Taylor Swift Prada Executive Tote

Our by-the-minute Taylor Swift bag coverage continues this week (of course). If you haven’t been following along, Taylor is now shamelessly baiting New York paps on a daily basis with great bags, shoes and clothes. (OR, she’s just trying to live her life as stylishly as possible, and an army of paps just happen to be following along.) If you know anything about pap life, you probably know that shots of celebs with nice bags or otherwise recognizable clothing sell well, for reasons you can probably guess. Here’s Taylor once again, walking toward or away from activities of an indeterminate nature in New York City, carrying a Prada Executive Tote, which is available in a similar color at Bergdorf Goodman for $2,430.

It seems that everyone’s favorite teen pop-country sensation has finally decided to abandon the whimsical braids and sundresses of yesteryear and embrace garments and accessories with a little more structure and integrity (and much, much higher price tags). We’ve long speculated that Taylor wanted to avoid flaunting high-end products because of her very young fans (unlike her contemporaries Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez), but now it seems all bets are off. There’s a follow-up post to “The Many Bags of Taylor Swift” coming down the pipeline in the very near future, PB readers, but while we all await it with bated breath, tell us: what do you think of Taylor’s style transformation?

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  • Cbl

    Oh no there’s her limp dick arm again. Can’t she carry her bag any other way?!!

    • R

      Classy comment.

    • ottercat

      I like this comment.

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      Ok, this made me laugh. WHY DOES SHE CARRY HER BAG LIKE THAT?

    • Jennifer

      I laughed harder than i should have.

    • Trish

      Uh … I carry my bags like that. Also, her arm is actually opp of limp dick, btw. That’s how everybody carries a non-shoulder, non-crossbody bag. It’s more practical than bending full on at the elbow because it takes less effort and it’s more practical than holding it with your hand because well, now you have a free hand. As Taylor would say, ‘Why you gotta be so .. mean?’

    • lindaro0


  • ottercat

    Ya know those people that dress up in costumes and carry signs advertising cell phones, restaurants, pawn shops, apartment rentals. Yeah, this is the celebrity equivalent. Or, is it “I’ll ho myself out for clothes”?

  • Marnie

    I don’t like her style, although this is already better than her way too girly outifits. Her style is just save and boring. And also it seems as if she overthinks everything, she goes out like this so paps can take photos. It’s just a scream for attention really lol

  • PJGambler

    The color of the bag doesn’t look good with black ‘n white-otherwise I think she looks fine

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