Prada Jacquard Check Small Bowler Bag

With me, Prada gets the benefit of the doubt. The brand and its designer, Miuccia Prada, have earned it – with every collection, Prada is saying something, questioning something, trying to force us to think a little bit harder about our assumptions on fashion, beauty and womanhood. I want to believe that the Prada Fall 2013 Runway Handbags are trying to send me some kind of message that I’m just not getting, but instead, I think these might be a rare true dud for Prada.

That was my instinct back when most of these bags debuted on the Fall 2013 runway in Milan, and now that they’re available for pre-order at Saks, my gut reaction hasn’t changed. These smaller versions of the runway weekender-bowler bags aren’t quite as awkwardly a-proportional as their catwalk cohorts, but the ultra-long handles culminated in too-low handle attachements still feel like a not-quite-true-to-life artist’s rendering of what a bowler bag would look like. Maybe that’s the message, though. If it is, I’m not sure I’m interested in it. If you are, check out the most important pieces from the collection after the jump or shop the full selection via Saks.

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  • Jiab

    I’m sorry but they all just look so cheap. :(

  • Rachel

    Oh myyyyyyy lol :( Have you seen the double pocket twin tote for fall too? They remind me of Celine’s phantoms/mini luggages,

  • Georgie

    I can get past the odd handle situation for the gorgeous wool bouclé – if I were in the habit of buying £1200 bags on the reg I would be so on that. I also love the clutch version. Sadly though the picnic check one does look pretty cheap.

  • laura

    They look outdated and cheap!

  • Beata Konhle

    I agree that those bags look cheap and to copy Celine is a big no no. I am excited about bags from Gucci, they are classic, well made and just a must.

  • Pandora

    I allow myself one only designer handbag purchase a year. I still haven’t found “the one” for this year as yet but I feel quite confident now that it will not be a Prada or at least anything from this collection. Very disappointing as over the years my Prada handbag purchases have outnumbered all the other designers combined.

    • shueaddict

      I am up to 2 or 3 a year – but I am still as perkickety about choosing them. I still do not own any Prada’s although the saffianos have always been on my short list. Any reccomendation?

  • Cat

    Whats wrong with PRADA!? these look cheap and fake.

  • Eve

    They look like the bowling ball bags!

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