I love to see designers using their brands for a good cause. Breast cancer affects everyone in one way or another and having designers get involved is a great way to help spread awareness and support to help fight this horrible disease.

Kooba will be giving away a Kooba bag to one person who donates to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure fund. All you have to do to enter is make a donation amount of your choice and contact Chris with your receipt (information above). Kooba already has 45 donations, with a goal of 50, so let’s help them get there!

Donate to the Susan G. Komen fund here!

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  • Marc Magsaysay

    I’m proud to say I was one of the first to donate and repost this cause via my Twitter and Facebook pages…

  • nikki

    So true. I think its great when brands use there ‘powers’ for good not evil. Here’s to finding a cure and to someone winning a fab bag! :)

  • Mizumi

    This is for a good cause. We should all help us fight this terrible sickness.
    It’s a very good idea of purseblog to keep us aware of this matter.
    Well known brands are ideal to promote such an important cause.

    I hope you will get even more attention. Good luck!


  • ningyu

    this sounds awesome, everyone should do this! donating a bit of cash won’t hurt at all, plus we can win an amaaaazing bag

  • Megan Fleming

    Hey Everyone!

    While donating for that awesome bag, please also visit our site at http://www.mammogrampromise.org/ and make a promise to get a yearly mammogram. For each promise we get $1 will be donated to research! There is also a chance for some awesome prizes, so please help out :)

  • Katie

    I agree, what a win-win situation! Donate to a wonderful cause and potentially win a cute new bag! Personally I hope I win the Gwen bag-adorable http://shop.kooba.com/Greta/pd/np/119/p/96606.html ! I’m obsessed with Kooba for fall already!

  • helen

    This is for a good cause. It’s great that you’re spreading the word. (ipad)

  • Jen

    What a great cause. (ipad)

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