as part of a growing collection. Thank you again to Maria for the interview!

hermes kelly girls While our site reads “Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged“, there is so much more to the people of Purse Blog and Purse Forum. Boasting over 68,000 registered members, The Purse Forum is one of the fastest growing and most active communities on the web. Nestled in the vast forum are sub-forums upon sub-forums of members. These members have congregated because of their passion for handbags yet in the end have formed much more.

louis vuitton tribute patchwork bag Believe it or not, one of the ultra-exclusive Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bags is making its way into the nation’s capital. A super elite LV customer has ordered the $52,500 which is set to appear later this season. Ylan Q. Mui of the Washington Post interviewed me for her article, Exclusive Status: It’s in The Bag. Read the article below, and thanks again to Ylan!

chanel diamond forever classic bag
Image via Forbes

Big news in the handbag world. Chanel has announced the newest limited edition and highly coveted handbag. With only 13 available worldwide, this handbag sits upon the accessory throne as one of the most expensive luxury handbags in the world. The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag will debut in December adorned with 3.56 carats made up of 334 diamonds, 18 carat white gold hardware, and white alligator skin.

Image via Conde Nast Portfolio

Recently I was interviewed by the lovely Megan Angelo at Conde Nast Portfolio. She put together an amazing and information filled article on the new luxury fakes in the designer market. It is an interesting read and there are great quizzes to test your knowledge of fakes on the right hand side of the page.


This past Friday Vlad and I were invited to attend an ultra posh party at the glamorous Sagamore Hotel in South Beach, Florida on behalf of Glam. Not sure what to expect, but knowing we had to look South Beach ravishing, Vlad was dressed head to toe in Theory along with Tod’s shoes while I (snuggly) pulled off a stunning David Meister dress.

Yesterday and early this morning we brought you some of the world’s most extravagant handbags. Some are drop dead gorgeous while others make you wonder why you would spend one cent on them. The information came from an amazing article written in Forbes magazine and online by Hitha Prabhakar. I had the pleasure of speaking with Hitha and sharing some of my thoughts for the article.

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