We’re not fortune tellers, but we do like to make predictions every now and then, and we’re always looking out for what might be the next handbag brand everyone’s suddenly obsessed with. As we enter the final two months of 2015, we’re looking ahead to next year and the bag brands we think will make their mark in 2016.


Here’s a fun thing about keeping track of celebrity bag and fashion trends: as soon as you feel you can definitively say “CELEBS ARE DOING THIS!” they’re already doing something else, and they probably started doing it three days ago.


Bag: Loewe Puzzle Shoulder Bag

Price: $2,190 via Saks

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: This inventive, architectural shoulder bag isn’t brand new, but we’ve noticed it gaining momentum among fashion insiders, celebs and our readers alike. It’s certainly an eye-catcher.

TS NoticeIt goes without saying that fall is the perfect time (and perfect excuse) to pick up a new pair of boots! While boot shopping can be costly, we found 15 fall boots, all UNDEER $350! Speaking of great discounts, there’s still plenty of time to shop the weekend’s best shoe deals, including sales on brands like Valentino, Giuseppe Zanotti, Saint Laurent and more. Oh, one more thing: last week we spotted the gorgeous Solange Knowles wearing a pair Schutz shoes on the red carpet in Australia.

Diane von Furstenberg Secret Agent Large Tote, $498
Diane von Furstenberg Agent Karlie Confetti Tweed Zip-On Clutch, $148

A woman’s handbag isn’t just part of her wardrobe; the right bag is a daily companion and partner in crime, accompanying a woman nearly everywhere and acting as a chic vessel for necessities and indulgences alike.


If you’ve been awaiting the arrival of the Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag, which debuted on the brand’s Cruise 2016 runway in Palm Springs, then your Monday just got a whole lot better. The elegant, modern tote has arrived on Vuitton’s website in three sizes and a plethora of colors.

Moda-Operandi-Coupon-Code-November-2015We’ve officially entered November, and that means its time to start looking forward to what we’ll be giving to our friends and loved ones this holiday season. If you have a particularly special someone on your list (or want to treat yourself to a little something before the holiday madness begins), the best way to do it right now is with $175 off almost all $500 purchases at Moda Operandi with code GIFT175 at checkout. This code runs through December 15 (which will be here so, so much sooner than you think), so it’s a perfect chance to save on some very fabulous gifts.

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I find the idea of being followed everywhere by cameras dystopian and terrifying, but it’s a reality that celebrities deal with daily and that some of them have been dealing with for years. From them, I have learned many things (keep your knees together when exiting an SUV in a dress!), but my most PurseBlog-pertinent discovery is that many popular handbags are perfectly shapes to block your head from a camera.


Happy Friday, Roundup readers! Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re excited for one of our favorite holidays, as well as the start of eating season. We prowled the halls of PurseForum once again to bring you wonderful bags and chats from Chanel, Gucci, The Kitchen and more, so thank you for joining us–let’s get right to it!

TS NoticeIt’s Halloween weekend, so enter at your own risk; over on TalkShoes, we rounded up the thirteen weirdest and scariest shoes on the Internet! Moving on to things less frightening, we spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing a trusty pair of Stuart Weitzman boots in LA. Kourtney is a big fan of all kinds of Stuart Weitzman footwear, as you’ll see here and here. We also spotted Olivia Wilde wearing a pretty red pair of Paul Andrew’s signature pumps to a charity benefit earlier this week.