Christian Louboutin Starlight Limited Editional Nail Polish

One of the best things about working at PurseBlog is getting to bounce ideas, stories and opinions off of my coworkers on a daily basis. We’re a tight-knit group, and we all have very distinctive tastes and viewpoints on fashion, style and shopping. When the topic of Christian Louboutin’s Starlight limited edition polish came up last week, we were an office divided. Some of us could see ourselves spending $675 on this polish under the right circumstances, but others weren’t so sure. Read More…

Chanel Metiers d'Art Paris-Salzburg 2015 Bags 35

We love all of the fashion seasons equally, but the disadvantage of resort and pre-fall presentations is that we rarely get any detail shots of handbags; usually brands release images of full looks, which only provide a small peak at the entire accessories picture. As with most things, though, Chanel is significantly more thorough than other brands, and the brand just released a full set of press images featured the Chanel Metiers d’Art Paris-Salzburg 2015 handbags. Read More…

5 Under 500 New Year's Clutches

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Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Featherweight Tote

Bag: Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Featherweight Tote

Price: $1,450 via Net-A-Porter

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: With holiday shopping and travel stress mounting, the sunny color and even sunnier sentiment of this Anya Hindmarch bag are both a welcome, if momentary, distraction. Hindmarch’s whimsical bags are selling briskly this season, so if you feel inspired by this one, scoop it up before it sells out.

TS Notice Last week on TalkShoes, your #ShowMyShoes Instagram pictures were full of jeweled and spiked footwear that left us totally jealous. Speaking of footwear to be jealous of, Kim K has worn this pair of Hermès sandals, again, and just by looking at them, we totally get it. We understand how hard it is to shop for some people on your holiday list, so to help, we found some of the best nail gift sets for the pedicure lovers on your list. If you’re going on a winter getaway this holiday (and yes, we’re very jealous of that, too), we found some of the best shoes to accompany you on you fabulous trip! Last but not least, don’t forget to check out all the best shoe deals of the week.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Designer Cases

Perhaps one of the only bummers about being an early adopter to a new iPhone is the near total lack of great cases that will fit a brand new model on the day it debuts. That happens for a reason. Apple is loath to give out its measurements and specifications on a redesign to too many people before the new phone debuts; the more people you tell, the more likely that one of them will spoil the surprise. (Which usually gets spoiled anyway, but you get the idea.) Read More…

Gits Under 100

I just looked at the calendar and realized Christmas is only ten days away, even though Vlad and I have yet to get our Christmas tree (which is incredibly unlike us). The start of Hanukkah is tomorrow and Christmas will be here in ten sleeps, so suffice it to say this holiday season has crept up quickly.

Many of us have wish-lists that are filled with things that may not become a reality (like the $10,000 Star Trek ship replica Vlad is obsessed with–sorry, man), so I put together a collection of great gifts under $100 that are far more attainable. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, this list covers many types of gifts and even includes great handbags under a hundred bucks–much more manageable than that matte crocodile Birkin that I keep eyeing.

If you need more ideas, you can check out our entire gift guide series.


I have a theory about people who work in fashion; there are two types of us. The first type are people for whom working in fashion only stokes their desire to shop; all of the beautiful things before them every day translate into inspiration for their own closets, and their seasonal wish lists are longer every year. The second type are people for whom exposure to fashion narrows their personal aesthetic a little every day and, eventually, turns them into uniform dressers who’ve found the pieces that make them feel most like themselves. I’m part of the second group. Read More…

Dior Bag

We made it through another week, Roundup readers! We know some of you are really getting hammered by winter weather, and we hope you can forget your woes and come along with us on our weekly romp through the PurseForumChristian Louboutin caught our eyes this week, along with some new purchases in Proenza Schouler. You know there is lots more in store, so get comfortable and join us. Read More…

TS Notice At TalkShoes this week, we debuted th Ultimate Shoe Gift Guide, which features everything from fantasy shoes to cute little stocking stuffers that every shoe lover will enjoy. We’re all in the holiday spirit this week, because our Want it Wednesday picks were dedicated to all kinds of festive red shoes. With all the sales happening right now, we found the best sale shoes under $500, and we also want to hear your thoughts on mixed-media pumps. Also this week, we saw Gwen Stefani step out in a new pair of Louboutin pumps that are sexy and surprisingly lighthearted.