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Hermès is known for, among other things, its use of fine leathers, and it offers more varieties than any other major bag brand on the planet. Figuring out what all the names mean, how those leathers differ and which one might be the best for you can be a daunting task for even those moderately well-versed in the ways of Hermès.


Celebrities are going minimal with the new Valentino My Rockstud Bag. The use of the word “Rockstud” in the name is a bit of a misnomer, because unlike everything else Rockstudded, this bag (rather surprisingly) has precious few actual studs.


If you’ve heard some hype around a beauty technique called “strobing,” fret not: you don’t need to learn a new thing. Strobing is just the skillful application of highlighter, and there are more great highlighters on the market right now than ever, many of which masquerade under the names “illuminator,” “luminizer” or “perfector.” Despite the confusing naming conventions, they can all be used for basically the same things.

TS Notice 090915 We have lots to talk about over on TalkShoes, so let’s get started. First, don’t forget to shop the holiday weekend’s nine best shoe deals, because these savings won’t last long. Next, get ready to channel your inner child, because Sophia Webster’s Barbie Collection is as glamorous and girly as you’d imagine. This week, we’re also completely smitten over these adorable Fendi Bag Bug Sneakers, and we think you’ll be too. Lastly, not only can Alessandra Ambrosio work the cameras, she also knows how to work this pair of Christian Louboutin pumps.


Things have changed dramatically for Marc Jacobs over the past two years. In 2014, Jacobs ended his decade-plus tenure at the helm of the world’s most valuable luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, and earlier this year, the company announced it would be folding its lucrative, lower-priced offshoot, Marc by Marc Jacobs, into the regular collection.


We’re always excited to see bags go from the runway to in-store, in-stock accessibility to shoppers, but there’s a particular thrill when it comes to Chanel bags. The brand produces more of its lush, highly detailed, sometimes-weird runway pieces than most other bag brands, eventually putting them into the hands of consumers.


Happy Wednesday! We had extra time to hunt through the halls of eBay to find you some great bags and accessories this week. All of these would be wonderful additions to your fall wardrobe, including vintage pieces from Hermès and Chanel, along with newer pieces from Chloé, Celine and more. Read More…


Venice was bursting at the seams with film industry A-listers last week, and, fair warning, they started making their way back to American shores over the weekend, so you can expect a fair amount of celeb photos from the airport later this week.


Bag: Kara Ross Panda Clutch

Price: $1,495 via Shopbop

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: After the long weekend, we’re feeling a little playful, and this cutie pie clutch doesn’t sacrifice luxury for fun.