Hermes Black Kelly and Sweater

A little over a year ago, Vlad and I decided to move back to Florida, but we still travel to NYC often–the rest of our team is in NYC, as is much of our work. Growing up in Florida meant mostly one season all year long, with a burst of gloriously cool days during the winter that are just perfection.


Back when we were kids, deciding what to carry on Halloween was a total no-brainer: everyone toted an old pillow case plucked from the back of the linen closet by mom or dad, ready to fill with candy.

Kate-Spade-Surprise-Sale-Octobr-2015Even if you don’t like surprises, we think you’ll love this one. Now through October 29, you can get up to 75% off a huge selection of bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry and apparel at the Kate Spade Surprise Sale. And we don’t mean just a handful of things at more than half off–much of the selection is at a huge discount. If you’ve been looking to treat yourself to something new for fall or get a jump on holiday shopping, now’s the perfect time to do just that.

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Celebs are once again going back to the (luxury) basics, with solid black leather bags from Chanel (so much Chanel), Hermès and all of your favorite stalwart luxury brands. There’s nothing terribly trendy here; in fact, I don’t think there’s even anything that’s new for 2015, but there are plenty of reminders as to why the big-name brands are generally worth their salt.

Chanel Reissue Bag

Update 10.28.15: Chanel reached out with a statement from a company spokesperson that we added at the end of the article to clarify the policy change.

Last year we had quite a few major Chanel rumors swirling around the PurseForum, and the biggest were about a price increase (which happened) and the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote’s possible discontinuation (more on this soon).

TS Notice 10_26 We know Mondays can be rough, but we think we know just what you need over on TalkShoes. First, don’t miss your chance to shop the weeekend’s nine best shoe deals, including a very studded pair of Louboutin boots. Since we’re on the topic of pretty shoes that sparkle and shimmer, our Shoe of the Week this week goes to Casadei’s sparkling Blade Heels. Last week Nicole Scherzinger redefined the little black dress and complemented it with Christian Louboutin’s Gwalior Pumps.


It’s hard (if not impossible and wrong) to argue that there’s been a bigger fashion movie in the last ten years than The Devil Wears Prada, and much of the film’s enduring popularity and quotability are thanks to Meryl Streep’s depiction of the maybe-Anna Wintour-inspired Miranda Priestly, a fashion magazine editor-in-chief who wreaks chic havoc on the life of her brand new assistant, Anne Hathaway’s Andy.


I’m not sure if time is moving faster as I age, if fashion seasons are become ever more compressed or if it’s some combination of the two, but somehow, it’s already time to be talking about Resort 2016 bags.

Picks Notice 10.26.15 This past week on PurseBlog Picks, we’ve been all about black and white. From a striped leather jacket from Saint Laurent to a black and white vintage Chanel bag, stripes are on our minds. We also found a stunning pair of forest green suede boots from Givenchy. If forest green is your thing, there’s also a peek at a great Vince bag that is only $265. With fall upon us, our Picks Page is showcasing the best items to get you ready for the cooler months ahead, so be sure to check back daily.

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Even if you don’t live in one of the few global fashion capitals where going to sample sales is a viable thing to do with your free time, you’ve likely heard plenty of urban legends about wait times, long lines and the aggressions of fellow shoppers.

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