Did you note the disturbance in the atmosphere at the end of last week? If so, I’m pretty sure what you sensed were Pre-Fall 2015 pre-orders slowly opening up across the Internet, including Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 handbags at Neiman Marcus.


Yesterday, we brought you news of some new Monogram Canvas prints that Louis Vuitton is trying out for summer, and now we have some news on the leather front. On Twitter yesterday, the brand unveiled its newest leather design, the Louis Vuitton Volta Bag, alongside its new ad campaign with returning star Michelle Williams.


Per usual, roughly half the celebuverse insists on only carrying Chanel and Hermès bags today, and the other half mixes it up with choice picks from Chloé, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and more. Also, if you were going to have lunch with Bradley Cooper, what would you wear?


Bag: Rafe Andromeda Clutch

Price: $498 via Anthropologie

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Wedding season is upon us, and if you want a special little bag to carry to events all summer long, this is easily the most gorgeous one you’ll find for $500 or less.

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What qualifies as “expensive” or “inexpensive” is different for everyone. How much money is too much money to pay for something you want depends on a lot of things, and when it comes to handbags, every person’s perception of a fair price for a particular piece is going to vary widely.


In designing the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, it seems like the brand was betting on the fact that there would be an enthusiastic market for a modernized, anonymized take on the classic Hermès Birkin. Although there was much gnashing of teeth in handbag circles when the design debuted, the bet has paid off in spades for the brand, and famous, fashionable women have been some of the bag’s biggest proponents.


In order to keep its huge fan base satisfied, Louis Vuitton has reinvented its iconic monogram prints in dozens of ways, starting during the tenure of Marc Jacobs as creative director. That tradition has continued under Nicolas Ghesquiere, and for Summer 2015, the brand has released a series of bags in two new prints.


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