We all make mistakes from time to time. Today I caught a handbag-world mistake from one of our favorite stores, Barneys, in labeling a handbag. The bag is marked as the Lanvin Large Leather Cabas, but this is no Lanvin bag. This bag is in fact a mix between the Proenza Schouler Keep All and Shopping Tote – meaning it is a Proenza Schouler Bag.

More info via Barneys (for $1,990). Just a little Friday Barneys Blooper for you all!

  • 19yearslater

    Haha! Yep, the design elements are PS all the way. Nice bag, but I think I like the east/west styles better when it comes to PS.

  • PurseAdict

    wow that’s a huge mistake! ( Love this bag) (ipad)

  • Stylista

    Whoops! That sure looks nothing like Lanvin.


  • edoardo

    It’s a very big mistake because htis bag ahsn’t anything that could remined Lanvin!


  • Meli

    Neiman Marcus too. I chatted their customer service and told them that they put wrong pricing on Bottega Veneta-Woven-Trim Cervo Tote NMF11_V0MLL is marked for $2650 while it is posted at bottegaveneta.com for just $1980 style 261226 V174B 9012.

    They said their buyer set the price and nothing they can do with it!

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