3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 Handbags (5)

When I say that a collection swings a little bit Prada, that’s generally a compliment, both in general (Prada is great by post estimations) and in particular when it comes from me (I am an unrepentant Miuccia fangirl). Phillip Lim is likely a fan himself, or at least his accessories designers are – 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Spring 2014 Handbags at times felt like an homage to the Italian powerhouse.

If you took all of the extra bits and pieces off the fronts of these bags (and seriously, why is there so much stuff hanging from them?), what you’re left with are largely simple shapes with flat, squared top handles that are only appropriate for hand-carrying, like the bag you see above. With its marbled finish (recalling both Prada Spring 2010 and last season’s Balenciaga), Saffiano Lux Tote shape and the aforementioned flat handles, which Prada uses periodically, if seen out of context, I’d be hard-pressed to guess it were anything but Prada.

I don’t necessarily mean any of that to sound like a criticism; in fact, the bags that were the most Miuccia-esque were the best of the collection, and the marbled version above is one of my favorite bags of the new season thus far. The small, boxy bags and miniature shoulder bags with straps too short for shoulder carry (why do designers keep trying to make those happen?) were interesting, but give me a wide, flat, printed version any day of the week. Lim has a knack for handbags, and those will be the big sellers when this collection hits stores, mark my words.

Check out the runway bags below or shop Lim’s current collection via Neiman Marcus.

[Images via Vogue.com]

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  • Aly

    the last bag looks like a bit dvf to me at first glance.

  • lola

    cute, really like the last one :)

  • twoturntables

    I really like them. They seem very unique but also lovely to look at.

  • Cottoncat

    Love, one of these is going to be my first Phillip Lim’s bag!

  • FashionSpy

    Great bags! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Btw, I happen to know the Director of Accessories at Phillip Lim and she came from PRADA! This is her first collection for PL. She is amazing.

  • anonymousfashionspy

    Do any of these remind you of Dior (the first picture), Celine box and the Fendi 2jour?

  • jennifer

    I really like the hanging envelope bag…sleek

  • Happyeverafter_Bride

    I can’t decide if I love them, but they are quite nice.

  • shueaddict

    love the black on black, but I have to agree on the short handles – you cannot even sling it on your arm and carry it like a tote. In this day in age a girl needs both hands (phone + keys).

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