I find the idea of being followed everywhere by cameras dystopian and terrifying, but it’s a reality that celebrities deal with daily and that some of them have been dealing with for years. From them, I have learned many things (keep your knees together when exiting an SUV in a dress!), but my most PurseBlog-pertinent discovery is that many popular handbags are perfectly shapes to block your head from a camera.


Happy Friday, Roundup readers! Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re excited for one of our favorite holidays, as well as the start of eating season. We prowled the halls of PurseForum once again to bring you wonderful bags and chats from Chanel, Gucci, The Kitchen and more, so thank you for joining us–let’s get right to it!

TS NoticeIt’s Halloween weekend, so enter at your own risk; over on TalkShoes, we rounded up the thirteen weirdest and scariest shoes on the Internet! Moving on to things less frightening, we spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing a trusty pair of Stuart Weitzman boots in LA. Kourtney is a big fan of all kinds of Stuart Weitzman footwear, as you’ll see here and here. We also spotted Olivia Wilde wearing a pretty red pair of Paul Andrew’s signature pumps to a charity benefit earlier this week.


By the time you rejoin us on Monday, we’ll already have passed into November, but before that happens, it’s time to take a look back at the all-too-fast sprint that was October 2015. Not only did this month house our third annual National Handbag Day, but we got a glimpse at a new collection of Chanel bags and so much more.


As millenial customers come of age and want ever-more-differentiated luxury goods, personalization has become a huge trend in the high-end handbag market. From Louis Vuitton’s long-running hot stamping service to Anya Hindmarch’s cheeky leather stickers, making a bag unique is easier than ever.


You’re probably thinking about Halloween parties and whether or not you have enough candy for trick-or-treaters at the moment, but as always, we’re here to bring your attention back to bags, at least for a little while. As we do every Friday, we’ve rounded up some of the web’s most spectacular deals on designer bags to start your weekend a little early. There are some particularly good discounts on Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang and Valentino below, so if any of those brands tickle your fancy, we suggest you get shopping.

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Moschino Bear Hug Backpack

There are some bags that just don’t make sense to most of us. Last time we asked you to fill in the blank, the responses legitimately had me laughing out loud and spitting coffee. While this bag is much more tame and playful, I know turning to you guys will give us the best responses.


Because paparazzi tend to follow the young, lithe starlets of LA and New York, so does our coverage of which bags celebrities are carrying–there’s simply more photographic evidence to go on. When we started looking, though, we realized that because of her out-and-about life in NYC, we could piece together enough to create an in-depth look at the handbag choices of legendary journalist Barbara Walters.


Getting your hands on the Mansur Gavriel bag of your dreams is notoriously difficult, but it’s not impossible (or even as difficult as it was a couple of seasons ago). You might not spend your entire work day sitting around looking at bags on the Internet, but we do, so we did the legwork for you.


The humble bucket bag is getting a lot of love from celebs this week, though most come with less-than-humble price tags. And while celebs were all about the black bags in our last bag round-up, this batch seems to have whole-heartedly embraced bright reds and yellows.