Story developing on CNN. How very sad… Rest In Peace.

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  • luvhautecouture

    Thanks for informing us.


  • pursecrzy

    Very sad news.

  • Tara Sauvage

    He was quite the icon and overcame so much in his lifetime. I am sure he will be missed.

  • ratrace

    OMG i woke up to this horrible news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:( i LOVEEEEE YSL!


  • geminisparklers

    :sad: I just heard it over the news while on the way to office too…

  • Kimberly

    I just saw the news on TPB.

  • Anilu Magloire

    He had an amazing life and his work will live forever.
    Such a genius…

  • Rene

    I almost cried out when I saw this news!! He is always my favorite designer of all time and no doubt the greatest designer of 20 century. I will always…always miss him and will not forget what he has given to our fashion industry!

  • pana

    That’s so sad.

  • kar126


  • Pursegrrl

    What a horrible loss…so sad. His legacy will live on forever! Incredible talent.

  • cc_l

    Oh my… I am loss for words.

  • Irina

    I am at a loss for words…RIP

  • Chiffre

    I was eating dinner when I heard.
    I lost my appetite afterwards.
    I think that says a lot… :cry:

  • sugarscrub

    so sad… he’s been ill for quite some time… :cry:

  • Jane H.

    ▶◀ RIP

  • ztainthecity

    Rest in Peace..he will be missed by everyone

  • bora demir

    oo my god my 2nd mourning stras after gianfranco ferre :cry: he the legent of fashion industry

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