Apparently I am stuck on stocking stuffers. The reason for this could very well be that I do not have a stocking or anything to stuff it with prepared for Vlad yet. Do I go cute, do I go cool, do I go traditional, do I think out of the box? Part of my problem for finding him a stocking stuffer is I keep finding stocking stuffers for myself. I hate how I end up in the women’s section of every website rather than the men’s. Planned, nah, not me! I now found another stocking stuffer that could replace the orange that I typically got and never ate. The Prada Key Ring Pouch is small, cute, and made with silver leather and a key ring. Dimensions are 4½”W X 3″H. Buy through Saks for $195.

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  • Amanda R

    Very cute!

    I also have the same problem as you – the women’s stuff is just too cute and fun! Guy stuff is boring!!

  • Rosie Thomas

    It’s the idea key ring for me to have so I want need a Purse some time and it’s “Gorgeous”

  • Jamie

    LOL, the orange….

  • Pippi

    I’d love to have that stuffed in my stocking!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Otter

    Just too cute! I will have to buy for myself because nobody in my family would spend this much on a key chain. They just don’t understand!

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