Prada Lux Calf Medium Flap Satchel Bag Yellow

In spite of the fact that I’m generally willing to give Miuccia Prada the benefit of the doubt on almost anything (those ill-advised, open-toe Miu Miu cowboy boots from a couple of seasons ago are a notable exception), I wasn’t really feeling most of Prada’s Fall 2014 runway bags. Most of them were decked with huge, ungainly chains and little else, and many of you were similarly unsure whether they’d translate well to retail. Good news: they have!

Pre-orders for Prada’s fall runway bags are now up at Bergdorf Goodman (as well as for a whole load of non-runway options), and the results are mostly quite good. There are far fewer chains, and the bags that have had them eliminated entirely fare the best, especially the elegant top handles. If you still want a chain in your life, there are some smaller, mostly metallic options that meet your needs, but they’re not the highlight here. Check out a selection of the bags below and shop the full selection via Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • Zameerah

    No, thank you!

  • Khaya

    Wayyyy overpriced for the simplistic design and materials. I’ll pass on this collection.

    • laura


    • splattershare

      Yeah! I just don’t understand how this price point is justifiable. What about this purse makes it $4 grand?

  • Jimmy Lin

    nothing impress at all …

  • EGlez ?

    Well maybe if they were priced in the 1500-3000k range they’d be more attractive, but at this price point… they are very underwhelming…

  • Newyorking

    Yes way overpriced. In general I find Prada overpriced. I saw a gorgeous wallet that was perfectly priced but it was the only one in its color in the only store and got sold out. Instead Prada brings out such crappy bags – why not focus on the real gorgeous stuff and produce more of those? The two Prada wallets I have LOVED have never been in stock, while they have ample stock of the crappy overpriced bags. Although I did give in and bought the Double Bag, even though it is ridiculously over-priced only because my color of choice was getting sold out.

  • klynneann

    I read the comments first and thought, how overpriced can they be? But yeah – I think the flap satchels are beautiful, especially the yellow one, but I won’t be making a purchase at this price point.

  • ami

    I’m shocked with the price points!

  • abigail

    Boring with a capital B

  • Ebun

    As many have mentioned before me – what’s up with the prices?! The price hike they had over summer turned me off a little but this has changed that completely. For those prices, might as well buy Celine. Def will not be purchasing.

  • louch

    Maybe following LV’s strategy of trying to be more exclusive?? I suspect Prada doesn’t want to be seen as the “poor cousin” of LV.

  • Atika NoorMuhammad

    Way overpriced! Coach has better priced and similar options.

  • Anjum Hameed

    Not appealing at all..disappointed

  • PhillipCBaum

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  • dan

    6 years ago I was able to afford a Prada bag without thinking twice about it. I love their quality and still cherish the bags I bought plus one wallet 9also excellent quality). Nowadays, with my paycheck still (almost) there, where it was 6 years ago, but bag prices increasing every year, I don’t even think about buying Prada. I guess their top-customers can keep them in business, while normal folks like me drop out of the luxury market

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