I never thought I’d be saying these words, but I’m really loving fringe bags right now. It’s not like me to want an aggressively fringed bag (actually, it’s really not like me), but some of them on the market right now have truly nailed the design. The first brand to look to when it comes to fringe is Gucci, their fringe bags are making major statements and I’m obsessing over them.

My outfit of the week was created with the Gucci Fringed Textured-Leather Tote as the star of the show. While skinny jeans are still incredibly hip, I enjoy seeing flare jeans make a bit of a resurgence. As always, I love pairing a nice crisp white blouse with my denim, and then I added a bit of color with the Alice + Olivia jacket. Finish it off with the right pair of pumps and great accessories, and you have exactly what I’d love to be wearing right now.

I have neither a significant other nor a residence in a climate that currently allows me to wear adorable shoes and dresses without tights, but what I do have is an active imagination, which I used to come up with what I think is a rather lovely Outfit of the Week befitting of Valentine’s Day. I’m also not a dude, but for the occasion, it seemed like one outfit deserved another, and who doesn’t want to envision themselves alongside a man in a grey Burberry suit? Preferably one with a matching British accent. (more…)

As many of you know, today marks the first day of New York Fashion Week, and that means that for the next month, self-dubbed fashionistas around the globe are going to put on their most attention-seeking outfits and fling themselves in front of photographers in hopes of having their 15 seconds of fame on Vogue or Style.com. The vast majority of them will fail, for two reasons, usually happening in tandem: their clothes are cheap and they’re not famous. We can’t help you with the fame part, but street style photographers can, as long as you’re willing to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars up front so you can wear some a whole bunch of “statement pieces” all at the same time.

That may sound like a ridiculous proposition, but there are Italian heiresses and Chinese socialites and the wives of Russian oligarchs (not to mention the children of 80s American and British rockstars) who are more than willing to pay what is, to them, a relatively paltry price for the prospect of fashion fame. If you’d like to be among those people, you’re going to have to put your money where your mouth is, and that means layering pink fur over a coordinating floral crop-top-and-shorts set (contrasted with another floral elsewhere in the outfit, natch), complete with bare legs and open-toe sandals in frigid February weather and in a city full of slush puddles of indeterminate depth and composition. Oh, and put something dumb on your head. Go hard or go home.

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