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Leonardo DiCaprio may have finally gotten a little gold man to take home last night, but we, of course, found our eyes drifting toward what the female nominees, presenters and attendees had in their hands instead.

In Case You Missed It

Even though we spend all day searching out, discussing and dissecting handbags, we realize that most of you have lives and jobs that require you to do other stuff with most of your time. Because we want to make sure you’re aware of the latest in handbag happenings before we sally forth into March, though, we’ve set up a little primer for you on the most important things that happened in February.

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As someone who both loves Fendi bags and dislikes ruffles, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi have me in a bit of a bind for Fall 2016. Ruffles and waves were the entire basis of the collection, from the furs down to the sold-separately bag straps, almost as if a scientist had tipped Karl off a little early on the gravitational waves discovery of a couple weeks ago.

Celebrity Style

Celebs didn’t stray far from their favorite brands last week, with the notable exception of Taylor Swift, who carried a bag from an Italian designer who I don’t believe we’ve ever seen her carry before. (Her most recent edition of Many Bags will back me up on that.) In color trend news, ladies love pink.


Another month behind us, friends. It is time to bid February a fond farewell with some of great bags and conversations on the PurseForum, our favorite place for fashion. Christian Louboutin, Coach and Cèline were among our stops this week.

Fashion Week

Sometimes I can’t help but marvel at how quickly Alessandro Michele has taken Gucci and remade it in his image. In the span of only a couple seasons, he’s got my expectations of what Gucci will be so accurately and expertly set that, while looking through the images from the brand’s Fall 2016 runway show, all I could think was, “Wow, it’s all so gloriously Gucci.”

Celebrity Style

While there is usually a bit of overlap between NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW, this year event organizers were careful mostly not to step on anyone’s toes. (With the exception of Paris of course, because Paris.) New York, London, and Milan are happening in quick succession, with no more than a day of space between all three.

Bag Deals

Just because we’re in the throes of fashion month doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our beloved Friday bag deals. In fact, just the opposite: fashion shows always put us in the mood to shop. Even though we’re not currently in sale season, we still managed to find over a dozen gorgeous designer bags that would be worth the money at full price, let alone at the steep discounts you’ll see below.

Christian Louboutin 
Kristali Laser-Cut Leather Pump [$1,195 via Bergdorf Goodman]

Saint Laurent	 Monogram Small Flap Crossbody Bag [$1,990 via Bergdorf Goodman]

If you’re looking for versatile accessories that you can wear both now and in summer, metallics are by far your best bet. One of the reasons I love metallics is because they are are one of the few truly seasonless finishes–in fact, my first designer purchase was a gold Gucci bag.

Celebrity Style

I spent much of yesterday looking through archival photos of Gigi Hadid, and I came away with several conclusions, of which this is the most important: it’s not fair that anyone gets to look like Gigi Hadid.


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