Prada Nappa Gaufre Convertible Handbag

When riding a beautiful clean high wave, keep on riding. Prada has the right idea to keep pushing more colors, versions, leathers, and materials of their hit Prada Gaufre. Next on the block is the Prada Nappa Gaufre Convertible Handbag. This stunning off-white (also available in black) handbag is designed with ruched nappa leather in a beautiful curved top shape. There is the infamous and perfectly usable detachable body strap and ID tag. Keep riding this wave Prada, because you keep having more ‘surfers’ join the Prada Gaufre craze. Through Saks for $2620.

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  • misselvee

    hi! would like to know whether is selling authentic handbags. thanks@

  • joanna dominguez

    Wow, that prada bag is so sexy I wish i could get one i am just not sure about reputable sites that sell them i was considering here, prada purses but not sure if its reputable,

    Beautiful bag though, keep them coming! :mrgreen:

  • L

    Prada purses states that their site sells replicas. Just so you know!!

  • Naggy

    Yuck, this is just bad. (ipad)

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