Over the weekend, I went out to eat and shop with a friend. We decided to browse new shops and ventured outside of the usual SoHo area to explore. Next thing I knew, I found myself in a really interesting store named ØDD, and guess what, it was odd. But it was odd in that I wish I could wear this all the time kind of way. I didn’t need to buy anything new, but I ended up leaving with a pair of drop-crotch pants (what exactly is the technical term for those?), along with a funky white and black mesh tank top and a bag in the shape of an animal.

The thing is, I laughed when I realized that I was about to purchase all of those ridiculous items, but there was no part of me that was going to stop the transaction. As my friend and I waited for my goodies to be wrapped up so we could leave the store, I saw my Mandy Coon Bunny Bag being packed away.

The last person I know to be spotted carrying a bag in the shape of an animal is nine-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis. So what if I have 20 years on her? The child inside of me still exists, and there is something nostalgic about a cuddly bunny, not to mention something interesting about dressing it up in a punk finish. I must admit I’ve been making some interesting bag choices lately, but I think it’s because I now own so many classics – why not add more personality to my collection? The point of the story, ultimately, is I am a 29-year-old woman, I bought a bag in the shape of a bunny and I love it. Pick one up for $475 via ØDD.

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  • Silversun

    D’aww, it’s so cute! :D I love it.

  • John

    I love it! I think it can be quite a neutral piece since it’s in black and the design is quite sleek :D Can’t wait to see you model your bag!

  • dnfl

    harem pants? i believe

    • Awe Q

      harem pants can be frickin awesome when worn with class !

      • Yessss! Harem pants, but these ones really drop! I will for sure use them in a photo at some point soon :)

  • FashionableLena

    Hammer pants. As in MC “Can’t Touch This” pants.
    I don’t know if I would drop that much money on a novelty bag, but it’s cute. There’s nothing wrong with giving in to our inner child ever once and a while. I purchased a doll on eBay that I had as a child.

  • Amanda

    Teehee. It made me giggle. Why not have fun? I’m sure you’ll pull it off quite well.

  • thescm

    I enjoy dressing oddly much of the time, and I love this bunny bag. I think you’re right, the punk finish is what makes it. Brings it into quirky adult territory instead of overgrown child. Great choice.

  • katherine

    I think it’s so cool! If I’m not mistaken this bag was also featured in The Many bags of Alexa Chung, I love it. :)

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