Prada Lux Calf Medium Flap Satchel Bag Yellow
  • Zameerah

    No, thank you!

  • Khaya

    Wayyyy overpriced for the simplistic design and materials. I’ll pass on this collection.

    • laura


    • splattershare

      Yeah! I just don’t understand how this price point is justifiable. What about this purse makes it $4 grand?

  • Jimmy Lin

    nothing impress at all …

  • EGlez ?

    Well maybe if they were priced in the 1500-3000k range they’d be more attractive, but at this price point… they are very underwhelming…

  • Newyorking

    Yes way overpriced. In general I find Prada overpriced. I saw a gorgeous wallet that was perfectly priced but it was the only one in its color in the only store and got sold out. Instead Prada brings out such crappy bags – why not focus on the real gorgeous stuff and produce more of those? The two Prada wallets I have LOVED have never been in stock, while they have ample stock of the crappy overpriced bags. Although I did give in and bought the Double Bag, even though it is ridiculously over-priced only because my color of choice was getting sold out.

  • klynneann

    I read the comments first and thought, how overpriced can they be? But yeah – I think the flap satchels are beautiful, especially the yellow one, but I won’t be making a purchase at this price point.

  • ami

    I’m shocked with the price points!

  • abigail

    Boring with a capital B

  • Ebun

    As many have mentioned before me – what’s up with the prices?! The price hike they had over summer turned me off a little but this has changed that completely. For those prices, might as well buy Celine. Def will not be purchasing.

  • louch

    Maybe following LV’s strategy of trying to be more exclusive?? I suspect Prada doesn’t want to be seen as the “poor cousin” of LV.

  • Atika NoorMuhammad

    Way overpriced! Coach has better priced and similar options.

  • Anjum Hameed

    Not appealing at all..disappointed

  • PhillipCBaum

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  • dan

    6 years ago I was able to afford a Prada bag without thinking twice about it. I love their quality and still cherish the bags I bought plus one wallet 9also excellent quality). Nowadays, with my paycheck still (almost) there, where it was 6 years ago, but bag prices increasing every year, I don’t even think about buying Prada. I guess their top-customers can keep them in business, while normal folks like me drop out of the luxury market