Prada Spring 2013

Perhaps this is stating the obvious when speaking of anything wrought by Miuccia Prada, but Prada Spring 2013 was pretty weird. The clothes were a late 60s-Japense geisha mashup that often worked quite well, but hardly anyone who watched the livestream even noticed them, distracted instead by what appeared to be (and actually were, it was confirmed later) leather toe socks paired with almost every footwear look. (And truthfully, the shoes would have been controversial even without the weird leather liners.) Surprisingly, the bags were mostly very conventional and quite pretty.

The standouts included a set of small, ladylike evening bags with delicate chains and the same enamel-and-rhinestone embellishments that constitute a great portion of Prada’s recent costume jewelry line. They’re the kind of bags that women in the 60s carried to chic parties, but with that signature irreverent Prada twist – a cartoon fur flower here, an aggressive rhinestone there. The collection also contained a few interesting totes with interior structure that created a hobo strap, but this time, small and sparkly stole the show. Check out the full gallery of runway shots after the jump.

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  • Grace

    I usually love Prada, but I’m not liking this. Weird in a bad way, and even a bit boring (even the red croc bowler cannot exite met). I’ll pass on this one Miuccia!

  • LaDon

    love, love Prada!! so i’m going to say i believe some of these bags (the ‘satiny’ ones) were made to be handed out as ‘shopping bags’ when you visit their store..kinda like ‘instore totes’.. but you still got to check em at the door!

  • Tara’ Art

    Very nice!

  • Lee

    I want to purchase a prada bag for my wife how to choose for her , she is a housewife and she like something like shopping bag?

  • Laura

    i’m not so sure i like this season :(

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