Want It Wednesday Black Friday

Around the office, we’re all preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow (I did a biscuit recipe dry run last night and I’m still halfway in a carb coma), but our minds aren’t too far from Black Friday. We’ll have full coverage of all the best deals, sales and markdowns on the big day, but right now, all we can do is hope that the things we’d really love to have end up in someone’s sale section. Below, check out a short list of the things we’re each going to be searching for once all the sales launch. Read More…

eBay Best Designer Bags November 26

This the week when many of us give thanks for what we have, and then go shopping. And many of us will be spending Black Friday at home; online, and definitely on eBay. With that in mind, we found some terrific bags to kick start your day, including a sweet Judith Leiber minaudière, a stunning wicker Chanel bag and a tote from Alexander McQueen that will definitely hold it all! Happy shopping. Read More…

Christian Louboutin Front Double 120 Patent Leopard 50s

When our friends over at Christian Louboutin sent us some photos of not-yet-availble styles from the upcoming Spring 2015 collection, it felt as if we’d been invited to a exclusive party; now we’re extending the invitation to all of you. Many designers choose ladylike silhouettes and the ubiquitous floral print for spring, but Louboutin stays true to his sexy aesthetic with this very alluring collection.

Louboutin defines spring with a leopard, fringe, fishnet, glitter and bright colors. You’ll also see a new “front double” design on a few pairs of point-toe pumps, which crosses the slit toe box, giving these pumps a bit of an art deco feel. No matter which pair you gravitate toward, you’ll certainly find something to obsess over with this new collection. Even though these styles aren’t available quite yet, you can now pre-order other styles online now at Christian Louboutin!

Don’t forget that you can read more about Christian Louboutin and all of your favorite shoe designers every day over on TalkShoes.

Fall Bags Instagram

It’s no secret that the second the cold weather hits, most of us immediately resort to an all-black wardrobe, and I’m certainly no exception. While all of us here in the office appreciate a good black bag, it’s the rich, jewel-toned colored bags (especially burgundy) that we’re really lusting over this fall. To find some of our best bags of the season, we took to our favorite social platform: none other than Instagram.

Take a look at the 18 fall bags we’re seriously crushing on from style bloggers, celebrities and fashion editors alike. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Christie's Holiday Handbag Auction

We’re inching ever closer to the biggest shopping day of the year, but if Black Friday isn’t your scene or you’re looking for something a little more covetable, we can’t blame you. Thankfully, if you’re ready to start your holiday shopping now and you have some very special people on your gift list, the Christie’s Luxury Handbags & Accessories Auction has arrived. Read More…

ShopBop Black Friday 2014 Coupon Code SmallIt may not be Thanksgiving yet, but if you’re in a shopping mood, some retailers won’t make you wait for the sales to begin. Starting today, the ShopBop Big Event is on, and it offers a staggered discount on almost all orders over $250 with code GOBIG14. Orders over $250 will get a 15% discount, orders over $500 will get 20% and orders over $1,000 will get a whopping 25%. Hurry–the best stuff goes fast and this deal expires on December 1.

Shop Up to 25% Off at ShopBop Now!
Celebrities and Chanel Bags

When I sat down to compile the photos for this post, I didn’t know that it was going to be about Chanel. As I started looking through our photo agency’s recent archives, though, it became clear that it had to be; no other brand exerts the kind of dominance among high-profile women’s handbag collections that Chanel does.

Not only is are the brand’s bags omnipresent, but they appear on the arms of basically every kind of celebrity there is. Reality stars, celebrated actresses, pop queens, former child stars, fashion editors and high-profile bloggers. No one’s immune, apparently. We already compiled 100 images of stars and their favorite Chanel bags, and in the time since then, we easily found another 50. Check them out below. Read More…

Charlotte Olympia Taquera Clutch

Bag: Charlotte Olympia Taquera Clutch

Price: $1,295 via Net-A-Porter

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Look, it’s halfway through a short holiday week here in the US, and we’re feeling a little bit goofy around the PurseBlog offices. Goofy enough for a four-figure taco clutch? Maybe! Even if it looks like a salad taco. It’s Taco Tuesday, after all. I’m going to Chipotle for lunch.

Would You Rather Handbags

Since we start #pursechat last month (join us every Tuesday on Twitter, 2 p.m., use the hashtag!), we’ve gotten a chance to ask and answer questions with you guys in a way that’s gotten us thinking about a lot of fashion-related topics in new ways. A couple of weeks ago, we asked our followers whether they’d rather have one $2,000 bag or four $500 bags, and that sparked quite the discussion.

The question is one of quality versus quantity, but only to a degree. $500 bags are still quite nice, and depending on the brands in question, might be almost as nice something much more expensive. On the other hand, if you choose well, a $2,000 bag will far outpace the quality and finish of anything you’ll find at a far reduced price point.

Personally, I’d opt for one high-priced bag that I absolutely love. I hate switching my bags and rarely do it more than once every few weeks (and generally far less often than that), so I’m more likely to get my money’s worth in a $2,000 purchase if the yield is only one bag. If you’re a person who prefers to coordinate outfits and bags closely, though, I can see why you might choose the second option for its flexibility.

So, if you have $2,000 to spend (and in this mythical universe I’ve created for the purposes of this question, you can only spend it on bags), how do you do it? One $2,000 bag, two $1,000 bags, four $500 bags or something else? Would any of you try to bargain-hound your way into a new bag wardrobe for $250 each?

Women's Bags More Expensive

Over our years of covering men’s bags, we’ve noticed two things. First, when most designers have a super-popular women’s bag, they modify it into a more traditionally masculine version for their menswear audience. Second, those bags generally seem like a better deal than the women’s alternative, even though they’re usually bigger and feature nearly identical finishing and hardware. I put our perceptions to the test last week, and what I found largely confirmed our suspicions. Read More…