“Weird” is having a big month so far. Fall deliveries have given us such a bumper crop of oddball bags that we went ahead and picked our favorite dozen last week, and then Coach put some giant animal heads in its latest in-store campaign. Now, somehow, Alice + Olivia has out-weirded them all. (more…)

When it comes to adding novelty to high-end luxury, shoe designers have found the most recent success; shoes have relatively little surface area and are far away from the natural line of sight, so they seem like less of a risk. They’re also less expensive than bags, on average, which makes the purchase of something that’s both luxurious and highly specific seem a little bit less like an unreasonable splurge. As bold, weird, literal shoes have gained traction, though, novelty handbags have followed right behind. (more…)

Whether or not you dig the brand’s eccentric, literal sense of style, you have to admit that Charlotte Olympia’s dedication to detail is impressive. Until now, that’s largely been seen in designer Charlotte Dellal’s shoes, as well as some very popular clutches and minaudieres. The brand is expanding, though, and its first stop is a day bag: the Charlotte Olympia Bogart Top Handle Satchel, which still shows Dellal’s impressive insistence on embellishment through what you’ll find on the inside.

The road to expansion for a brand like Charlotte Olympia means finding a way to create bags for women who don’t lead a thousand-dollar-clutch lifestyle. Plenty of those women still buy very expensive leather day bags, but in turn, those bags have to be more discreet and pared down. There’s little room for a satchel shaped like a gummi bear in most luxury shoppers’ closets.

That means that Dellal had to turn her flare for the dramatic inward, stocking each Bogart Bag with a matching pair of mid-length leather gloves and a gleaming gold comb, as well as a metallic pouch. It’s a callback to a more studied, effortful mid-century glamour; the Charlotte Olympia look in a more subtle, everyday package.

Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2,995 in cherry, blush, burgundy and leopard.

We saw the Moschino Jacket Bags coming, and now they’ve arrived, either to delight or torment you, depending on your personal taste. (more…)

If you’ve been following along with the World Cup, either ours or the real one, it’s probably been an exciting week for you. If you’d like to show your pride in your country via the acquisition of a very expensive handbag, then it just got a little more exciting: a capsule collection of Charlotte Olympia World Cup Pandora Clutches has just been announced. (more…)

Anya Hindmarch has made a handbag career out of finding non-intuitively luxurious ways to combine fine materials with her signature touch of British humor, and Fall 2014 marks her biggest venture yet into the realm of tongue-in-cheek designer bags. For the runway collection, several of the designer’s most popular shapes were festooned with the retro logos and branding of popular breakfast cereals, consumer goods and British biscuits, and the results are far chicer than you’d expect. (more…)

The fashion industry is as much about promotion as art as it is about clothing and accessories as art. Without a well-honed message, it’s pretty difficult to get anyone to spend thousands of dollars, no matter how pretty the product. During designer transitions, a brand’s ability to self-promote is even more important; it needs both to explain to existing customers why they shouldn’t look elsewhere and attract new customers who had previously ignored the brand. This season, Moschino did that by hiring wild child Jeremy Scott and letting him theme his entire first collection around junk food, spawning, among others, the Moschino Junk Food Capsule Collection Quilted Leather Bag. (more…)

If you’re not a Twitter fiend or an emoji junkie, then move right along. If, like me, you need to check your phone constantly, lest you fall apart from the crushing sense that you’re probably missing something super important, the Edie Parker Hashtag and Emoji Clutches that just hit Moda Operandi are speaking you language, both literally and figuratively. The clutches feature either popular iPhone emojis or corresponding Twitter hashtags, and when paired with the matching Del Toro Slippers (also an M’O exclusive), you’ve basically turned yourself into a walking smartphone. Just don’t trip and crack your screen.

If you want to be the proud owner of one of these adorably modern clutches, you have until April 8 to pre-order them via Moda Operandi.

Luggage is ugly, almost without exception. I’ve spent two days of the last week traipsing through four separate airports on six distinct occasions, so I’ve had a lot of time to stare at people’s suitcases, and they don’t vary a whole lot. And, you know, I get it. They’re durable, they’re functional, they get thrown into cargo holds. The Charlotte Olympia Excess Baggage Perspex Clutch, on the other hand, is basically the exact opposite of a real suitcase – it’s beautiful, but please don’t hand it over to a member of TSA. (more…)

Considering how many eyes, animal and faces we’ve seen on handbags over the last six months, looking at a New Arrivals page and finding a handbag that’s actually staring back at you isn’t all that jarring. The beady little eyes on the Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Clutch, however, were a little bit more than I was prepared to see outside the confines of a horror move about handbags that become animate and kill their owners. (My own worst nightmare, really.)

When I put it to the rest of the team to figure out exactly why this little bag weirds me out so hard, we all decided that, yes, indeed, it’s the eyes. And maybe the eyelashes. In those dark little orbs, there’s the making of a zombie gummi bear, and the outstretched arms have already assumed the position. Stephen King is probably working on a book proposal about this as we speak. (On second thought, Stephen King probably doesn’t have to write book proposals anymore. Straight to the first draft.)

If you’d like your very own little clutch that will one day kill you in your sleep and make it look like natural causes, pick this one up for $1,595.

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