I’ve always been fond of animal prints, but traditionally they skew more toward old-school glamor than my own personal style, which is more modern and casual. With the brand new Coach Wild Beast collection, artist Gary Baseman has created an animal print for the next generation.


Happy July, Roundup Readers! We hope this finds you all well and happy. We know itʻs plenty hot where some of you are, and we’re so glad you stopped by to cool off with us. This week we visited Bottega Veneta for some wonderful pops of color.

Aquazzura-Sexy-Thing-Platform-Sandal Couture Week continues in Paris this week, and over on TalkShoes, we spotted the dazzling Olivia Palermo wearing a demure pair of Jimmy Choo flats. If you love Aquazzura’s minimalist Sexy Thing Sandal, wait until you see the major lift its been given for Pre-Fall 2015. When you see Jessica Alba‘s casual-chic outfit we spotted her in this week, she makes a very compelling case as to why we all should consider owning a pair of controversial Birkenstocks.


If you’re an online shopping vet (and most of you are, or you would not be here), you know that the Barneys sale is one of the best around, every season. Not only is the store’s selection of designer goods great, but Barneys is notably aggressive with its discounting, which means it’s a perfect place to pick up something new for far below regular retail. Now, the Barneys Designer Sale is up to a whopping 75% off.

Veteran shoppers also know that means the best stuff will disappear left and right, so time is of the essence. To get your off to a quick start, we’ve selected some of our favorites from the sale below. If you want to head directly to Barneys to shop, though, we can’t blame you. Read More…


The first run of the Fendi Karlito Bag Charm was so successful that I never actually saw one for sale anywhere, either online or in stores. The wait lists were long, and although Megs was able to get on one and get a Karlito of her own, plenty of people who wanted to carry the tiny, furry visage of Karl Lagerfeld were out of luck.


It’s once again time for our weekly dose of bag deals, and this week, we found something particularly interesting: Neiman Marcus seems to have restocked its sale. For whatever reason, the retailer has a ton of sought-after bags available right now that it didn’t have in the recent past, and we’ve detailed the best of them (plus some of our favorites from other retailers) below.

If you want even more news about sales and markdowns, make sure to check in frequently with our regularly updated Deals Page! Read More…


Now that Pre-Fall 2015 pre-orders are starting to arrive and Fall 2015 pre-orders are starting to become available, I bet that many of you have some shopping lists in your heads. Everyone at the PurseBlog offices definitely does–we’ve all been chattering about our favorite new arrivals all week, and we bet we’re not the only ones.


If you’ve been among the bag lovers bemoaning the trend for tiny, nearly non-functional micro bags, I have some bad news for you: we are nowhere near the end of this trend, and probably won’t be for another year. On the other hand, if you’ve been one of many to snatch up bitty bags like the Fendi Micro Peekaboo, I have some good news for you: Saint Laurent now makes a new size of the Sac De Jour, its tiniest yet.


As if on cue, celebs have suddenly swapped out the uber-distressed denim short shorts for linen blazers, summer dresses and all the elegant wardrobe staples we associate with summer. This celeb bag roundup also features a very visceral, summery mix of colors and textures: off-whites, light greys, linens and stitched leathers.


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the most hotly anticipated events in all of shopping, and its first phase has officially begun! Starting today, Nordstrom cardholders can shop the markdowns eight days before everyone else, in addition to getting double reward points on the sale, selected beauty products and more.

If you’re not a cardholder and would like to get into the Early Access sale, there’s still time to apply! Not only do you get to score discounts before everyone else, but you get all the other perks of the card, too, like Nordstrom Notes, alterations and in-store events.

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