The celebiverse is much more nuanced than you’d imagine, if you only followed along with People and Us Weekly. There are entire solar systems worth of celebrity stylists and fashion bloggers, many of whom you’re probably unaware of and not following on Instagram.

short handbag shoulder strap

Shoulder straps, whether they’re one option or the only option, are one of the most important details I look for in a bag. Years ago, when I began buying more and more handbags, I tended to buy bags purely based on how they looked, instead of their functional details.


Getting dressed for work is something that women’s fashion magazines and websites tackle regularly, and with varying results. (Who thinks that putting a blazer over a crop top is going to fly as a good day-to-night option in most workplaces?) Because we spend most of our time thinking about a particular part of the fashion industry, though, we’d like to think that we can scope out good workwear with slightly more accurate results.

This or That

I’m in a bit of a bag predicament, and since I’ve exhausted my family and friends enough on this matter, I thought I’d pose the question to all of you. I’m in need of a new bag for nights out, and I need help deciding if I should splurge on the Saint Laurent Medium Monogram Satchel or the Chanel Boy Wallet on a Chain.

Stella McCartney Superhero

I’m not a huge Stella McCartney handbag fan. I’ve always loved different aspects of her accessories line, but I tend to find her clothing much more appealing than her bags. Much of that’s because I carry leather bags, and when I look at Stella’s line of vegan bags, there has never been an item that really stands out to me.


If you thought that perhaps Jeremy Scott and Moschino had found some chill in the time since we last checked in, I have some bad news for you. Moschino recently released its Pre-Fall 2015 lookbook, and the bags (and clothes) are as fiercely literal as ever.


Last Friday, we asked you to submit your burning questions about handbags, accessories and personal style, and you responded with lots of interesting queries and conundrums. We’ve picked one of our favorites of the bunch to kick off our new advice column, and it hits on a nagging insecurity that a lot of fashion lovers have–what happens when your wardrobe feels a little bit fancier than you are?


Welcome to Wednesday! Terrific bags and accessories pop up on eBay every day, and we love to hunt for the best of the batch. This week, a beautiful Hermès Birkin in one of the best colors ever produced hit the market, along with an unusual Fendi we don’t often see come up for auction. We found some nice statement jewelry, too. Happy shopping! Read More…


Bag: VBH Trevi Demi Python Bag

Price: $4,200 via Neiman Marcus

Why It’s the Bag of the Week:Winter is a great time of year for rich textures and colors, and rarely gets richer than deep burgundy snakeskin. The Trevi is a great bag if you want to carry something elegant but not immediately recognizable.

ShopBop-25-Percent-Off-Designer-Sale-January-2015This is not-so-secretly my favorite part of sale season; the selection isn’t as huge as the very beginning, of course, but the discounts are enormous, and there are still plenty of awesome things to choose from. Today, the best deals are at ShopBop; the site is offering an extra 25% off its designer sale with code DESIGNER25, and that leaves many of the pieces with final prices well over 70% off. As in all things sale-related, though, time is of the essence–this discount code only lasts through January 22.

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