Here’s Dorothy Hamill (yes, the 1976 Olympic champ), heading into a Dancing with the Stars after-party in LA with her Prada Saffiano Lux Tote. She withdrew herself from the competition early on in the season because of an injury, but apparently self-elimination doesn’t keep you off the after-party guest list. You can buy the Saffiano in a wide range of colors for $1730 at Neiman Marcus.

We’ve been enamoured with the minimalistic, classically styled Prada Saffiano Lux Tote in its many variations for quite some time – the Prada Printed Saffiano Tote from Spring 2010 is Amanda’s “one that got away”. Are you lucky enough to have a Prada tote in your possession, and if so, do you consider it money well spent?

Dorothy Hamill carries a white Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote to an after-party for "Dancing with the Stars" (1) Dorothy Hamill carries a white Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote to an after-party for "Dancing with the Stars" (2) Dorothy Hamill carries a white Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote to an after-party for "Dancing with the Stars" (3) Dorothy Hamill carries a white Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote to an after-party for "Dancing with the Stars" (4)

My feelings about any Prada collection are complicated. I know that I’ll love what Miuccia Prada sends down the runway, with few exceptions, but I also know that the bags are almost sure to underwhelm me. (Again, with few exceptions.) That was exactly the case with Prada Fall 2013 – both the clothes and the feel of the show were exceptional; a bravura performance from one of the generation’s great masters, doing what she does best. For the bags, my praise is somewhat tempered.

It’s not that they were bad, it’s just that I wanted more from them. The runway featured only two shapes: a simply, generously sized day clutch the likes of which fashion people adore, and an oversized carryall with frustratingly lowered handle attachments. This season’s Prada girl had shades of a Hitchcock heroine in peril, so the need to beat a hasty exist with the essentials in tow made sense. What still seems unnecessary, though, are those aforementioned handles; placing the attachment so low on the bag recalls the plasticized, long-handled weekenders of big box discount stores, which cheapens the look a bit. With pieces finished in custom tweeds and crocodile, that simply shouldn’t happen.

[Photos via Vogue]

Here’s How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan headed to a party with her fam in Venice Beach. Alyson’s carrying the Prada Madras Woven Leather Top Handle Satchel, available at Neiman Marcus for $2,895. Even though this particular satchel is from Prada’s Fall 2011 collection, I still find it has a definite resort/beach bag vibe. Is it just me?

I love Alyson’s casual party get-up in this pic. An auburn floral dress, black knee-high boots, tights and a red and black Prada bag…it’s a little 90′s chic, no? I’ve always found Alyson uber relatable – she’s a little quirky, she never wears anything too fussy and she doesn’t seem like the type of gal who enjoys sitting in a chair for eight hours getting primped and styled within an inch of her life. (Of course, I wouldn’t have pegged her as a Prada girl either, so I could be wrong.)

Anyone who collects anything knows what it feels like to let a particularly wonderful piece slip through his or her fingers and regret it for years afterward; no matter if the objects of your affection are coins or stamps or handbags, the thoughts of what could have been are, to put it bluntly, a major bummer. Whether you consider yourself a handbag collector or just a handbag lover, you’ve likely experienced similar pangs of regret over losing something you never really had in the first place. Friends, I know your pain.

I have plenty of bags on my list of ones that got away, and almost all of them are seasonal printed pieces that won’t ever be made again. There’s Marc Jacobs from 2008, Givenchy from last year and a Fendi bag that has yet to arrive in stores that I already know I won’t buy and will likely search for on eBay for years to come, but above them all, there’s the Prada Printed Saffiano Tote, which hit stores in Spring 2010.

Three years later, I’m still not sure why I adore this bag so much. The pattern is beautiful, yes, but it’s also not at all something I would normally consider wearing. I’m not a girly dresser, and my favorite prints tend to be of the digital, moody or industrial varieties. Prada produced this line of bags from feminine archival scarf prints, and somehow, my favorite of them all has baby blue and dove grey flowers on it. The design is certainly lighting up some sort of pleasure center in my brain, though, because I’m still thinking of and searching for the bag three years and a zillion designs later. I even remember the first time I saw it in person – at Saks in Atlanta – and I was hooked. I still am.

The most recent appearance this bag’s made on the Internet was on BlueFly, quite a while ago, and it’s long since sold out. eBay returns no results, and neither do online designer discounters. I’ll keep my eBay alert going, though, because you never know when someone’s going to clean out her closet and put my own personal white whale up for auction.

What’s your all-time One That Got Away? If you could go back in time and snatch up one piece, what would it be?

Prada’s new collections are always among the first to arrive at online retailers for pre-order. The schedule has become so consistent that to me, the sight of saffiano leather and lean, structured totes feels similar to seeing that first red-breasted robin of spring, only more expensive. The non-runway bags from Prada Spring 2013 arrived at Neiman Marcus for presale yesterday, and I think the temperature outside automatically ticked up a few degrees. (That’s probably all in my head.)

The new bags are all very Prada, of course, but I’m struck by how many of them are also very someone else. The Promenade Satchel is better known as a Louis Vuitton Alma, the Cervo Fringe Tote looks similar to some recent Christian Louboutin ventures and the flared gussets of the Saffiano Bicolor tote are a clear nod to the trend sparked by Celine. On the bright side, the awesome Parabole Tote, which debuted for Resort 2013, is thankfully still around (and in several new colors) and the Degrade Sequin Clutch is a perfect spring wedding option. Check out the collection’s most interesting pieces below or shop the entire lineup via Neiman Marcus.

