MaxMara Spring 2014 Handbag

Usually, I can count on Italy to give me at least one collection of handbags per season that hits me right in the heart. The Italians know their leather, and their Fashion Week is stocked with brands as well known for their bags as they are for anything.

Marni Feather Crossbody Bag

Having spent many an evening binge-watching Say Yes to the Dress, you could say that I have opinions about feathers as fashion embellishments. Perhaps even more so than fur, they’re the accouterment most likely to look tacky in a hurry unless applied with the utmost care and a rigorous editor’s eye.

Dior Lady Dior Crocodile Bag

Welcome to the PurseForum Roundup for September 6. We know we often remark on the swift passage of time, and this week is no different! Where did summer go, and is it really nearly time for Fashion Week already?

Marchesa Lily Minaudiere

The smaller the bag, the more embellishment a designer can pile on it without worry that it’ll completely overtake any outfit with which it’s paired. That’s a basic tenet of good handbag design, and designers have taken the idea so much to heart over the past couple of seasons that we now appear to be hurtling toward the concept’s logical extreme rather quickly.

Designer Backpacks

There comes a point in a trend at which resistance is futile. At that point, even if you don’t like or understand the trend and don’t intend to spend any of your own personal dollars following it, you’re at least going to have to put up with encountering it regularly for the foreseeable future.

Bag Deals July 4

You may have noticed that today’s not Friday. Despite that, we’re still going ahead with our customary Friday rundown of the best bag deals to be found on the Internet, because today is Friday in spirit.

Black and White Check Trend

Black and white bags (and indeed, entirely black and white ensembles) have been a certifiably huge trend for a little while now, but lately, something even more specific has emerged: black and white check bags, clothes and shoes.

The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr Part 2

Since we started our The Many Bags of… series over a year ago, we’ve been making periodic mental note of the celebrities that we’d like to revisit for a second round. Some stars have simply been too bag-crazy for too long to do justice to them in one shot, and others, like supermodel and all-around perfect human being Miranda Kerr, have stepped up to the handbag plate so much in the past year that their bag choices in that time period totally eclipse whatever they had going on before that, no matter how good at was.

Bag Deals June 14

Last night’s derecho didn’t blow all of New York City off the face of the Earth, somehow, so we’re back on this Friday morning to share another week’s worth of bag deals with you guys. The Internet has been a rather deal-laden place lately, with more merchants moving to second markdowns on their summer sales seemingly every day.

Bag Deals June 7

We’re still in the thick of the major spring-summer sale season, and that means that beyond the great individual bag deals we’ve rounded up for you below, we’ve got some more generalized good news on the money-saving front as well.