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So many owners of small dogs love carrying their itsty bitsy in pet carriers. But if you really want to accessorize your pooch, why not turn your dog into your bag. Sounds weird, I know, but it is do-able. Actually, the way that Pampered Puppy shows these puppy purses has me laughing. Your dog can be worn oh-so many ways, including around the waist as a fanny pack, like a messenger bag, a tote, or you can remove the straps. HAHAHA. Read on…

Shorten the straps and wear your PuppyPurse like a shoulder bag – perfect for a window-shopping excursion. Lengthen the straps to wear it across your chest for added comfort and stability on those longer walks or adventurous hikes. Readjust the straps and wear the PuppyPurse like a fanny pack – great for tandem power walking or if you just need to free up both arms. The straps are removable and every PuppyPurse comes with a set of tote handles for carrying your dog by hand. And should your pup actually want a break from all the pampering to get some exercise, you can also detach one end of the strap and use it as a leash!

Mardi Woof Puppy Purse

Since Mardi Gras is approaching quickly, why not deck your dog out in appropriate purse attire. The Mardi Woof Puppy Purse shows off color and flair with feathers and an aerated body. Buy it through Modern Tails for $59.95.

Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse

Next, if you are looking to make your furry dog look even furrier, there is the Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse. This shaggy, faux fur ‘purse’ seems so overly odd to me that I just laugh. Available for $79.95 through Modern Tails.

Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse

If you have the pup that needs to be the center of attention, why not take a look at the extravagant Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse. From the chain to the silver embroidery thread, this carrier just has me wondering if this is all real. Buy it via Modern Tails for $79.95.

Bella Paris Lucy Pet Carrier

A dog is a man’s best friend- or a woman’s of course! That statement must be right. While my mom takes care of my puppy at home, I feel lost! He’s the nicest dog you will ever meet. If I could, I would carry him by my side. But he is a black lab- which would make him a little silly to carry around. But if you are lucky enough to be able to tote around your puppy, looking for the perfect dog carrier is key. We have all seen some fashionable dog carriers, but how about a sleek and perfectly practical one? Jennifer from Bella Paris brought the Lucy bag to my attention and I had to pass on this chic design to you all! Jennifer explained to me that they have received “cool write ups and press due to the fact that our carrier is “low key” and unisex unlike most of the carriers you see these days. It’s cute, functional, hip and comfy for your little pup”.

The Bella Paris Lucy Dog Carrier is a luxurious and simple accessory that will be chic for both you and your pet. The list of features on this bag are endless. To touch on a few of them: U shaped dual-zipper mesh roof for easy access and view of your pet, a dual zipper mesh door on one side for easy entrance and exit for your pet, an additional outside large zipper pocket personal items, a roll down window cover if you’d like to hide your precious pup (as in if your a celeb and your pup is having a bad hair day), a stiff body to maintain the structure, and the bag is approved by most airlines for your carry on. This carrier measures 16”L x 10”H x 8” W. If you have been looking for a practical, sturdy, and chic pet carrier buy the Lucy carrier through Bella Paris for $110.

This is Nitro- my black lab. The pic is a little blurry, but he is still adorable!!!


** And since this post is devoted to our loves, let’s all see your animals too!! Post ‘em on the forum under my puppy! :-)

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Juicy Couture Dog CarrierFace it, a juicy girl is the glam girl. Now I know all of you girls see Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and other hip celebs toting their dogs around in cute little carriers and dressing them up in cute little outfits, and I know some of you desperately want to be so posh and cute with your loveable pets too. So here is your chance.

I’ve found the perfect pet bag made by the totally glamourous Juicy Couture. I must admit I am very partial to Juicy Couture, but hey, who isn’t? This cute Juicy terry dog carrier measures 12″H x 15″W x 9″D, which will hold up to 15 lbs. So yes, you do need one of those little fluffy stuck-up poodles or such a breed. Other features include a double wrap-around zip with heart and signature “J” pull tabs and a side double-zip flap (for the poochies head) with heart and “P&G” charms, and heart-shaped push-lock closure. How utterly adorable! The bag is gonna cost you around $275, but when you have a cute little puppy who needs to be transported, what better way to carry it then in a super glam hotel-on-wheels!

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