Louis Vuitton Price Increase

UPDATE 2/24/15: We’re being told by multiple members of the PurseForum that the price increase for Louis Vuitton will be hitting next week, with one person saying March 1st is the date their sales associate told them.

We recently brought you news of an impending Hermès price increase, and now rumor has it Louis Vuitton will be increasing its prices soon as well.

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This week, Christian Dior launched a brand new handbag in London, and a choice selection of British celebs (and their favorite Dior bags) turned out to welcome the Dior Diorama into the world. Back across the pond, the usual paparazzi-friendly celebs did their daily grind in NYC and LA, albeit with some highly unusual bag selections.

Image via Style.com from Gianni Pucci / Indigitalimages.com

This past New York Fashion Week was a bit of a let down on a variety of levels, from the seriously frigid temperatures to the lack of great bags that went down the runway. There were some magnificent collections when it came to the clothing, but overall, the handbags weren’t amazing.


There are few sacred things in handbag design, but among them is the Hermès Birkin. When Hermès is feeling creative, the brand generally looks to the Kelly to make tweaks and create new versions–we documented nearly a dozen in our guide to Hermès bag styles, and that doesn’t include limited editions.


The Academy Awards, because of their extremely formal and buttoned-up nature, often make for boring bag-spotting. Thankfully, though, this year’s red carpet provided more handbag eye candy than we’re used to. From vintage Van Cleef & Arpels to crocodile and rhinestone Louis Vuitton, there’s plenty to look at in the photos below.

TS Notice 2_23 All of us over on TalkShoes love Valentino Rockstuds, and somehow this celeb makes the edgy Rockstud look preppy and ladylike. We also found some of the best shoe deals from this weekend, and you can still shop all of them! We also spotted Kelly Clarkson in a coral pair of Aquazzura suede sandals, and she clearly knows that a brightly colored shoe can brighten any day (or outfit, of course).

Chloe Drew Mini Chain Shoulder Bag in Red

Last April, I wrote about my feeling that Chloé had lost its groove. When it-bags were all the rage, Chloé was leading the pack with its Paddington bag; I bought two of them, which I still own. But over the years, Chloé struggled to keep its handbags in the limelight, and as a handbag lover, I found myself rarely looking to see what the brand released.


As you might have noticed, we didn’t exactly flood the site the New York Fashion Week coverage last week. That wasn’t an oversight; we’ve found that, over the years, you guys really only care about seeing the great bag collections that go down the global runways, as well as the great bags that pop up outside.


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