Without a doubt, my favorite thing about fashion is the puzzle of putting together a great outfit. Choosing just the right disparate parts to come together and form a cohesive whole is always something I’ve enjoyed, all the way back to when I insisted that my mom buy me cowboy boots and a fake fur bomber jacket in kindergarten. Clearly, having the right pieces to mix together has always been important to me, even as a five-year-old. When our friends at AllSaints asked us to style their wares into two different outfits to explore the versatility of the brand’s handbags, I was the first to volunteer for the assignment.

I chose the AllSaints Bolshevik Folio Clutch as the basis for my looks for a few reasons. First, a large black clutch with a bit of embellishment is basically the best day-to-night bag you could ask for. Second, the AllSaints Bolshevik bags have the oh-so-important combination of black and gold that’s everywhere this season. Third, you can pick it up for $195, which means that you’ll have money left over for some new outfits. We have some (or, to be more specific, we have two – one edgy, one girly) suggestions for what you should pair with this clutch, right this way…

Outfit Essentials:

Like we already mentioned, the AllSaints Bolshevik Folio Clutch is just the right combination of versatile and trendy. Buy through AllSaints for $195.

Originally, I planned to pick a different pair of shoes for each outfit, but the AllSaints Hessian Boots just went so well with both the edgy and girly looks. I took it as a sign – these kicks are just as essential as the clutch. Buy through AllSaints for $275.


It doesn’t get more classically bad-girl than a perfectly worn-in black leather moto jacket. The AllSaints Walker Leather Biker Jacket is a wearable cool-chick archetype. Buy through AllSaints for $575.

Successful outfit-building is all about balance; neutral texture on top (like a leather jacket) deserves a complimentary print on bottom. The AllSaints Paradise Leggings are fantastically modern. Buy through AllSaints for $95.

Of course, I would never recommend leggings without also recommending an appropriate tunic-length top, like the AllSaints Quartet Gloss Top. Buy through AllSaints for $195.

An ensemble with varied textures and prints doesn’t need a ton of extra jewelry, but when you choose an eye-catching element on the bottom (in this case, printed leggings), it’s best to balance it with a bit of extra visual interest up top. The AllSaints Sabian Matinee Necklace mirrors the industrial-cool feel of the ensemble. Buy through AllSaints for $95.


If you think AllSaints’ aesthetic might be too tough for you, think again; the brand’s look is much more adaptable than you’d guess from its leather-and-combat-boots exterior. Not only is the AllSaints Hayworth Shirt Dress light and romantic, but it makes a great foundation for a feminine look. Buy through AllSaints for $225.

In my mind, there’s no better contrast for a diaphanous dress in cold weather than that of a plush oversized knit. The AllSaints Trail Cardigan fits that bill in spades. Dare I say you’ll wear it all winter? Buy through AllSaints for $175.

When dealing with multiple textures and oversized cuts, a good belt is essential. Skip the dress’s self-tie option and go with the AllSaints Fleet Belt, either under or over the sweater. Buy through AllSaints for $65.

NO prints and soft textures means the opportunity for lots-o-jewelry. Start with the angular-but-still-pretty AllSaints Teague Pendant Necklace. Buy through AllSaints for $145.

A little trick: if you’re wearing an oversized sweater, wear a bangle or bracelet on your dominant wrist to keep your sleeve out of the way for everyday tasks. I normally don’t condone matching jewelry, but the AllSaints Teague Bangle is just too pretty to separate it from the necklace of the same line. Buy through AllSaints for $95.

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  • Yes! Love this series, hope it’s back to stay. We’re partial to the edgy look for sure.

  • Zaggora Girl

    Thank you for these ideas! We absolutely love those leggings! :)

  • Ricka

    this just inspired me to become a new All Saints shopper! I just bought not one, but THREE shirts! LOVE LOVE All Saints! thanks PurseBlog!

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