Alexander Wang Playing Cards With Embossed Case

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel is never a bad place to find inspiration, and the Alexander Wang Objects Collection, with its all-black aesthetic and irreverent elevation of everyday consumer objects, pretty clearly found its beginning in Lagerfeld’s periodic release of similar pieces. He is, of course, the master of such things – who couldn’t picture Unkle Karl smirking through a game of ping pong with a Chanel-branded paddle, eschewing all others as demodé? I’m not sure whether Alex Wang plays poker with his branded cards, but somewhere, some cooler-than-thou downtown denizen thinks they’re hilarious. And that’s all that really matters.

Because of the popularity of products like these with brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton (although Vuitton’s are generally much-coveted gifts given to VIPs instead of purchasable products), I’ve done a good bit of thinking about who might actually buy them, and with those designers, it seems most likely that they’re regular customers of the brand who look at them as trophy pieces to cap off a collection. Because of Wang’s price point, though, and the price point of these pieces (only one, a leather teddy bear, is over $150, and most are $75 or less), they might also be a way to hook in new, aspirational customers looking for a piece of the Alexander Wang pie. If you can’t afford a pair of leather pants right now, why not a little decorative object to put on your dresser for a fifth of the price? If that sounds like you, shop the full selection via Alexander Wang or check out some of the most interesting pieces below.

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  • Petra B.

    a pool ring? seriously ?

  • FashionableLena

    I’m not a fan of black as I think it’s a harsh color, but I am loving those playing cards. They’re just a little sexy. Who knew that a deck of cards could be sexy?

  • lynhernandezx

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