Claire Danes carries a tan Prada bag in NYC (5)

My 90s heroine Claire Danes was recently spotted walking her adorable dog WeeGee in Soho, NYC with a Prada Saffiano Cuir Open Promenade Bag and a diaper bag of unknown origin. Her hat seems totally appropriate for the utterly dreary weather we experienced in NYC this weekend; unfortunately it didn’t help disguise her from the paps at all. Claire is a long-time Prada loyalist, she’s been wearing/carrying Prada for as long as I’ve been reading glossy fashion mags. You can pick up Claire’s luxe leather tote for $2,390 at Neiman Marcus.

Claire is, of course, extremely well known for her “ugly cry faces,” i.e. superb acting skills, but this face she’s making here seems to be here default “Oh no, paparazzi!” face – shock, mixed with slight horror, and an obvious dose of sudden self-consciousness. Such powers of expression! Sadly, as much as I loved every cry face she ever made in the 1990s, I have not yet seen a single episode of Homeland. I can only stomach so many hour-long dramas at a time.

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  • Abbi

    You HAVE to watch Homeland! She is hands down best actress in a TV show at the moment!

  • Youngonesdesign

    Diaper bag is skip hop, of course!

  • Nick

    That looks nothing like her in Homeland

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    You can’t be a Claire Danes fan and not watch Homeland. Let’s go now. Queue it up and report back to us next week.

    • anouk

      OMG!!!! Thanks to you, Jeannie!!! Since this comment, I started watching Homeland and darn, was I hooked!!!! I’ve been binge-watching as late and tonight I’ll be watching the 10th episode of Season 2. I’m soooo addicted to it that I can’t wait to see the ending. =)
      I’m not a Claire Danes fan but truth be told, she is sooooooo good in Homeland and last but not the least, Damien Lewis is HOT!!!

      • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

        Ha ha! Wonderful to hear you’ve gotten into Homeland. It’s a clever and creative show. Season 3 is airing now. In fact, I think there are two episodes left! Enjoy :)

  • Roztayger

    Claire is amazing and Homeland is an incredible, ingenious show – not to be missed !!!

  • kindled

    So much love for Claire Danes (and anyone in Stardust)

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