Charlotte Olympia Pandora London 2012 Perspex Clutch

It’s been a big year for the Brits. Everyone’s still obsessed with Kate and Wills more than a year after the royal wedding kept us all up into the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out who would design Kate’s dress. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, celebrating Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne, got huge international media coverage and resulted in what appeared to be a weekend-long party for Londoners. Still to come are the 2012 Olympics, which will open in London in July and give the country its biggest international stage since…well, since the royal wedding. Like I said, life’s been pretty swell recently if you work for the country’s tourism board.

London is also home to a number of awesome accessories brands, and this summer, it seems like they’ve all agreed in unison to create Union Jack handbags that celebrate their country in its finest hour. All the way from Alexander McQueen, which has been festooning its box clutches with Union Jacks in a variety of colors and materials for years, to Mulberry, which chose to go for the most subtle pride statement, we’ve got the best of the uniquely British trend after the jump.

Alexander McQueen

Of course, we have to start with McQueen – the brand’s been using the Union Jack heavily for years. Here are some of his current best:

Alexander McQueen Britannia Skull Clutch, $1545 via Net-a-Porter

Alexander McQueen Crystal Britannia Skull Clutch, $2295 via Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen Pickstitched Britannia Box Clutch, $2095 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Silversun

    I love the applique sweater! So cute. :D

  • Bell

    I wonder if there is a lost of craft in our time? The hand painted union jack on the spider looks poorly painted and somewhat crude, and I doubt it was meant to be so.

    • Amanda Mull

      Actually, I think it was probably intended that way. Olympia’s pieces are generally immaculate.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Alexander McQueen was and still always will be the best. 

  • 19yearslater

    Ahhh I love all of these! The Union Jack really lends itself to fashion and I’m a bit of an anglophile. I followed the Royal Wedding and the Diamond Jubilee and am most excited for the panning shots of London when watching the Olympics. 

  • FlipUrCloset

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  • bryologue

    I’m sorry but my reason for first loving the Union Jack was quite lame — I loved Geri Halliwell’s outfit from the 1997 Brit Awards! LOL Anyway, Mulberry’s take on the flag was tasteful. Discreet and tasteful.

  • Migisi28

    Lovely and fantastic handbags.
    I love all these 

  • Steve-123

    I love this model , it would leave a deep impression when take it in the street.

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  • Abigayle Cynthia

    I like your purse collection….

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