Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Featherweight Cornflakes Tote

Anya Hindmarch has made a handbag career out of finding non-intuitively luxurious ways to combine fine materials with her signature touch of British humor, and Fall 2014 marks her biggest venture yet into the realm of tongue-in-cheek designer bags. For the runway collection, several of the designer’s most popular shapes were festooned with the retro logos and branding of popular breakfast cereals, consumer goods and British biscuits, and the results are far chicer than you’d expect.

Putting non-fashion logos on fashion pieces often takes on a joke-y, low-rent finish (McDonald’s by way of Moschino, for example), but that’s not what these bags feel like. Instead, the logos are generally examples of excellent design on their own terms, products of the Mad Men era when everything was stylized in a more beautiful and less modernly commercial way. These bags have a bit of a wink to them, but they’re definitely not intended as a joke unto themselves.

It’s a small distinction, but when it comes to a handbag that costs four figures, it makes all the difference. Apparently, the careful design choices are not lost on consumers – the bags are all sold out on Hindmarch’s website, although interested buyers can add them to their wish lists to be notified when they become available again. Check out the full collection of logo bags below.

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  • ecooper

    I love this collection. Especially the Corn Flakes Clutch and the Frosties Tote. Fun, unique and beautiful.

  • Brittany

    The cereal box clutches are really clever. Much better than what was done by Moschino.

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  • Noris

    Son hermosas, únicas! Las quisiera tener todas! Desde su lanzamiento supe que serian un verdadero éxito! El que estén agotadas asi lo demuestra! Una lección de originalidad para más de un diseñador!

  • laura

    Not a fan.

  • Anjum Hameed

    Just LOVE all the bags!!…

  • Cbl

    That Frosties tote is awesome

  • klynneann

    Love the bags, especially the Corn Flakes tote, but not the prices so much…

  • Michelle Lim

    They work better on the clutches. But the Tony Tiger tote is cute!

  • FashionableLena

    Cute, but not four figures cute.

  • Zed Power

    uh, bag it. Invoke the voluptuous hypothesis!

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