So, I consider myself a ‘discount’ shopper. And by ‘discount’ I mean that if I see a premiere designer bag or pair of shoes marked down from say, $1,000 to $400, I consider that a MASSIVE steal. I recognize this isn’t traditional discount shopping, but my closet is filled with some pretty fab designer pieces for which I’ve paid a lot less then retail.

My luxe discount dreams came true today when I saw that Hermes Scarves were being sold on MYHABIT, Amazon’s flash sale site (and a PurseBlog fave). So, for all you ladies who are on board with my version of discount shopping, click on over to MYHABIT and shop Hermes scarves.


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  • Sybil

    I’ve missed this sale 3 times! They are always sold out by the time I get to the site. I’ve also missed out on the Cartier scarves because they sell out so fast. Hmmmm, the sales are always on the days I am working … maybe it’s not meant to be.

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