Jennifer Garner carries a check-print Prada bag in LA (5)

As we’re putting together features for our much beloved “The Many Bags of…” series, the long-term bag-carrying habits of certain celebs are always brought to light. Case in point: “The Many Bags of Jennifer Garner” perfectly illustrated Jennifer Garner’s almost exclusive preference for neutrals. But, stars are human, and they’re allowed to change it up a bit every now and then. Here’s Jennifer visiting the Jimmy Kimmel show, carrying a bright aqua blue and red checkered Prada Vichy Check Bowler Bag. This bag certainly ranks as one of Jennifer’s boldest bag choices, and if you love it just as much as she does, you can currently snatch it up for $1,650 at Saks.

Also, let me just set the record straight right here: this is just an awkward angle of Jennifer in a particularly slouchy high-low sweater – JG is NOT pregnant again, I double-checked. She looks beautiful in these pics, but the slightly startling width of her sweater here made me do a double-take as well.

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  • ellavanw

    Thanks for the postscript – saved me the time of googling “Jennifer Garner pregnant” . . .

  • bananadelrey

    I love the shoes she is wearing, would anyone know where I could get them?

  • AshleyG

    She has such a sweet and fresh looking face.

  • Guest

    Is she pregnant AGAIN???

    • Guest

      Just saw your postscript. Jennifer: get thee to a bra shop. STAT!

  • Lilly

    Every time I see a picture of her, I find myself yawing. She has nos personal style at all.

  • Jane

    I can’t make it out but is that her diamond engagement ring trying to get itself into her pocket?

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