Amanda Seyfried was in London last week for the world premiere of her upcoming flick, the long-awaited movie adaptation of Les Mis. Here she is dashing out to a waiting car outside the uber-posh Claridge’s Hotel, carrying a Prada Spazzolato Top Handle Bag. Tragically, this exact bag appears to be sold out, but if you’re in love with that diamond pattern, you can pick up this similar Prada Diamond Pattern Turn Lock Tote Bag at Bluefly for $1325.

Maybe it’s all the black-on-black and Prada bags, but Amanda Seyfried is looking remarkably sophisticated these days, is she not? She seems to have just recently lost all that baby fat in her face that gave her that forever-17, jailbait-y look. Which is fitting, I guess, since her next movie to hit screens after Les Mis will most likely be Lovelace – a film about Linda Lovelace, the star of Deep Throat. They grow up so fast! (I jest of course – Seyfried and I are actually exactly the same age.)

Prada is one of my absolute favorite labels for a lot of different reasons: Miuccia lets her intellectual side shine through her clothes, the brand always feels ahead of the curve, the shoes are to-die-for good. Mostly, though, I appreciate how well the brand mines both ends of the aesthetic spectrum, from simple to ornate, and still keeps its handbag line looking unmistakably Prada. Not everyone has the wardrobe (or desire) to carry off one of Miuccia’s crazier handbag creations, but I bet everybody has a spot in her wardrobe for the Prada Saffiano Parabole Tote.

My favorite thing about this bag is that it’s just a degree or two more complicated than the brands much-loved, very minimal Saffiano Lux Totes. I appreciate minimalism, but when I’m looking to buy a bag for myself, I need a couple design details to get me excited enough to get out my credit card. This bag provides those with tonal piping along the opening and a cute little ID tag at the handle attachments. (ID tags are everywhere now, but I’m not sick of them yet.)

Those two things aren’t much, but they’re enough for me – two small, well-executed details that set this design apart from Prada’s other, similar bags. On top of that, the Saffiano leather can take a beating and still look great, and the bright red color can coordinate with more colors than you’d realize. If you’re not into brights, the bag also comes in tan and basic black. Pick one up for $1,890 via Neiman Marcus.

There are women that make us feel a tad insecure because they were born prettier than us, work out more than us, dress better than us or make more money than us – and then there’s Miranda Kerr, who does all four simultaneously with utmost finesse! Miranda was once again spotted on the streets of NYC looking ridiculously flawless, this time with the baby blue Prada Spazzolato Frame Bag in hand. (Her designer bag of choice last week was the Givenchy Antigona Satchel.) Her form-fitting frock, in case you were wondering, is Victoria Beckham.

This is usually the point where I would start to poke metaphorical holes in our featured celebrity’s picture-perfect life. “Yeah,” I’d say, in so many words, “She can get her hands on any designer bag she wants with one little phone call, but her (relevant career) choices SUCK.” It’s my way of belittling their sheer, irrefutable celebrity with my stubby little snark stick. This week however, I’m calling “Uncle”. Miranda Kerr’s been in a bazillion different international editions of Vogue, she’s married to Orlando Bloom, she has an adorable one year old, she’s soul-crushingly beautiful, and she has one of the most enviable designer wardrobes/rockin’ bods in the biz. You win Miranda Kerr. You win. I can only pray that you’re insanely boring.

If you want to get a little of the Miranda Kerr Magic for yourself, her handbag can be had for $2950 via Neiman Marcus.

Two weeks ago, we saw the debut of the Prada Spring 2013 handbag collection, where Muiccia Prada put on a handbag showcase with lots of eccentrism. You name it, it was featured on her handbags: studs, fur, and flower prints just to name a few.

So after the Fashion Week hype and with a little time to digest all of the upcoming bold, vibrant and sometimes unconventional designs, sometimes it’s nice to look back at the classics. A classic is a classic for a reason; it holds a certain charm, charisma and a timeless appeal that will always be striking. For me, nothing beats a Prada classic like the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Bag. (more…)

The old saying goes that when you’re in Rome, you should do as the Romans. Well, when you’re in Paris going to a Miu Miu show, you should probably do as the Miuccia fangirls do and get decked out in Prada, right? It seems as though that’s the line of thinking that actress and fellow Amanda Amanda Seyfried followed when getting ready to take her front-row seat at the Miu Miu Spring 2013 show (look for our coverage of the collection on Monday!) earlier this week.

Before evaluating this outfit, including Amanda’s Prada Jacquard Satchel, consider the venue. Seyfried wasn’t attending a splashy premiere or wandering down the street to get coffee; she was attending a fashion event, and I think she very much looks the part of a fashion person. The proportions of the suit are awkward, but they were designed to be awkward and challenging to the eye. If anyone (besides a model) can pull of the look, it’s a young movie star. Check out more pictures of Amanda’s Paris Fashion Week getup (plus shoe and bag close-ups!) after the jump or snap up a similar Prada bag for $1650 via Neiman Marcus. (more…)

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