3.1 Phillip Lim Soleil Mini Chain Shoulder Bag

3.1 Phillip Lim bags are something of a universal language. The brand’s modern styling, sharp editing and sweet-spot price positioning between the contemporary and premiere designer markets mean that basically everyone I know in the fashion industry either already has one in her closet (I have two) or is plotting the eventual acquisition of her first. Whether you’re a fan of the OG Pashli or looking forward to getting your hands on one of the new Soleil bags, you should probably take a look at 3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2015.

A selection of the bags, shoes and clothes from the just-debuted collection are up for pre-order at Moda Operandi through June 18, and the bags offer a little bit of everything, no matter whether you want a soft, pale pink satchel or a hard-edged monochromatic shoulder bag in graphic stripes. What’s perhaps most notable is the price jump for the medium Pashli – it’s $975, while current-season Pashlis of the same size in solid colors go for $825. Whether that’s a price jump for the whole line or just in increase because of the particular leather or treatment used on this remains to be seen.

For now, take a look at some of our collection favorites below or shop the full run (plus shoes!) via Moda Operandi.

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  • http://www.casualedit.com/ bbrendato

    I love the texture and pattern on the black and white bag. Can’t wait to see them in-person once they release!

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