At Louis Vuitton, handbags are king. The brand might now make full lines of ready-to-wear, outerwear, shoes, accessories and jewelry, but if the bags are selling, none of that other stuff really matters. With the new bags that debuted as part of the brand’s Fall 2015 collection this morning, that shouldn’t be a problem.


For the past several seasons, Chanel has leaned heavily on themes to inform its collections, and its accessory design in particular. First came art school, then protest rallies, and with them some huge hits and notable misses in the bag department.

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Although handbags are certainly central to Céline’s growth, profitability and ascension to the top of the fashion industry’s prestige market, the brand tends not to over-emphasize its bags on the runway in favor of centering clothes and a few other seasonal accessories.


Something about the light outside has changed. Even though it’s still cold in New York City, I wake up every morning and, somehow, my body just knows that we’re one day closer to spring. I’m ready for my closet to know, too; new collections are popping up all over the Internet, but I’d suggest starting with a little inspiration from the Bloomingdale’s Luxury Shoe and Handbag Lookbook.


Even though bags rarely take center stage at runway shows, they, along with cosmetics and shoes, are the things that brands usually need to sell in order to keep business chugging along; most designers cannot survive by clothes alone. That means that when it comes time for brands to communicate with customers, bags often end up as a central focus.


Celebrities were a little standoffish with paps this week, even the ones whose continued relevancy rests in the hands of the paparazzi almost entirely. But hey, the sun is finally peeking out in NYC, and Paris Fashion Week is still going on in Paris, so I don’t begrudge them if they feel they have better things to do than vogue for enthusiastic street photogs the world over.


Bag: Balenciaga Nude Work XS Tote


Why It’s the Bag of the Week: I’ve been intrigued with Alexander Wang’s use of marble since he started his tenure at Balenciaga, and now it’s made it to the bags in a meaningful way.

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Alyssa-Lace-Pumps Over on TalkShoes, we have some relief for your wallet by way of six times when buying the less expensive shoe is actually better. Brides have taken to blue shoes in recent years, and for your “Something Blue” we found great shoe options to wear on your special day. As Paris Fashion Week continues, we spotted Solange Knowles wearing Malone Souliers Montana Pumps. Don’t forget, it’s Monday, so there’s still time to shop this weekend’s best shoe deals!



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